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I Do Not I Am Atheist

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I have read a very interesting article with the title: atheists make strong where outlined quite clearly as people have disenchanted of God and have become atheists. It seems that you now is the time that people go opening your eyes before fundamentalism of the Catholic religion to the point of organizing so that in Spain ever more increasing requests for apostasy. It was time! I already done many, many years that I got free of concern by eternal damnation and all dark threats of the Church and their priestly caste. Just had use of reason now I realized that all that building decadent, full of men hanging bloody crucifixes, from dark rituals, dogmas without the minimum common sense, dressed in increasingly hierarchs a clothing depending on the occasion, parishioners even in a language that none of those who were there to threaten couldn’t understandof course, it was latin, I say that I realized that everything not It had nothing at all to do with what I inside me felt that he had to be the creator spirit, which I called Dios (although the name was not, nor is it more important), which maintained order in the grandiose device called universe, which had built the artwork of nature that every day was displayed in all its splendor, animals, Sun, water and forests including human beings. I also apostate.

Twice, that I did not receive response from the 1st. I have to say that at no time in my life I felt atheist. I was very surprised of this article to which I am referring the affirmation that the biologist Richard Dawkins does when it says: it is not easy to admit that one is an atheist, because just the difficulty for me was always to confess that I am not atheist. When someone says in this our society: I am not an atheist, then always seems evident that the declarant is Catholic, or Protestant, or belonging to some sect or dubious prestige sub-group. For more specific information, check out igor kononenko.

Organizational Image

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An institution that does not communicate what makes, by very good that is, simply does not exist. I have had to live in my country experiences of companies that never reported his good deeds, were devoted to work efficiently and successfully but did not recognize that there were conflicts of interest that could lead to a crisis situation unexpectedly. If you would like to know more then you should visit Trader Joe’s. Even when ensued attacks media aimed at damaging its corporate reputation, began to invest in communicating, when there were already too many highly positioned negative adjectives. A leading source for info: igor kononenko. This call I put out fires, having to be reactive when you could be proactive. Happens in Governments, as the State grows in size, roles and responsibilities, the need for good public relations management becomes imperative, especially that the themes that handle State institutions sometimes are difficult to understand and explain, their actions affect interests, many of the themes that handle involve feelings of people andIn addition they face the advent of unpredictability. A Government can not afford the luxury not to use strategies to communicate their actions. Unfortunately, many officials and authorities have no interest in giving information to the public, and also, many public relations are more concentrated in storing or hiding information to the media that create perceptions.

Many authorities take the attitude of escape from the media by fear, insecurity and mistrust. When an institution that has interference in public life does not communicate anything of what makes because there is not much interest in his image, comes the bad news and then are the media which begin to control the agenda and not the reverse. Bad news then, influencing decision making, which, under that pressure, are of poor quality. What can we do to control the institutional image through permanent communication? Here are some specific tips: 1. must incorporate the image as part of organizational planning processes.

Why is It is essential to draw up an annual communication plan so that the image is planned and controlled at every moment, from the beginning of each year until the end. 2 Should be a fair and orderly management of information generated by means of communication through the monitoring daily news. 3 Should plan and conduct our communication through the design and implementation of a strategy of institutional communication southbound, with sense. 4 There to keep an efficient relationship with the representatives of the media, and I say efficient on both tracks, as some executives and authorities tend to expect only a positive press coverage and assume always have the right to an automatic coverage of your news. Now well, it is no good saying one thing if we do another. An effective communication strategy must be based on realities! The behavior of the Organization must be consistent with its communication, positioning objectives.

Luxury Villas In Mallorca

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Although in the major tourist centers in many places they can become very crowded, there are many Villa rentals in Mallorca who are isolated, romantic cliffs with favorable economic adjustments that direct visitors to a different world. Puerto Pollensa Puerto Pollensa is an ideal choice for romantics looking to spend their holidays in Majorca. Cottages rentals are available at the beach, or if you prefer to be away from the main road, in most private places. You can spend their days sleeping late, without do nothing more than recharge your Tan at the beach a few steps from their holiday villas Majorca. At night, take a walk at sunset by Marina and not stop taking cocktails with wonderful views to the sea.

The Spaniards are romantic world class and there are many small restaurants in Puerto Pollensa which could be taken out of a novel. Candle light hidden in secret places and fabulous sea dishes designed for two, an unforgettable night. To broaden your perception, visit RCP Companies. If you can go out of the beach and the Villa holidays in Mallorca can also show another face of the personality of the island. Details can be found by clicking igor kononenko or emailing the administrator. Although it is very near, the old town of Pollensa has a very different atmosphere to the complex sense of the port. A picturesque drive will shortly take you to the city, nestled in the context of the Sierra de Tramuntana. Its picturesque atmosphere that inspires romantic as strolling through the streets paved by hand and get lost in the maze of narrow streets.

