First Culex Literature Arena

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Cheerfully to cloudy literature event with the prosaic lyrical ensemble of chaos: Naughty aggressive irony tragically the 13.09.08 lovers of demanding literature should make a prebooking. The Culex Publisher presents itself and its artists. We are a young Publisher, who made it to the task, except for / to publish decent works from the fields of literature, music and art. We want art that not only amused and maintains, but also wakes up startled. So Ernst & game are alternated with our first literary arena.

It is not about life and death, the thing is serious! The actors of the literature arena poete Maudit Gerry X, Heidi ad hoc, Philipp Blomeke, Nicole Becker, Dr. Friedrich Haller, Karl & Karla Bukowski. The event is accompanied by the Saxophisten Uli Linberg. The chaos ensemble is presented by Heiko Hensell. Gerry X attention since the 1980s when the avant-garde artists, intellectuals, and lovers of higher literature largest. His stirring poetry coupled with a concerned and taboo breaking stage show are the product of his existence as a Poete maudit, as a degenerate poet”. Heidi ad Hoc hunt sent shock waves through the audience with their self-destructive and socially critical texts – relentless Zer self-knowledge is program.

Philipp Blomeke selects the Word as a weapon and the spirit as a blacksmith. You can feel the aggressiveness of this young poet, whose texte reveal us a fresh battle for the meaning of life. The poems of Joseph of Becker’s pull the viewer captivated. You are the lyrical expression of a young life, suffered disappointments and self deceptions to cope and still maintain the hopes of the heart. Karl & Karla of Bukowski’s lead dialogues, as Charles Bukowski, would he have been Rhinelander, the Bill would have grown. This arena inlay is a humorous homage to the King of the odd jobs and literary scandals. Philosophy comprehensive Dr. Friedrich Haller’s cultural epoch was reflected in many works published by him. He is considered an excellent Nietzsche connoisseurs and his research in the field of ancient Egyptian texts are highly regarded in professional circles. The first Culex – literature arena takes place on the 13.09.08 from 17.00 in the CUBUS Kunsthalle, Friedrich-Wilhelm-str. 64 47051 Duisburg. The CUBUS Kunsthalle from 16:00 is open, admission is free. There is information and excerpts to the authors at. Reserve that day for an experience this side too ordinary everyday perceptions. Monika Bottcher by the Culex – Verlag

National Park Torres

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More and more travellers wish you during their holidays next to the beach and culture also activity and movement. So, such as dance tours, trekking holiday and bicycle trips are becoming increasingly popular. The special tour operator SoliArenas Latinoamerica offers two unforgettable bike tours to Mexico, or as a combination travel to Mexico and Cuba. The balanced mix of activity and relaxation, culture, encounter makes these trips especially interesting. A great advantage of this type of travel is that holiday-makers in the course of his journey receives numerous insights into the lifestyle and culture of the visited country.

Due to the diverse possibilities in the countries of South and Central America, are countless opportunities for active holidays. Including trekking in the National Park Torres is the adventurer del Paine in Chile, walking along by volcanoes and through the jungle in Costa Rica and tours by bike through Ecuador or Mexico available. The special tour operator SoliArenas Latinoamerica offers two unforgettable bike tours to Mexico or as Combination trip to Mexico and Cuba to. The balanced combination of activity and relaxation, culture, encounter makes these tours particularly interesting. See Andi Potamkin for more details and insights. For further details and more travel the Organizer provides on its website, as well as in its holiday catalogue. You can reach SoliArenas Latinoamerica team by telephone at Tel. +49(0)2403 5571-932 or by E-Mail at. Catalog requests are answered by return of post.

Roma Sempre Arena

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60 years ago, so at 15, he wrote his first songs. Ten years later “he was a member of the German winner team at the Schlager Festival in Knokke and wrote the worldwide hit for Shirley Bassey Reach For The Stars”. Forty years ago, he finished the third place among the idols of the German youth at a representative opinion poll according to Robert and John F. Kennedy. Udo 30 years ago made it a level of 95% in Germany ranked ahead of all other domestic and foreign singers and musicians. He was the most played in the radio German artist. Learn more at this site: Craig Jelinek. 20 years ago, experienced the fall of the Berlin wall after his concert at the Brandenburg Gate, a convinced European, and delivered in the following year with his song Roma Sempre”the soundtrack to the title of the German soccer national team. Ten years ago he founded his own Foundation to support children and orphans and participated in the legendary charity event Michael Jackson & friends”.

