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If not it beams you, will do it to nobody. It learns of your errors, by all means. It repairs the damage, if it is necessary. But it at all costs eliminates the excess of past in your life. The self-esteem cannot be bought or be asked for in loan, only won. That means that the self-esteem is born to assume a challenge. It is why, for example, the martial arts so are known to instill confidence as to teach to people another way to regulate the form to control their body under stress of the competition. It cultivates your self-esteem, in any possible form, like being human.

This can include works of charity or voluntary military service, or deepen in a new pastime. Healthy self-esteem in men has been said time and time again, but the exercise is the angular stone for the good health, psychic physics and. Good comma, avoids toxins in its surroundings and asegrese to sweat! At least, from time to time! If possible with an activity that it likes, like walking in bicycle, running, to walk, the list is interminable! Similar Itself to step three, it is what needs to feel well. That means: regular medical controls and appointments with the dentist, to sleep the sufficient thing, to listen to relajante music, to organize its time of efficient way and, generally to do the best thing in any given situation. We seem to have an image in the head of the person whom we would like to be, but never we became her. To what you are hoping? Well-taken care of negative people with the company that you look for. The negativity is like a virus, propagates.

Liberate of the negative emotions that to only you maintain squashed. Any person who looks for revenge must dig two tombs – the one for her destiny and other for themselves. The revenge, the wrath and the jealousy, are of more in your luggage. To say to things that you cannot or you do not want to do. It does not allow that their time is robbed by well-meaning people. Asegrate that people appreciate to you by you not reason why can remove from you. Dates account from that everybody, including stars of cinema and the presidents or the royalty, has problems. People wear masks. Thus, the majority of their problems is well hidden. But no of us is free of preoccupations. It stops wishing to be another person or like another person. You are you – with his own set of problems, probably shared by the thousands of million people in the planet. You are not your father. You are not your children. You are not your spouse. You are not the society. You are. He follows your happiness. Nobody will be in agreement with the form in which you live your life to the 100%, reason why it does not worry about his approval. If you live your life to please to the others, will be like a dog persecuting his tail for always. R.Rodriguez Psychologist Online.