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The tarot is an ancient art, which is based on the wisdom of the arcana. They are emblematic figures, inspired by various characters present in all civilizations, and timeless validity. The tarot has taken these people and has managed with great skill to summarize them in what are the 22 major arcana and the minor arcana 56. We could say that every arcane Tarot reflects a distinct personality. This had already been observed by Carl Gustav Jung, psychologist, a disciple of Freud. Jung had a particular interest for the paranormal, to whose study he devoted much of his time, and especially by the tarot.

During the Decade of the forties, Jung postulated his famous theory of the archetypes, and said that broadly speaking, the figures of the tarot respond to archetypes that are found in the human mind, and determine the way in which human beings interact with the world from the depths of the psyche. Thus, it is not difficult to make a parallelism between the different Tarots and different stereotypes that compose the human race. All we can associate to the Crazy, the arcane without number, with someone whom we know. A free, daring, soul who does not fear anything, giving permanently breaks faith vacuum, advancing without very clear what is the way forward, although known his wishes, and where advances. The hermit is another arcane of the tarot easily identifiable in any of the people that surround us. He is a person who despite being in the deepest darkness, you have a lamp that lights your way. Do not receive help from anyone, but light and wisdom will take you on the good path.

Who doesn’t know a powerful woman, whose words are tinged with truth, and that what she says is law? It’s a wise person of great intuition and knowledge of the human soul, which work with modesty, resignation and piety. It is the Priestess, another of the arcana of the tarot. Temperance also we often occurs. This Arcanum of the tarot shows an Angel, uniting two opposites of a complicated chemical formula. Is the one who knows how to combine opposites of things, and achieve the best in all situations. Who does not know someone who achieved transcendence through your work? Thus the correlation between tarot and the distinct personalities of the human being is evident. Listen with an open mind the message of arcana us become wiser people, and with a more accurate perception of our fellow. Jesus Torres Www. TarotAmigo. TarotAmigo10 com @ yahoo.

Personality Of Entrepreneurs

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Personality of an entrepreneur being an entrepreneur today is to find oneself the necessary qualities to carry out the actions that are necessary to achieve goals and objectives that we consider to be the best for us, or the most convenient at least by a certain amount of time. Every person is born with talents or abilities that are dormant, in the majority of cases which are waiting for our help to come to light, skills that will enable us to achieve what they propose we do with our life and more. Wanting to get personal achievements by ourselves is a virtue very necessary to take action but is also know accept or take borrowed skills from others who want us to provide your advice or support, often is in this aspect that we failed and what we get is stuck and running out of options, the best thing now is take a breaka well deserved rest and then start again in what we are developing, but this time looking to the side since surely we will find examples to follow or opportunities with the to complement our projects; in this environment, there are thousands of people from which we can learn and imitate their actions to succeed. Taking initiatives is also one of the essential qualities of every entrepreneur, fear of decision-making of seeing it as the possibility that will enable us to move forward to be in a next level; What we can learn in the process really is priceless since reached a certain point you notice that we are able to do things that long ago we couldn’t even think about doing; This is because I have learned to move forward step by step, not wanting to run before you learn to walk. Many times we hear that we throw into the water to learn to swim and in truth this is so in all aspects of our lives, until we are not in the medium in which we want to develop never know for certain what requirements or skills needed to move forward; but we have assured that once you take the first step be presented us the step for the second step, this is so without exceptions.

Perfume and Personality

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When Ud acquires a perfume or a fragrant oil beyond what indicate you your Visual or olfactory senses, there is one aspect that rarely takes into account that it is the personality. The majority of traders, we would say perfumers, take into account the first factors that impact, which attracts the person who is going to buy the product they have more to do with the visual and as said earlier with certain senses, but when analyzing the why true, we find that individuals have certain traits of our personality rooted and others who are not so which are rather temporary or circumstantial, that emotions are called. When we choose certain objects, not only we chose them because they are cute or because it draws us to his appearance, image, figure u like, do so because there is an aspect of our personality that resonates with that particular object and produces an effect of empathy that leads to wanting to acquire it or possess it. There are many aspects of our psychology that are still little explored, and if it is that we find an answer in this respect will be given with a too scientific content or difficult to understand for the common person. We want to express is that in our case, as interested in some deeper aspects of personality related to the Perfume, the scents and fragrances, we need to know that there are several factors to take into account when we prepare our stock of perfumes and fragrances, and among them: our personality, the kind of diet we do our body chemistry, our skin type, sensitivity to products that compose perfumes that purchase, the time of day in which we use them, to the station of the year, solar activity, our physical activity, our emotional to certain scents sensibility and our reactions to them unconscious.

