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General Santa Rosa

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In a country where the lie reigns, to say the truth it constitutes the most serious crime. Congratulations, general Santa Rosa, for expressing what they think debrasileiros millions, is civil they or military, regarding the National famigeradoPrograma of Human Rights petista, elaborated for antigosterroristas, as Tarso Genro and Pablo Vannuchi.The text of the proposal totalitarian does not pass of a tripping attempt degolpe against the national institutions, that is: revanchismo against asForas Seted (for the proposal of the change of the Law of the Amnesty, to paraprocessar ' ' torturadores' ' , leaving of it are ' ' terroristas' ' deesquerda), against the Church and the family (entrehomossexuais proposal of marriage), against the right to the life (proposal of free abortion), against the free press (proposal of previous censorship) and against private apropriedade (especially of the ruralistas). He is proven: terrorist a time, terrorist always! Brasilia, 11 of February of 2010.Flix Maier

Eastern Orthodox Church

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In principle, it could refer to the Eastern Orthodox Church and put an end to Lhasa dogmatic differences (the filioque clause and the Eucharist or procimita ACIMIT) that had far too much from the Great Schism of 1054. Also, the Pope saw the possibility of strengthening the authority of the Church in Europe under their yoke and submit to the nobility, whose endless war and unrest feudal ambition went against its power. Finally, to get the win, could be attained supremacy in distant lands, perhaps, develop the seed for the installation of a single faith: yours. On November 27, 1095, the last day of the Council of Clermont, Auvergne (France), Urban II proclaimed after a stirring speech, the holding of the First Crusade. Not only promised forgiveness of sins volunteers also invited them to take those domains overflowing with milk and honey and save humanity from the infidels. He also said: "those who fought before in private wars between the faithful, who now fight against the infidels and achieve victory in a war that should have already begun, that until yesterday were bandits who become soldiers, that those who fought before his brothers to fight against the barbarians "a" Commit now is that the warriors and settle their affairs and having all it takes to meet their expenses, when winter ends and it comes spring, get moving, happily, to take the road under the guidance of the Lord. Recordaos what Matthew said: Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me "called to the end of Deus vult! ("God wills it!) Rose to the present.

General Director

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It starts to observe the prominence people its return, ' ' iluminados' ' you go to certify yourself that its decurrent of Perspiration and very little decurrent abilities are of Inspiration. Therefore, transpire and either curious and an anxious one in learning, transforming useful information into incredible knowledge and make the difference. 4 Value the people and the relationships It has few years, a General Director of a company decided to interrupt its activities (I do not have notice if it is in another institution or if ' ' he hung chuteiras' '). Which was its last decision? It decided to visit all the units operational and if to fire to each collaborator. In its speech, it he systematically mentioned the basic importance of the people.

To the end, I had chance to demonstrate pra it interesting quo considered this focus. it said: ' ' it can be certain of this and it can bet that this is caminho' '. Perhaps one of the most important advice has been this who already have received. I have been able to prove that it was certain. It is well possible that, at some moments, has that to be pleased a price for valuing people and relationships, but this price will not pass of something of ' ' shot curto' ' , fast and temporary e, more the front goes to perceive that the penalty was valid. To work the relation with the people, the attention of quality to the fellow workers is an investment.

We cannot forgetting in them that, independently of the conjuncture, who it makes (produces) or who leaves to make (to produce) is the people. 5 do not tolerate the imperfections, before search corrigiz them of the next time: Imperfections always will happen. This is fact. No matter how hard in them let us perfect, no matter how hard let us search the excellency or let us calibrate the level of the autocobrana, them go to appear.

Republic Quilombos

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MIRANDA, op. cit.). Quilombo was the nucleus of the movement and was violently fought for you of slaves and the State. But whenever one quilombo if undid, to its they reconstruam it survivors in another place. Thus, the quilombos had crossed the years. In Mines Generalities had arrived to exist 127 quilombos.

They were small communities, originated for the slaves run away from the gold mines. But, most famous and lasting quilombo was Palmares (it resisted for about 80 years), that it was led by Ganga Zumba and Zumbi in the mountain ranges of Alagoas. Quilombo of Palmares was, in the truth, a set of linked mocambos for an advice and a military pact. that was supertown during the dutch invasion in Pernambuco. According to Gennari, the quilombos had not been inflated since the start, ' ' Of beginning, the fear of the punishments, the perigos and the difficulties of the life in the forest take well few blacks to run away for Palmares' ' (GENNARI, 2008). Much information is not had on the palmarinos politics and the quotidiano.

While Gennari nominates it ' ' Republic of Palmares' ' , Vasconcellos the flame of ' ' kingdom of palmares' '. Perhaps this last denomination is most appropriate, since quilombo was formed for Africans and its descendants who still had in the mind the organization politics of its native lands. However, what it is presented as factor important for afrobrasileira history it is the fact of that the quilombos if constituam as focus of the black resistance, that they gave shelter, ways of survival and the chance of if organizing of diverse form of the implanted escravista system in the colony. The STRIKES In century XVIII appeared the phenomenon of the urban slave. The urban enslaved ones played different works of the ones of the field: they made the house works or they were winner.