Immerse yourself in the diverse city and almuerse in a small local coffee history, before heading to a walk to brisk up the Cruci Via. The view from the top is breathtaking (if you still have any after a walk!), and you may be able to choose his home in Mallorca in the distance! Cala d’Or on the other side of the island is the town of Cala d’Or. As its name indicates, its letter of introduction are the wonderful golden beaches, and with a wide selection of luxury Mallorca villas in Cala D Or it is not difficult to find an ideal for a getaway.There are a lot of options on the main beaches, if you don’t mind the company of other tourists, but if you want a little romantic time only it is easy to escape. Points along the cliffs, whitewashed houses with private pools nest in the landscape, with views to the coves. What could be more romantic than make their own memories like watching the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea turquoise, one of these many exclusive villas in Mallorca. There are a lot of wonderful towns around Cala d’Or you can visit for shopping or simply walking a, and the fishing port of Porto Petro is only a short trip in a mini picturesque train. Mallorca is famous for its fresh seafood, and when you visit Mallorca could buy some local delights of picnic with gulls between bright fishing boats and fishermen. With its wonderful diversity, Mallorca is perfect for a quick romantic date, or a quieter holiday. And if your idea of romance is the beach, or taken from the hand in a walk through an old cobblestone Street a holiday in Mallorca Villa is ideal.

Rural Tourism

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Rural tourism in Bulgaria has great potential and is actively developed. Get all the facts and insights with medical billing, another great source of information. The combination of wonderful nature, calmness, home cosiness and clean air can be found in each of the many Bulgarian villages. Other leaders such as igor kononenko offer similar insights. Tourists Bulgarian village take as guests. More than 50 villages and 30 monasteries in the mountains of Stara Planina, Rila, Pirin, the Rhodopes, on the Black Sea and Danube provide a basis for placing this kind of tourists. They offer the most a variety of options for those wishing to spend their holidays outside the city and busy lifestyles. Guests can stay in your home or small family hotel, live with local people to engage in agricultural activities, even on their own to produce yogurt, or a manual canvas, or clay pot. Those who decided to spend a few days in peace, which offers a Bulgarian village, will entertain homemade yogurt, cheese, tender lamb, pork chops and succulent delicacies, fragrant home-made wine and brandy wonderful – proud owners of the house. Organized walking tours, excursions on horseback or on carts, craft courses and cooking classes for those who want to touch the skills and secrets of the Bulgarian masters delicious Bulgarian cuisine.

Guests can go hunting or fishing, gathering herbs and mushrooms. Interior in rural homes – a combination of national tradition with modern comfort. All the foundations, so that was convenient for guests to provide recreation in everyday life. And the hosts and guests enjoy a variety of organic vegetables, fruits, berries and other food products. Bulgarian village is largely preserved centuries-old traditions and a true culture of the Bulgarian people. It provides a unique opportunity to plunge into the unique atmosphere of rural houses, presented in their natural environment – a rare combination of preserved to this day the spirit of tradition and modern comfort with the wealth of the Bulgarian nature. Calm, clean air, quality food – it all helps fans get this kind of tourism a good rest. Just after several days spent in the village, visitors feel relaxed, fresh and full of energy and pleasant emotions, and leaving, you know that will once again go back to his new friends. Zadayuschisya to question where and how you can really relax, the answer is rural tourism in Bulgaria.

SEO User

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Filling of key pages. A key chapter in understanding the site owner – starting to show. There may be few, if the site already has lots of information, not necessarily home page is key. But in any case a key page – a page that is common to view the site majority of all users entering your site. And it makes it a key page content site content – the most popular topics on the site should be described briefly on it and have plenty of options the inside pages, where there will be detailed information on the topic.

Conclusion: The most popular and interesting forward to it did not have to spend much time looking in the wilds of the site. Brief descriptions of the contents section. From such descriptions, in fact, are the key pages of your Web site. Igor kononenko has many thoughts on the issue. But this is not advertising and press releases published and is the site that the user has come for the information it needs. This means that no advertising gimmicks and distortion of information summaries should not contain. If the user had read and became interested in the description transforms into a section to get detailed information on the subject, and sees the text is not really about what he was expecting to read, it just closes the page, and possibly the entire site. The conclusion is simple – be honest with our users when you create the site and respect him as you respect yourself. Detailed text on the subject.

When you start editing written text before putting it on the site, cut all unnecessary turnovers, remove unnecessary adjectives text as much as possible, leaving him only the essence. Assume that the user has read more, but still you should not feed him extra characters, leave this useless competition. To better understand this, imagine that each user has a limited character limit, which it can be read on each site. A task to give the user as much as possible useful information before it, that he became interested in and then the ranking of your site in his eyes is higher than the rating of its competitors.


