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Vanguard International Growth

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GDP in the range of 1 to 2 percent and a stock market that reflects the low slow global growth. Visit Mike Shinoda for more clarity on the issue. As a result El-Erian recommends that investors are not exposed as much as 60%, but try to stay between 30 and 54 percent maximum. Half of that El-Erian believes that going to come from outside the United States. A professor at the University of Pennsylvania named Mauro Guillen said something very interesting about this topic: "If we believe the stock market will grow just as the GDP, we need to know that at least 10 or five years the American market will have ups and downs. "actions beyond if you are believers or not, I can say is that the blue chips are going to provide excellent opportunities in this 2010. They have to buy stocks of good quality, with stable cash flow and little debt because of how the market is right now. They Buy a fund that represents a lot of these companies like Jensen Portfolio (JENSX), or can increase your bet by buying a low cost funds like Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSMX).

One of the things that are agree most observers in 2010 is that: foreign bonds would perform better than the Americans. Mauro Guillen should have the third part of our capital investment companies and foreign bonds glimpse prosperity in the next 5 or 10 years. Some of the international stock funds with good projections for the future are Oakmark International (OAKIX), Janus Overseas (JAOSX) and Vanguard International Growth (VWIGX).

Managing Director

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The pension. With a motif that is publicized, the social Association of Germany e.V. (SoVD) gives new impetus. Salt communications designed the new action subject to the building of the SoVD in Berlin. Nobody likes apparently leads the discussion on pensions there are only losers.

That is why this discussion needs something it can ignite and thus salt received the order for the development of the new motif of the SoVD protest action. The motif was unveiled on 30 June on the facade of the Berlin SoVD main building before media representatives. “It linked the question and how you need to improve your pension?” with a provocatively ambiguous motif. The SoVD so committed to preserving the value of the pensions”a. With over half a million members, the Association represents the interests of pensioners, legally insured patients and advocates social justice. Only with a motive that provokes and polarizes the discussion at all levels of society can be triggered again”, is also Alf Arnold, Managing Director of salt.

Images: One It gives a first impression under for additional material, please contact:. Salt communications Berlin is an owner-run communications agency from Berlin. We implement internal and external communication in traditional and new media. So are cross-media concepts that make the experience complex products. Contact management: Alf Arnold, salt communication Berlin GmbH, Oranienburger str. 26, d-10117 Berlin phone: + 49 (30) 345062-30 fax: + 49 (30) 345062-35

Experts Discuss Solutions

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Savings through new service concepts remain Vienna, the May 02, 2012 the holistic view of service processes was focus of this year’s Customer Care Day in Vienna often unused. “The PIDAS Austria GmbH had on April 24, 2012, under the motto of customer service 2.0 efficient support processes to the one-stop-shop in service-organizations” charged in the Spanish riding school and could receive over 70 interested guests. In addition to experts from PIDAS, external speakers gave impulses, how companies can benefit from new and intelligent service concepts. As first an external expert, DI Friedrich Steinbrucker, Managing Director of information technology Graz GmbH (ITG), about the change of his organization away from the Municipal Department and to the providers of all strategic and operational ICT tasks for the “House Graz” reported. Overall, the ITG Services 5,900 stationary telecommunications units, 3,500 workstations and 1,500 mobile devices.

Great detail described a Friedrich Steinbrucker, as it managed in the Run to restructure the decades grown network of tasks and competences and to make more efficient. “If the purpose is incorrect, then the strategy may be incorrect. Therefore always the idea to be not primarily aligned with resources and capabilities, but to create benefits for the customer was at the heart of our change process”, said Friedrich Steinbrucker. One of the most important lessons for us is that we achieve the greatest success in terms of efficiency not directly in the IT Department. The potentials are much greater, if we manage to support various processes outside of the IT Department through ICT and to streamline.

Here the really great potential where ICT can help to save millions are.” PIDAS supports the first level of the ITG ServiceLine and helps in the processing of monthly up to 3,000 service tickets. In a first time solution rate of 80 per cent could be achieved. How important in addition to efficient processes, skills and technologies also enthusiasm for success is, explained Francesco Canzano, head of the customer service of electricity works of the canton of Zurich.

The Discussion

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And a uniform result is hardly in sight instead the surprises of the creative interpretations do not stop so the world on its head there is a small question just three words: what is reality? -Even every single person here has a different, individual response any age, any culture, wisdom teaching and science direction. And precisely a discipline vaunted for their particular objectivity, modern physics, spawned a whole new approach to answering these questions with quantum theory. Their insightful theses have now triggered a lively interdisciplinary discussion. Not a few scientists to evade the new idea however, because it all constructs built up painstakingly and dogmas suddenly standing on shaky foundations. Even thinking itself is at once to the discussion, because the (at)-erkannten dimensions of quantum physics are no longer detectable with conventional logical Denkprinzipien. We are clearly approaching the apparent limits of our thinking. “But is that a bad thing?” Or is it rather a Creative chance, to change our lives even from a completely different side consciously to perceive it? But not only the science itself changed her face and body; on top of that, also still quite amazing parallels to ancient philosophies, ancient wisdom teachings and religious beliefs can be drawn from modern personality research.