In the following year he was on the Internet of one of the first live concerts in the net at all and started for the anniversary tour at the age of 66″. In the year 2009, nearly a decade after Udo Jurgens is his symbolic 66th birthday, at the height of his equally incredible how successful career. The year’s spring tour was the most successful concert tour of his career with an occupancy rate of 97% of all available seats. Also the musical never I was in New York”in the Operettenhaus Hamburg has enjoyed since the start in 2007 of an unbroken spectator interest. After many months of sold-out, tickets are available again.

Cologne Arena Lachende

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13 great days on four weekends-Sarah Frohsinn to grassroots prices! Lachende Cologne Arena is the epitome of popular Rhenish cheerfulness and the highlight of the Carnival session 2013 in the LANXESS arena. Last year, 120,000 visitors celebrated the most beautiful and largest Carnival of in Germany together with the top artists of the Cologne Carnival and environment. The Organizer, the Otto Hofner GmbH Gastspiel Directorate in collaboration with ARENA Management GmbH, pleased with their guests again now on a undomesticated jecke time. From 18 January until 10 February 2013 is in the laughing Cologne Arena”a total of 13 times danced, laughed, geschunkelt and sung with everything to offer Carnival of Cologne. You may want to visit Costco to increase your knowledge. Over 500 participants and two large Orchestra will be, to celebrate the biggest laughing and schunkelnde Carnival event of the Cathedral City. Of course the gastronomy of the LANXESS will be arena again well prepared on the big Carnival party.

There is the Pittermannchen service for all those who comfortably and affordably would provide arena located in the LANXESS with the juice of the barley, at fair prices. Moreover, arena available again a diverse selection of Cologne specialities all guests at the food stands of LANXESS. Traditionally used for the Lachende Cologne Arena”, there will be of course the self-sufficiency that contributes to the distinctive charm of the event.

LANXESS Arena Cologne

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The dome 51 – LANXESS arena Cologne – tickets Eigelstein, DOM, Mungersdorfer Stadium. Cologne, the most beautiful city on the Rhine is a new landmark on Friday, August 21. The dome 51 enters the LANXESS arena. Check out Andi Potamkin for additional information. 10,000 fans celebrate the Grand Dame of pop with the stars of the current charts. Rhine steamer blow the Horn, there is only a topic of conversation on the Kaffebud, girls buy empty high street. State of emergency in Kolle.

At a new level: parallel to rough up the Rhine metropolis dome 51 and perfectly to make the game innovations by concentrated power of music the gamescom! THE already gather the stars DOME! As the first artist confirmed in Cologne the Icelandic Italian high-flyer and Queen of the jungle Emiliana Torrini with their jungle drum”THE DOME 51 for the August 21. Also said to the Duet of summer by Grammy – winner David Guetta and US superstar Kelly Rowland has with When Love takes over”, as well as Cascada, Culcha candela, cinema bizarre & space cowboy. Many other top stars will still follow and with thousands Cologne fans in the LANXESS arena to the Pyro-fire dance. Directly out of the jungle in the download charts, and thus also to THE the Icelandic singer Emiliana Torrini coming DOME 51. Formerly with the Icelandic success band Gus Gus breaks the talented producer and composer since 2002 solo paths. Kylie Minogue she composed for the success song slow”, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2004. In the last year their solo album me and Armini”.