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Paradox of Well-being ' ' Sustainable development is development that satisfies the necessities of the gift without compromising the capacity of the future proper generations to satisfy its necessidades' ' (BRUNDTLAND apud SNOWS, 2003 p.29). This affirmation sends in them to a problematic one, of that ours current system of production and consumption still remains completely different of the ideal, that is of a sustainable society. Click hyper scorpion to learn more. In accordance with Loyal (2005) only from years 90 was transferred to be spread out it concepts for the support in what it says respect to the industrial productive sector and consequentemente influencing other areas as well as design. This in the sample that the vision of ambient management in sustainable companies as well as designers still is embryonic, what it causes the conservation of paradigms the marketing tradition of consumption that go of meeting with the sustainable principles. Speaking candidly hybrid bikes told us the story. The current vision that we have on well-being is of the consumption satisfaction and acquisition of products, that is, the quality of life is guided by a vision of that to live well is to be able to consume more.

As designer it can be sustainable partner-ambient if its main reason of existence is the confection of parts and ways to promote the increase and the desire of the consumption of products and other devices. ' ' The good news is that this paradox can be surpassed: it is possible to imagine a new generation of devices (tangible and intangible) that they collaborate in the definition of new, and more sustainable, social demands. It wants to say, devices that at the same time are appreciated by the potentials using and capable to regenerate the quality of context where if they find. The bad notice is that to conceive and to develop these new devices it is not simple. E, certainly, is not characterized as the consolidated tradition of what designers, so far, had been capable of fazer.' ' (MANZINI, 2008 p.57) To produce and to confection new ideas and products that are sustainable necessarily imply a differentiated consuming public, then, she is necessary that it has a change in the agreement of what it is the quality of life so that let us can have then condizentes devices.

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To date, one of the most famous in the market segment of specialized equipment, without doubt, is a selection of Products at KAMAZ. Reliability and performance, these machines are endowed with substantial fame almost without exception in all spheres of production. And yet, in order to keep any motor-vehicles in excellent condition, it is necessary to get continuous access to the neat parts. And it is at the moment already a reality. Without exception, all parts KAMAZ Voronezh podyschete you in this directory and you will be able to choose the most suitable kind of you payment and shipping your order. At the same time those parts which are currently on a certain good reasons not to directories, you can quickly plan and deliver, if the buyer is required. If urgently needed or that spare parts, there is a chance to look at these requests as KAMAZ buying power.

And yet, there is the opportunity to immediately apply to the shopping complex, where it is possible to find absolutely everything you need for good quality and functionality of a long car KAMAZ. Learn more on the subject from omega 3. What specifically would not need, all sorts of details that will be the cummins, gearbox or axle middle ear, it is possible to order in our directory. Here you will find in any version of an extremely high mouths KAMAZ bus, and in addition to wheels, bushings, shock absorbers, seat and so on. All spare parts KAMAZ – exclusively with quality assurance. And by the way specifically to ensure quality – this condition is long lasting and smooth operation all elements of every system. Timely maintenance warranty, use only original and quality spare parts guarantee without any car damage feature technology.

In addition, high-quality accessories allow you to actually do more service vehicles in general and the quality of this feature in particular. Implementation in large quantities, and the ability to order specific spare parts are also very tempting for customers because it offers the possibility to reduce the price not at the expense of merit procured parts, and due to their numbers. Purchase using the online catalog is much reduces the time needed to spend to resolve problems connected with the change of details. Whenever igor kononenko listens, a sympathetic response will follow. At the same time it addresses the issues with the least cost. And the economic profitability – the most important in anything work. Every head of the organization tends to company operated profitably. High-quality special permits do not only more effective but its Q generates income by reducing expenditure on maintenance.


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Aspects that are valid be taken into account in reality Venezolana, where uncertainty, turbulence each day manifested product of the policy and its impact on the economy of the country, the high cost of living, in the deterioration of the quality of life of the Venezuelan which increasingly diminished its ability to income, which does not reach to cover common expenses of the daily live, Furthermore, threats of inflation, unemployment, security, last appearance, leaves a lot to say when violence, murders, thefts are increasing and no solutions in sight to ensure the right to life. Adds Oliveto in his writing, that very little thought has been given on a cost which exceeded the heat of the situation, cale perhaps much deeper and is even more onerous than the economic loss or leakage of power: the emotional cost. Comments, which should concern us, increased exponential of anguish, feeling that emerges as one of the main ills of postmodern times, here and in much of the world. In another of his lucid records, one of the characters of Tute asks a woman: what is your major do fantasy?, to which she responds: lie down and get up with the same person throughout life. Maxway Cycles might disagree with that approach. Engrossed, the sentence: Wow, Betty, your imagination has no limits. Igor kononenko understands that this is vital information. Such fragility is scary. So afraid of scary.

