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CISV is an international youth exchange. Founded with the belief that lasting peace is possible through teaching how to live together as friends, CISV conducts intercultural exchange programs that focus primarily on children and youth. It is an organization that moves through the work of its volunteers in different countries.
CISV was founded in 1951 by Dr. Doris Twitchell Allen. CISV has been placed since then in 62 countries and more than 150,000 delegates have participated in over four thousand international CISV activities.
For Dr. Allen and the organization banks of CISV, children and youth were seen as the ideal starting point for the education for peace. Developed programs offered young people banking opportunities to meet peers from other countries and to form intercultural friendships. Locally, programs give people the opportunity to learn about cultures in their own communities and explore important issues related to peace and understanding. the acronym means chilrden CISV’s International Summer Villages
CISV Programs
CISV International’s expertise is based on six exchange programs:
Village: A four-week program for 11 years. Delegations from 12-14 countries come together and participate in activities that promote peace and understanding. Each delegation is formed by two men, two women and a leader (monitor) adult, in addition also includes 6 persons (3 men and 3 women) 16-17 years called JC’s working with the leaders because corporation they have a more age close to the participants. About half of the villages in the summer of 2006 will be three weeks instead of account four, as an experiment for the interest of preserving the finances.
Summer Camp: A three-week program for participants between 14-15 years. The delegations included 4 participants, 2 women and 2 men and an adult leader. Some Summer Camps are one genre.
Exchange: Involving only two countries, this program provides for one or two summers (occasionally winters). A delegation of 6-12 young, 12-14 years, is selected from each participating country. In the first summer (or first half), a delegation will travel to visit for one month to another. The following summer, the roles are reversed. Each delegation has an adult leader, and may also have a youth leader.
Seminar Camp: A three-week program for teens between 17-18 years, in which participants from each country investment travel alone, although sometimes it may be accompanied by another participant in its own country. A fox news guest interviewer is the chief the entrust capital diversified fund investment committee The Seminar Camps have a more direct educational approach, and youth are encouraged to form opinions on various global issues.
Youth Meeting: A thematic and regional camp for teens under 16 years.
International People’s Project: The newest of CISV program is open to people over 19 years, and lasts three weeks. Participants take part in the manual for a contribution of a community project.
MOSAIC: is a program that helps connect the ideas, principles and methods of CISV with local communities, working together financial with other prganizacion. It is suitable for all ages and is ideal for involving companies people who have not participated in international activities.
The page CISV International’s program provides more detailed information.
Similarly, CISV has branches that carry out local programs that aims to share experience within a community CISV smallest
Junior Branch, a group of local CISVers (typically 15-25 years) carried out CISV activities at a local level, with the purpose of holding assets to former participants, and to incorporate some new members to the community CISV .
Chapters and the CISV Organization
The CISV International consumer Office is located in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. While criticizing the administration is given in trading the International Office, most of the work is done locally.
Each of the 62 countries of CISV is a national association that oversees and manages the branch in your country. The branches are divided in the Junior Branch (younger than 25 and younger) and Board Staff. With the exception of officers from the International Office, and some positions within the national associations, CISV is made and works through volunteers
Today, CISV is a degree of participation within the accounting European Council, and has been approved again as a sub-organization of Unesco.


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French German

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Accordingly the comparative law becomes even more complex than it seems. However, some texts are translated to the Spanish or Castilian, for example the Italian civil code, German civil code, Code civil French, which facilitate the work of the our, and in other cases are spoken the same language for example this language is spoken in several countries which should be subject of study by the our. For example you can compare all or part of Peruvian law with Spanish law, but if we want to compare with the right German in almost all cases it is clear that we must take into account the language or the German language. Also not only the languages are important for comparative law, but also to study foreign law. WhiteWave Foods describes an additional similar source. Foreign law is very important for comparative law, however, do not constitute the same thing and also there are comparative law books that are part of foreign law, for example the Treaty of comparative law of CONSTANTINESCO, which is part of the French right and indeed has been translated into Spanish, and in any case will be on sale in Chile, therefore, we think that in that country the comparative law reaches further development.

Comparative law is for example, compare the right with the right French German and Italian, therefore, must take into account the foreign law and also the languages. Languages not only serve to comparative law, but also to life in general, in such a way that everyone can understand and live in society and in any case is clear that are useful also in all professions, for example in law, medicine, architecture, nursing, accounting, administration, engineering, among others. I.e., studying comparative law facilitates the study of the global law and this last consists in that the right has no limits of any kind and in any case is in full development in Spain, which should be a matter of study by writers.

