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Economic Value

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In the crises of Asia and Latin America in the decade of 90, the FMI received reproaches from economists of most diverse chains because of the insistence in recommending more privations – as high taxes of interests and rigid cuts of expenses – the countries that already were sick. The FMI made its duty of house when folding the limits for the loans without condicionalidades and to flexibilizar significantly its criteria. The objective of the deep one now is to focar in the qualification of the countries before the taking of the credit, instead of imposing goals of economic policy. A new flexible credit facility, that foresees loans significant, of long stated period and without limits of renewal was created, set free soon after its approval, for countries with solid economic beddings and consistent tax policies and monetary. For the countries that if not to incase in this criterion, had also been relaxed the rules for the traditional loans of stand-by. It has many doubts between the specialists if the FMI really goes to change its culture, to abandon old prescriptions and to grant to loans countries to spend them in the reactivation of its economies instead of saving for the payment of debts.

In the meeting of the G-20, the first-minister of the United kingdom, Gordon Brown, declared that the Consensus of Washington finished – the set of rules that the politics of the FMI for Latin America. One of main the critical ones of diverse specialists lead is that it prevailed enters the world-wide leaders in the meeting of the G-20 maken a mistake perception of that she was necessary only to decide the problems of the developing countries. Practically nothing it was made so far to promote significant changes in the regulation of global the financial market, especially in the rich countries where the crisis was born. It has many doubts on if the FMI can play this role. Under the auspices of a fortified FMI and with a new paper in the global governana, the world-wide leaders well-had been succeeded in a its offensive of public relations and wave of optimism if she after spread the meeting of the G-20, culminating in one rally of the action markets. The problem is that if the promises in relation to the deep one not to start quickly if to transform into reality, everything can fall in discredit.

Progressive Methods Of Casting In The Present Conditions

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Forming foundry market determines the appearance of a number of requirements to produce quality castings and castings, primarily the competitiveness and profitability of production of castings. Particular attention is paid commodity type of product, cost and timeliness of delivery. This is due to the objective processes of disintegration of large enterprises to small and medium-sized independent foundries that are interested in profitable sales. Recovery of obsolete processes, equipment and communications requires considerable expenses, but can not provide the current level of production. Therefore, great interest is the contemporary processes of casting in the form of cold-mixes (HTS), in form, manufactured by a vacuum film forming (APF), Investment Casting (LPM) and casting on gasified models (LGM). Except for the LPM, the technological process does not require highly skilled workers who can produce castings presentation at relatively low cost to the organization and production. They have a certain flexibility and mobility, which is very important and seriality mnogonomenklaturnosti foundry products. Table 1 Indicators of different types of casting in the manufacture of precision castings are compared with process indicators in the form of dry sand (FS), adopted as a unit.

To produce the most attractive processes of casting and LGM APF, the first – when casting a split, and the second – one-piece form. They allow obtain the surface quality of castings at the LPM, and the process of LGM provides high accuracy and stable casts mnogonomenklaturnost and mass production. Cost of casting practically reduced to 1.5 – 2 times. Some of the advantages of these processes – in the absence of a binder and re-use sand mixture (sand). Let us dwell on the process of LGM to cook the most promising process for the manufacture of precision castings. To date this process has been transformed with many special sub-casting and became one of the most attractive, especially for a unit, serial and mass production.


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I know, every day is mother’s day, the day of the father of the child, lovers, etc. but to me the idea still liking me while these dates have become something commercial retain its essence, the make a different gesture, giving an extra pampering, indulge, and why notmake a special gift, to be done by hand or not We tend to delete the material’s surface, but in my opinion, it does not have to be, depending on the affection and dedication with which manufactures, or with which you look for something that really seemed you and will make the other person happy. The other day a reader asked me the difference between whim and necessity, I think that the dividing line is obviously quite blurred, a legitimate need is something essential, indispensable for life, such as eating or sleeping, like having love, but what has in common with the whims? Do case not makes us extremely happy a little piece of our favorite chocolate on a gray day? It is one biological need? Maybe Yes, maybe not. Since then we don’t eat it by satisfying hunger, but for pure pleasure, to taste it, boost us morale and simply enjoy it from charhadas. And that what is wrong? Not to mention this implying that all have to go out and buy something to give away, but so that we stop, on the one hand, to enjoy the small things in life, of the moment, we saboreemos it fully and without guilt is material or not. Material things are not everything, of course, but removed once all the guilt, rejection, etc. maybe one tiny thing make us very happy purchased, drawn, either cooked at home, or not. What matters is the intention of that gift, isn’t it? I remember with great fondness how my sister and I we woke up early the day of the mother, is still a couple of girls, to make pancakes to MOM, to buy flowers with our savings, after teenagers to paint fingernails, and spend the day together do and you, how? they were celebrating and celebrate mother’s day? I leave with a beautiful poem by Gabriela Mistral and wish you heart, a very happy mother’s day to all =) read more: #ixzz1uH5Zi3Kp Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

Building Lighting

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With the lighting of buildings interesting effects can be achieved to attract the attention of passers-by and give personality to the construction. If design, aesthetics, creativity and technique are combined with master lighting suitable for each building can be achieved. To adapt the lighting to the type of building and get the older lighting expectations, we must take into account if the facade is simple and functional or architectural, or friezes, cornices and decorative elements that they decorate it. Depending on one or another type, the lighting will be or not uniform: flat-looking or that enhancement games of relief of the building, thus highlighting the architectural volumes. Accentuate the brightness or give color to the building be achieved with lighting.

Light projectors are placed with great care to minimize the impact on the facade and achieve a lighting as suggestive as possible. You must perform the previous analyses and studies to calculate the ambient luminance level, this It will determine the needs and power light to make the building stand out. With projectors we can increase the luminance of the upper part of the building to achieve an increase of its apparent height, shadows unwanted projectors placed on the facade, increase the distance to the facade or leverage the effect of mirror on the water. These are some of the possibilities that we can accomplish with light in our buildings. Original author and source of the article