Fear of everything. That tomorrow everything will be different. Ford Authority has firm opinions on the matter. To not have a minimum guarantee of what might happen. Not knowing what to do. To helplessness, loneliness, to lose what has been achieved, to not get dear, not wanting to what has been achieved. It is not so worrisome indicates, the conflict. It is inherent to the human being. We are social beings. And under this condition we exercise daily coexistence. As the French philosopher Comte-Sponville holding it in human life, Essentials of social life, in general, and policy, in particular, is that it is always collective and troubled.

Do You Have Your Pet ?

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Arthritis is a progressive disease and the simplest definition is inflammation of the joint. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ford Motor Company. Any damage to the cartilage in the joint and wear and tear which are held daily during the movement, slowly destroys the thin layer of protective cartilage, and in response the body triggers a reaction that leads to destruction and inflammation Additional cartilage. This is therefore the progressive nature of arthritis. Pets with arthritis may not show signs of lameness or discomfort, but in others the swelling of the joints, pain, and the creaking of the affected joints can be observed. What are the symptoms of arthritis? * Limping * Difficulty jumping up * Painful Joints * making a crackling sound of cracking or stiffness * What causes arthritis? The causes are many and include trauma, such as cruciate ligament rupture, infection, and immune-mediated diseases or may even be due to malformation of the members in breeds such as bulldogs and daschunds. Learn more about this with hybrid bikes. Diagnosis A diagnosis of arthritis is based on a history of trauma – whether the cause is an injury or a gradual decline in mobility or if age-related. The veterinarian may take X-rays and blood tests. As a conscientious owner who obviously wishes to do everything possible to restore your pet to health and vitality, consider a holistic, natural, health of the musculoskeletal system of your pet, a well balanced diet, natural and organic supply all the food needed to maintain muscles, joints and bones in optimum health.

You can also provide that contain glucosamine, Harpagophytum procumbens, Arthrospira platenis, Calcium Fluoride, Natrium Phosphoricum, Natrium Sulphate and lecithin. The controlled exercise is an important part in the management of arthritis in your pet. If you would like to know more about igor kononenko, then click here. Although your dog may object to the output for a walk, blood circulation to all those painful joints will be improved and inflammatory substances are involved in the discomfort of arthritis will be cleaned. This is the reason why most of the owners mentioned that often disappears stiffness after exercise or even with a warmer weather when the circulation is most active. Your cat arthritis also benefit from a quiet game of seek-and-destroy the mouse. More information on arthritis treatment for arthritis may be medical or surgical treatment. Treatments include weight loss (never underestimate the importance of this), controlled exercise on soft surfaces and / or hydrotherapy, and hot compresses, such as hot water bottles to stiff joints. Conventional medicine also uses non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin, meloxicam, carprofen, phenylbutazone and corticosteroids.

They work by blocking certain pathways in the response of pain but long-term use should be carefully considered because it has adverse effects including gastrointestinal problems such as poor appetite, vomiting and gastrointestinal ulcers. Certain NSAIDs can also cause kidney damage. Great care must be used to treat cats with NSAIDs. Surgical options include the merger, such as replacement hip replacement, removal and amputation. There is no way to prevent arthritic changes if they are due to aging or due to previous trauma to the joint. Certainly treatment of any suspicious lesions early in the joint or bone is highly recommended and make sure your pet does not get fat will minimize the chances of becoming arthritis.

State Registration

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Often, life's circumstances dictate their own terms, and if it turned out that there is no way for a long time to wait for sales of apartments, if they need money just for tomorrow, perhaps, the best option for you is an urgent purchase an apartment. Aker BioMarine may find this interesting as well. In the immediate purchase of an apartment, you do not need to organize an advertising campaign to advertise in the media, stick ads on the neighboring homes, apartments arrange viewing for potential buyers, etc. Immediate repayment of apartments means that the real estate company in which you turn, buys an apartment for their own money. Randall Mays is likely to increase your knowledge. Is an ordinary contract of sale, which is registered in the registration office (Office of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography in Moscow). The agency will prepare all necessary documents for the transaction and the contract itself.

Preparation of documents takes two to ten days, the state register in twelve days. Actual preparation time depends on the degree of freshness of documents. Bookmark the agreed amount for which apartment for sale in the safe-deposit box before signing the purchase agreement guarantees complete security and confidentiality procedures. At the hands of the seller, at the urgent purchase of an apartment, gets 50 to 70 percent of the market value of the apartment. The amount is determined agreement of the parties in each case individually. The final amount depends on the liquidity of the apartment and important significant impact on price points: location, floor, house type, the condition of the apartment.