International Conference

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At the world-famous English town of Greenwich has something similar with the two suburbs of St. Petersburg – Pulkovo Observatory and the famous Strelna, with its Naval Academy named after Admiral Makarov. Greenwich is part of the so-called Greater London, also Pulkovo Strelna located in St. Petersburg. Similarity even in the fact that access to Greenwich can be reached by water from the Victoria Embankment in London, as in Peterhof – from the Palace Embankment.

Greenwich, though is not on the beach, yet is truly a maritime city. And the famous sailing ship “Cutty Sark”, set in the dock – proof of this. The most high-speed tea clipper was designed specifically to by delivering Chinese leaf tea did not have time to rot or otsyret. Greenwich is proud of its National Maritime Museum. And also in this city is old Maritime College, created Christopher Renom. But, of course, the most important attraction is still the Royal Observatory, planted in August 1675.

She also set up to ease navigation. While the most important objective Astronomy has been precisely to determine longitude. Because of the impossibility of determining longitude shipwreck occurred, and many other problems, such as, for example, the inability to re-open previously to find navigators of the earth. The British long to find a solution to this problem. Having built his own observatory, scientists have identified a meridian zero. But only in 1884 International Conference officially meridianskaya recognized and recorded in the Greenwich meridian – zero. And from that time he became a lap vremyaischisleniem on earth. Following this, one European country after another to join such vremyaischisleniyu. But Russia has recognized the this system of reporting time only in 1919. To this day, Pulkovo Observatory works closely with the Observatory at Greenwich.

NFL Tickets

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The Washington Redskins selected Robert Griffin III, nicknamed RG3, because the # 2 overall draft pick this year for many reasons. First, Nike Nfl Jeseys 2012 the Redskins wish to revitalize a franchise that s been battling recently, particularly with getting a stable quarterback. Second, and more importantly, RG3 is among the best, otherwise the very best quarterback to leave college and in to the National football league draft this season. Together with his arrival, the Redskins can get something they have wanted during the last ten years: An incredible quarterback along with a winning season. Although there s lots of speculation if RG3 will meet the hype, the reality is that he’s an excellent, all-around player which will certainly add something towards the Redskins offense. Along the way, the Redskins will probably improve their already high National football league tickets sales this year.

What RG3 Brings Among the abilities Robert Griffin III brings with him towards the National football league is his quarterback precision. At Baylor, RG3 enhanced his precision every single year, a.m. this year s season with only six interceptions, getting tossed Nike NFL Jerseys 37 touchdowns, along with a 72.4% completion rate. Now, I shouldn’t not be envisioned having this high an interest rate in precision this year because, in the end, it s his rookie season and all sorts of newbies make similar mistakes. RG3 may actually have a greater quantity of interceptions, but that s usual for rookie quarterbacks and that I shouldn’t be downed for this t. RG3 is another fast student and have the capacity to adapt rapidly.

Therefore the mistakes he makes in a single game will not be repeated again. He is another very flexible player along with a strong athlete all-around. In conjunction with his quick passes, protection will find it difficult to make presumptions because I can’t switch up anytime, and of a routine goes to lengthy means by the professionals. With the help of Pierre New York Giants Jerseys Garcon around the team, RG3 may have the ability to mention the Redskins 19 touchdown passes record last season to around 27 this year. Does The mixture of Garcon s ability around the area and RG3? s will make sure that precision. The Redskins play an offense assortment, something which might be coming in the National football league. However, RG3 is really a master from the spread offense cheap I already understands how to use the team s offense can make his transition in to the National football league much simpler. Knowing that, RG3 won t have to hold the offense by himself because the Redskins curently have a sturdy line. However with his deep-ball threat and Shanahan s system, RG3 Nike Jets Jersey may have the ability to hit 3,500 yards his first season within the league. Unlike other quarterbacks within the league, Griffin won t have the ability to take hits due to his small frame. But I will not need to while he has the aid of his offensive line. This helps him remain healthy for extended and be sure a good season. All-in-all, RG3? s arrival towards the National football league, especially the Redskins, will end up being a thrilling here we are at football fans.