And that is probably one of the largest and most fascinating surprises. “Our reality is a first insight in the deliberate examination of the question: there is not” a reality reality is first created in the imagination of people thought rivers. You changed our ideas through our perceptions, our emotions, our thinking. What does that mean for us and the creative potential of our personality development? Our life is often influenced by principles, certain patterns of thought and behavior patterns that are based on experience and knowledge. We take universal Ideas and views in us constantly on and align our lives often thereafter.

Opposites Partner

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All living beings communicate analog. Only people analog and digital! When two people even meet the first, is the knowledge of better people in the advantage. Intuitively, he/she may roughly classify other people. First of all, you get a feeling for the partner: pleasure frustration principle of sub conscious being. Now follows the greeting (form and content). “The attitude, action, the look and the voice of / but also them – enabling us to partner a, subjective, positive or negative mood depending on our personality: speech, so I can see you.” (Socrates 469 BC – 399 BC). For me, this is, in addition to the know yourself”(Oracle of Delphi), one of the most important Greek maxims. Gradually, we learn to recognize the partner in the digital objective area.

The ritual of communication gives us many clues about de / partner, but also for our self-knowledge. The conversation partners are mirrored each other. We are either same or contrasting personalities. In our analytic digital universalist Western world, relatively quickly, we recognize the following two areas: analog peasant cunning (moral) or digital school education (natural or mind science, standards) everyone has known two related areas of the brain: analog (believe): Dre and digital (knowledge): ratio, reason,… The feelings (pleasure or frustration) regulate and control including physical off printing and the from language (word choice, sentence structure).

Note: Believers are not rational! You all know the two folk wisdom: DC and DC to join. (Or logic) Opposites attract. (And logic) In natu(e)rlichen clan societies, communications openings as is well known to several hours! In the United States, and so on, you immediately reach the thing. The pragmatic facts at the heart of the communication is available regardless of the mutual sympathy. The generally binding form(-Auswahl) dominates over the emotions. Note: +. Communication is always the information and manipulation. + Only verbally, you can take a neutral stance.

United Nations

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Sarrazin theses demand answers as cause for a new discussion – renewable cash of Sarrazin and here is one. The design idea, the addition to today’s systems. We establish a world Central Bank, independently of all existing databases and name: “World basic supply fed” a long Word and a long way. The current world banks and central banks are not affected and will go to continue their work. We supplement the system with what’s wrong with him with: “More democracy, freedom and genuine added value for the community” and the worldwide. We finish this unspeakable, non-functioning solidarity system in which we give everyone what he needs, what he currently does not have.

Next is to start: the “world supply company,” who assumes entire works, bureaucracy, control and monitoring, the established world basic supply reserve, for its members, for such there will be. This company is financed by the “world power reserve”. World supply reserve and “World supply company” are a unit that is politically neutral added to our current systems. This supplementary scheme will set everything and solve all problems worldwide. The legislative responsibility for the establishment, remains and is always in the hands of the democratic elected parliaments of the Member States of the “world supply company,” all Nations on our planet are invited to participate, and as a member. No, they are called.

Become a member can any democratic country or political system which can join the human rights and the new environmental measures and standards, social standards, and it carries out. Human rights, environmental status and a great education plan for all free of charge, must be designed and poured into laws, which are binding worldwide. I call this: “Constitution for worldwide basic care for people and Nations”. The United Nations could be future-oriented and reorganized as a mediator and organizer useful. Of course also the United States (United States), China, Russia, the Emirates, the EU, the world’s religions, global organizations all.

Lewis Pitzer Coordinator

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To your questions on the topic, are experienced specialists available, which you can find quickly and easily through while natural disasters for the most part are inevitable, there are some things that can help to alleviate the immediate consequences. Recent events in Japan, earthquakes and tsunami, have fanned the debate over the use of security foils and splinter protection films, which can contribute to mitigate the consequences of such disasters, new. Security and splinter protection film can help to protect victims during a hurricane or earthquake directly from shards of flying or falling glass and shards of glass. Another danger caused by objects that are thrown off by broken glass disc and doors in a building, can also effectively become diminished. In Japan security and splinter protection film would have remained ineffective during the tsunami, but she would provide additional protection during the earthquake.

“Against the overwhelming power of water also security film during the tsunami in Japan would have used nothing. In the case of earthquake activities but safety film can certainly relieve damage, “says Lewis Pitzer Coordinator for special projects at American standard window film in Las Vegas, Nevada.”If laminated glass is applied, it can help in case of seismic activity or other breakage of glass, that the glass breaks safely.” Secure breaking of the glass means that the shards and splinters on the foil attached, instead of possibly becoming deadly projectiles. With additional anchoring systems, security and splinter protection film, shards and fragments stick to the, can be kept as a whole in the window or door frame. These solutions contribute significantly to a more secure building. “It may be that you want to prevent or to produce an opening in the building in case of glass breakage. Here brings security and splinter protection film clear benefits, if they tempered glass, such as the example Toughened safety glass is mounted. .