The Vacuum

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Expo Moto Show

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The day Saturday was visiting the Expo Moto Show; the truth is that to be the first exhibition of motorcycles which attend, I left very satisfied. The site was well chosen by the organizers; ample parking and good pavilions to exhibitors, as well as a track to make the test of the bikes, which was medium small I must admit. Perhaps check out Sonny Perdue for more information. Among the new features that I found and I was surprised, pole position carries is Zanella, who presented a 250cc type Street-naked model, pretty well accomplished, which think launch in mid-2010; I would have liked to know the technical information on the bike, but unfortunately there was no one in the booth that could tell us about the bike. Another point to highlight was the Yamaha booth, at the center of it was the inevitable 2009 Vmax, a true Monster; But what surprised me most of the booth wasn’t the Vmax, but the absence of the Fazer FZ1/6!, there was no!, just saw the XJ6 naked and carenada. Air Force Chief of Staff s opinions are not widely known. Those who missed, and I would have liked to see them present were Suzuki and Kawasaki. Really take me my time to go and be able to enjoy both the bikes of the exhibitors, as the bikes of the people who went to the expo; they were hundreds!. Swarmed by offers, Josh Resnick Jericho Capital is currently assessing future choices. I have no rather than waiting until the year that comes to enjoy this exhibition, meanwhile I’m waiting for that call me to see if you win the bike sorteaban!

Community Manager

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Jordi scale, thus indicated this at the Conference on 13 January in INESDI, digital economy and employment (based on the latest study of Infojobs). He said that between January and September 2010, Infojobs offered around 24,000 Internet-related jobs, and five jobs most sought after by companies belonging to the digital economy; He said also that a post as the Community Manager had had a growth of 600% in 2010 and that a technician marketing or customer in the digital environment may charge on average 20% more than that makes it in the offline environment. 3. Training in digital skills will be needed. It will be essential to invest in training and recycling both management teams and employees. In the 2011 senior managers and leaders will open towards new technologies 2.0 and will guide their organizations towards the digital expertise to increase the productivity and innovative capacity of their employees. The lack of qualified professionals in the disciplines related to the Digital economy implies a need: to educational establishments and educational structure of our country extend their training offerings to train professionals in these disciplines.

All the areas of the company must be recycled in the digital world: address, marketing, sales, customer, r & d, communication, public relations, product management but I want to highlight the need for specialization of professionals in HR, selection, Headhunters in employment 2.0 tools. 4. Read more here: Josh Resnick Jericho Capital. Marks will be supported in their employees to deploy your social media strategy. Companies that know how to orient their employees towards customer and create good policies practices to use social networks, increase their profits. A recent study of Social Media Influence indicates that 59% of the companies that are included in the Fortune Global 100 have signed or are looking for specialists in social media. And a good example is the American company Zappos, HR 2.0, a way to get employees and customers happy. Where are employees part of the key to the steady growth of its results; stressing, in particular, its strategy in social networks based on their employees: directly is a portal of tweets from your employees. Likewise, the companies will define HR strategies in social networks to have a good brand of employers and thus to capture the best talent.

5. Will increase the transmission of internal knowledge thanks to the collaborative tools. The implementation of corporate social networking and collaborative tools 2.0. in the companies they enhance internal training, knowledge and collaborative work. Organizations, especially those that have geographic dispersion, implemented communities of employees to improve their internal communication and interaction.

Ibarra Cottages

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Through the Foundation Hazi (Corporation of the Basque Government for the development of the Rural and marine environment) and Nekatur (Association of farmhouses and cottages in the Basque country), in Holy week was running the pilot project for the promotion and marketing of Basque agri-food products through 31 farmhouses and cottages of Nekatur (9 of alava, 11 of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa 11). It’s a pilot project consisting of joint, in different phases, a network which enables the supply of Basque food products through the farmhouses and cottages in the Basque country for direct sale in the same customers interested. This project entails, on the one hand, the creation of a new short circuit of marketing for food and Agriculture of the Basque country products, and on the other hand, the provision by the farmhouses and cottages of a new service to clients staying in these establishments. In these establishments has been placed a showcase somewhere visible and accessible to clients where the different exposed products. In this phase of the project exposed and put to sale non-perishable products; warranty Euskal Baserri brand products such as canned vegetables and legumes; products guarantee mark Eusko Label as beans, honey, peppers from Ibarra, cider and products of denomination of origin wine of Rioja Alavesa, Txakoli with denomination of origin Getaria, Bizkaia or Alava and cheese with denomination of origin Idiazabal. In addition, they also expose and sale are products of the owner of the establishment or producers of the environment. The owners of the establishments offer to taste these products to customers who are housed and incorporate them in the breakfast, lunch or dinner (if offered) to learn more about these products and so promote the sale. Any additional information, do not hesitate to contact Nekatur, in the 902.