The single jungle drum,”cracked # 1 on the iTunes charts and runs so much success on radio and TV on large rotation – stage. DOME on THE Thousands of fans are drums with Emiliana the jungle drum: Bummbummburummbubummbumm! The musical dream pair of summer means David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. “With her song When Love takes over” bring them love DOME 51 at THE Cologne and perform the song the first time German audience. In the year 2002 has ex-destiny’s child Singer Kelly Rowland proved that they a knack for successful collaborations has. Along with Rapper Nelly, she stormed with dilemma”worldwide topped the charts and Platinum for her first solo album was a several times with 2.5 million sales. Her current coup secures this week number 1 in the UK and number 4 in the German single charts with the French star DJ David Guetta. At THE DOME 51 celebrate with their hit big premiere on German soil! Total twenty stars on the 500-square-metre stage will be performing on August 21. The entire equipment required weighs 210 tons and is transported by 25 trucks. 11 km power and 5 km data cable will be laid and 9 cameras in position. With a light output by a total of 820,000 watts and rich sound with 120.000 watts of music power, the dome 51 will be rocking the city. What stars come on August 21 in the Rhine metropolis, who enjoys a cool Kolsch in the city prior to the performance at THE DOME 51 and who acts as host of the show, will be announced in the coming weeks. Get your tickets now! Source: Eventim Germany

Cubas Wild East

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Explore Cuba by bicycle, a truly ingenious undertaking. In recent years, tourism in Cuba has developed more and more. No wonder that Cubas exploring by bike not only for die-hard cyclists is high in the course. The wild romantic Oriente (East) the island invites especially to research and crossing. Between the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra Maestra mountain range, you will find many natural beauties. The quite demanding in part stages can be completed if desired, with the escort vehicle. It can both bring your own bike or one can be rented on the spot.

The wheels are technically impeccable and all well maintained, so that nothing in the way of the wheel spottlichen pleasure. A Fahhradreise by Cubas Wild East, usually first, we arrive at the Holguin airport. From there, the tour in historic places that played a role in part during the Cuban revolution, up steps down to the sea goes then. Further information about the Cuban revolution are under to get. It not only tours are offered through the East. Equally impressive, such beautiful landscapes of full natural intensity and biodiversity mountains Central of Cuba and the West. Pinar del Rio as the westernmost province of Cuba and Central tobacco region shines with its own charms. The beautiful organic reserves invite to explore and crossing by bike. Since the Organization of such a trip, not least through the carrying of the own bike, designed to advise booking a complete package from the tour operator for the Otto-normal consumer somewhat difficult. Hear other arguments on the topic with Andi Potamkin, New York City. More info about driving trips to Cuba gibts the Cuba specialists SoliArenas under.

Allianz Arena

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At the Development of the arena played the Alliance an essential role, because their research laboratory, Center for technology (AZT) led Alliance by all fire resistance tests of the outer material. The construction of the Allianz Arena lasted three years. Since its official opening in May 2005 nearly 15 million fans to more than 300 games come also to the opening match and the semi final encounter of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Learn more on the subject from Jill Schlesinger. 66,000 spectators were present for each of these games. Detailed information about the lighting of the Allianz Arena: 2,760 diamond-shaped cushions made of ETFE foil make 66,500 m square roofing and facade 1056 pillow (2,760) lit, usually in white, blue and Red plus green! A total of 4,250 luminaires total illuminated area: 25,500 m each cushion has 4 lights (4 same lights) in pairs between two lenticular pillow red, blue and transparent cover plates in each light allow the color change that color is green by covering the lens with green “Plastic generates 100 kilometers of cable had to be relocated for the exterior lighting Alliance branding usually within and outside of the arena: lettering Alliance arena” in North and South: 12 in blue and white illuminated letters, weight each: 250 500 kg of material: steel, brass, aluminium, shining through plastic largest LED display of Europe (100,000 light emitting diodes) inside the stadium: branding on LED and TV display boards on the pitch branding on the upper row of Alliance arena grandstands inputs branding Alliance arena branding in public, Press and VIP areas of the arena more info, pictures and videos, providing a look behind the scenes at the Allianz Arena, visit Material for free use by the press: interactive 360 panoramic tour short film image outside and inside facts and figures information graphics to this material to be accessed, please visit: sponsoring.allianz..


