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Dictatorial Government

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It went down and it abandoned its people to the proper luck. It went down and it left that the traffic made its times of command and administration of the communities, that the traffic made its laws, that the traffic if proliferated done king of the mount , commander of the area. The traffic started to function in the diverse communities as if Ditatorial Government was a species of parallel pseudo property, the head of the traffic, makes the times of the State carrying through almost always, in exchange for favors, the social work for the local devoid community. It distributes foods, provisions and remedies that are taken by assault in diverse loads for this end. It also functions as if was one oppressing Judge in the resolution of the disputes of the people. Its word, its decision is not argued, if it fulfills.

As Judge it also carries through the summary judgment of its enemy, of its opponent, the descumpridor of its orders, the informer of the Policy, the treasonous one of its team, that always are condemned to the death penalty, penalty this not made use in our legal system. Death this that can be for execution the shots or the cruel ways of the torture. The facts shown for the media referring to the constant bodies found in determined local evidence and demonstrate the veracity of the affirmation, mainly in what it refers to the mounts of Rio De Janeiro, slum quarters of So Paulo or the great centers of the country. As Dictator> its locality when to agree to it well. As welded dispersed, irresponsible and insensitive the components of the traffic display its weapons weighed for the media and shoot at random of its hiding places in direction to any points of the city, killing or seriously wounding children, old and too much innocent people as if this was the possible thing most normal.