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Hotel Guests

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The rapid development of hotel business leads to stiff competition – the struggle for any client, regardless of his social position and status of your bank account. As a general rule, most tourists and travel choose economy class rooms, but no less in demand and suites (especially business people). The main objective of every hotel, whether it is a three-or five-star, to attract more guests and make random Customer permanent. Towards this end hotels improve their service levels, lead an active marketing policy and, of course, form the image of the hotel, its unique character. Decorative Textiles – this is one of the most important elements that help create an image in the eyes of hotel guests. By analogy with the clothes to choose decorative textiles to the rules, given the general direction of style hotel. If the negligent to the choice of curtains, decorative pillows and blankets, the hotel will not save face even higher level of service.

We use textiles in everyday life, but to the Hotel and Restaurant textiles are presented to higher operating requirements. To avoid mistakes when choosing decorative textiles, follow the basic rules and do not forget about fashion trends. The first thing to remember about the safety of guests, choose the fabric, not supporting combustion. Despite the fact that the fire regulations of the Russian Federation rule on fire safety decorative textiles are not registered, this rule is always present in the internal standards hotel chain. Why jeopardize the lives of guests who have chosen your hotel from the masses of the other? Use of polyester fibers or impregnated textile special chemical composition – in these ways Manufacturers are making the effect of incendive tissue. If we talk about the impregnation of decorative textiles special structures, this method is gradually disappearing. In the first place after five or six washings action chemistry fizzles, and the owner of the hotel is facing a choice: to re-impregnate textiles or replace curtains with new ones.