Roma Sempre Arena

60 years ago, so at 15, he wrote his first songs. Ten years later “he was a member of the German winner team at the Schlager Festival in Knokke and wrote the worldwide hit for Shirley Bassey Reach For The Stars”. Forty years ago, he finished the third place among the idols of the German youth at a representative opinion poll according to Robert and John F. Kennedy. Udo 30 years ago made it a level of 95% in Germany ranked ahead of all other domestic and foreign singers and musicians. He was the most played in the radio German artist. Learn more at this site: Craig Jelinek. 20 years ago, experienced the fall of the Berlin wall after his concert at the Brandenburg Gate, a convinced European, and delivered in the following year with his song Roma Sempre”the soundtrack to the title of the German soccer national team. Ten years ago he founded his own Foundation to support children and orphans and participated in the legendary charity event Michael Jackson & friends”.

In the following year he was on the Internet of one of the first live concerts in the net at all and started for the anniversary tour at the age of 66″. In the year 2009, nearly a decade after Udo Jurgens is his symbolic 66th birthday, at the height of his equally incredible how successful career. The year’s spring tour was the most successful concert tour of his career with an occupancy rate of 97% of all available seats. Also the musical never I was in New York”in the Operettenhaus Hamburg has enjoyed since the start in 2007 of an unbroken spectator interest. After many months of sold-out, tickets are available again.