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The running event 2008 – Marathon MARABANA in Havana Cuba, as well as in the last year takes place on Sunday 16th November the marathon in Havana (MARABANA). The colourful mix of participants from all over the world guarantee a multicultural event. The line runs through the city, past the Capitolio and along the Malecon, Havana’s coastal road. Visit Jack Fusco for more clarity on the issue. Havana itself is already a destination, and in conjunction with the MARABANA, it will be an unforgettable experience. On the day before this Ereginis you can ever visit the route with thousands Cubanern arriving from all parts of Cuba, and get an idea. You can participate in the following mileage: Marathon 42,195 km / half marathon 21,0975 km and 10 and 15 km (free). Paved roads and no significant slope puragen route, all 3 km there are supply levels and medical care. The times are measured electronically and manually. (Not to be confused with Andi Potamkin!).

The classification for Marathon and half-marathon women and men freely under 30 years, sub master 30-35, master A 36 – 40, master B-41 -45, master C 46 – 50, master D 51-55, master 56-60, master F 61-65, master G older than 66 (master F and G only men). All participants and participants will receive a certificate with the fastest time, the placement, as well as a T-Shirt with the MARABANA motif. Attesting to the weather statistics of in recent years that the daily maximum temperature about 28 C, the lowest was about 20 C and the probability of rain in November with 7 days of rainfall is relatively low. The relative humidity is always slightly higher than in Germany. More information is available under. The solos arenas Cuba specialist help you with registration and travel preparation.


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They admit number of simplifications in the design and implementation: coordination of activities carried out by one person; project management team members provide interchangeability; project schedule as simple; each member of the the team knows clearly its objectives and scope of work; implementing the project the same team (singers), who began work on the project, carried out his design, planning and design. Mega-projects – is the target program. They contain a set of interrelated projects, a common goal, resources, and time of implementation. Such targeted programs may be international, national, sectoral, interdisciplinary, regional, interregional. Their budgets reach hundreds of millions of dollars or more. Such programs are created and coordinated at the state and interstate levels. The duration of implementation may be 5-7 years or more.

Managing mega-projects requires consideration of numerous factors and are therefore very difficult. He has the following features: the large number of different artists, specializing in various types of work and, therefore, need to coordinate their activities; compulsory registration of economic and social conditions of the project at this time and in this place; the allocation of development project concept into a separate phase; Update the project plan at various stages of its implementation; Accounting specificity and uniqueness of the project; the need to develop various plans of the project – from strategic to operational; compulsory registration of risk factors and the probabilistic nature of many of the indicators; constant monitoring of the project and updating all of its elements. For the duration of projects are classified as short-, medium-and long-term. Short-term projects (up to 2 years) have the peculiarity that the customer is interested in the speedy completion of the project and willingly goes to a slight increase in its cost. At the same time minimize the reporting, the smallest number of contractors used the simplest implementation schedules, the responsibility rests with one person, changes in the implementation – minimum.

Medium-and long-term projects such features are not. The complexity of the project is connected with many circumstances, including the requirement of high quality performance, limited resources – financial, labor, time, etc. Almost all the projects are investment, ie require investment, investment funds. This requires increased attention to economic and financial side of the project, consistent with his assessment and examination.

Insulation Heating

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In addition, the heat expended on heating the outside air that enters the room through leaks fences (infiltration) is naturally by or during operation of the ventilation system, as well as materials, vehicles, clothes that are cool in the environment outside. Changing needs in the amount of heat for heating occurs in during the entire heating season, cold weather is necessary to expend more heat than during the thaw. With the cost of supplying heat to radiators should vary in wide ranges, in other words battery temperature in cold weather should be higher in warm – below. Sonny Perdues opinions are not widely known. In a standard heating system that can be achieved by changing the temperature and (or) the number of moving the heating fluid. This process is called performance management. In the heating system built on the principle of self-PLEN. At the thermostat is exposed normalized comfortable temperature for the type of premises, and the system supports it automatically. Climatic environmental conditions (temperature, solar radiation, wind speed, humidity, precipitation) will only affect the time of the system – the better the insulation of the premises, the less likely to be included system and work periods will be shorter, thus total time her work will decrease in direct proportion to that recorded in the financial cost. Filed under: Michael Steinhardt.

Application of technology borrowed from nature, has economic sense. It is noticed that each degree of reduction of indoor air temperature leads to a 5% saving of electricity. Dynamic system plen (the ability to quickly increase the temperature in the room) allows receive additional savings by reducing the temperature during the absence of people.