Insulation Heating

In addition, the heat expended on heating the outside air that enters the room through leaks fences (infiltration) is naturally by or during operation of the ventilation system, as well as materials, vehicles, clothes that are cool in the environment outside. Changing needs in the amount of heat for heating occurs in during the entire heating season, cold weather is necessary to expend more heat than during the thaw. With the cost of supplying heat to radiators should vary in wide ranges, in other words battery temperature in cold weather should be higher in warm – below. Sonny Perdues opinions are not widely known. In a standard heating system that can be achieved by changing the temperature and (or) the number of moving the heating fluid. This process is called performance management. In the heating system built on the principle of self-PLEN. At the thermostat is exposed normalized comfortable temperature for the type of premises, and the system supports it automatically. Climatic environmental conditions (temperature, solar radiation, wind speed, humidity, precipitation) will only affect the time of the system – the better the insulation of the premises, the less likely to be included system and work periods will be shorter, thus total time her work will decrease in direct proportion to that recorded in the financial cost. Filed under: Michael Steinhardt.

Application of technology borrowed from nature, has economic sense. It is noticed that each degree of reduction of indoor air temperature leads to a 5% saving of electricity. Dynamic system plen (the ability to quickly increase the temperature in the room) allows receive additional savings by reducing the temperature during the absence of people.