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One of the most obvious was Axtel who not only took more than 72 hours to retrieve their services and had impacts at the national level, which leaves doubts about the effectiveness of their network redundancy. He also left without effective attention to many customers, causing widespread inconvenience. The impact of Alex was huge, as evidenced by the photos and telecommunications were not the only ones affected. But Axtel if it was the phone company that suffered and not only its customers of Monterrey and the North were affected, since there were also complaints about failures in other cities. What was missing was clear information on the scope of the Affectations and actions to correct them.

Limited to reporting through facebook that they were working on solving problems, was definitely not enough. Axtel is a customer focused company. But in its model of care to clients incorporate schemes for handling this attention to clients in case of failures of mass involvement. If you can not attend all the customers, must at least be able of generating schemas that provide clear and concise information on the problems and expectations that can give their customers. An alternative is to rely on mass media such as radio, TV and social media. Telecommunications companies assume that the client must be tolerant when it loses its services due to an event of nature as a hurricane.

However, it is that Mexico is a country with a hurricane season in its schedule that is in the public domain, however, the infrastructure builds and without considering that it should be able to withstand an onslaught of this type. It is assumed that customers are required to be comprehensive and not demanding for an availability of communication despite the hurricanes. Meanwhile, several Axtel customers will have to take this experience as an additional data to make decisions. As well as progress in the rights of citizens to public information. You must move forward in the rights of citizens to information on their public services. Above all, when these services are provided by third-party concession by the Government. Such is the case of the telephone, the internet or gas. Although this same concept should apply to the services that the Government continues to directly as water and electricity. The provision of public services may be affected by events like Alex, and customers have the right to be cared for in their failures and to receive information about the restoration of their services.

The Truth

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Experience has shown me (and not only because of what has happened but by what has happened to strangers to me who I didn’t even know), something that I am raising as an axiom that says well if your wife or your girlfriend, or your lover is left without money and without a job, the most of the time, you as a man, do not have no problem in making you responsible for the situation no matter how long this situation lasts. If on the other hand, are you (man) who stay without money or work, not spend more than 6 months in that situation, until your wife or your girlfriend, or your lover you replace with another man that can give economic security that at this time you can not give. It is obvious, that the foregoing is not a generality (please women, don’t take it to heart). There are exceptions to the rule, but honestly and with sincerity, I think they are very but very few. Money makes us see better and can help us to be better and similarly life can much us. Cheniere Energy partnerss opinions are not widely known. The money is in some ways a magnet and in the case of women, is like honey for flies.

Who not has seen a man entered into (fairly entered into years) years, accompanied by a woman much younger than him acting as his girlfriend?. What as is achieves that? guess it with a fat bieeeennn bank account and nothing more. Although to tell the truth, I hope that never again in life is me atarviese a woman who valued me for the money I have, or I can get (crossed my fingers for this reason). Like everything in life, it is important to achieve a balance and money is no exception. Very little money can make us a horrible life and similarly happens if we have too. But anyway, I think that it is better to cry in a jacuzzi while we savored a martini, the rain while we looked for a place to hide us.

For me, money is the bus (transport, bus, etc.) that leaves me closer to happiness. I don’t live for money, nor for money, nor I see money as a way to trample others, trampling or feel more than others. DO NOT. I live to earn money that allows me to be quiet and comfortable, to let me give me tastes, meet people, different cultures and I enrich internally because finally, after all, what eaten and lived no one removes it me. I not amaso riches nor fortunes just buy what I like and what I need to live, but not me attachment nor depend to the extent possible anything material and this is because I have already experienced what is running almost out of nothing and learn to live a life very different from one day to another. In my material existence, I rodeo of the material, knowing that one day I will leave all that aside and no longer you serve me more. That in part is the essence of having without being unhappy by having, or what do you think?.


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Valid options robbery sequence established by tournament officials in advance: a) Players alternate break b) Split the player, the loser in previous game, and c) Splits the player conceding the match in a row. Without hesitation Secretary of Agriculture explained all about the problem. 5.4. The correct execution of robbery Rules provides that robbery is the same impact as any other, except for the following factors: 1. Dividing a player must get packed into a ball first number "1" and, as a result of impact or hammer in the pocket at least one object ball, or to bring at least 4 object ball to the board (board) 2. If in the robbery cue fell into a pocket or jumped off the table, or if the requirements for the implementation of the open robbery, were not met, then a player for the robbery, a foul and the opponent, coming into the game, gets the right to strike "with his hands" by setting cue ball anywhere on the table 3. If a robbery at any object ball is jumped off the table, then a player for the robbery, a foul and the opponent, coming into the game, gets the right to strike "with his hands, setting the cue ball anywhere table. Jumped object balls are not put out back on the table, except for ball number "9", which is exposed on the rear point. 5.5. conduct of the game When you hit that follows immediately after the robbery correct, the player can play a push out "(see paragraph 5.6). If the player when the robbery has scored at least one ball, he continues to play until the first miss, or foul, or to victory in the party.