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Privilege Summer

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After a super season of summer, Ibiza, the White Island, becomes to dress Gala to receive thousands of young people from all parts of the world in search of fun, alcohol and desire to feast. And it is one year, they return closures of Ibiza, the great feast of closing of all clubs of the island par excellence. This year, days which is expected a maximum audience are from September 30 to October 3. There are already many organized trips which are prepared from the closest ports: Barcelona and Denia (Valencia). These trips are initiated from the respective ports, with festivities aboard the ferry, and continue with a non-stop by the principal clubs of the island. Supermartxe, Space, Privilege, Amnesia are some of the clubs who have signed up to the carriage of this increasingly crowded fashion, and are the highlights of these awaited festivals to celebrate the end of summer. And is that if the beginning of the summer will always marked by the celebrations of San Juan on different beaches of coast, loscierres in Ibiza, is how they are consolidating one attractive island that puts end to what some consider to be the best season of the year, the summer. If you are thinking of enjoying this feast, don’t forget, only has an opportunity in the year dates are in sight! Original author and source of the article

Be Impeccable With Your Words And Your Actions

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Sounds easy right? but nothing is! be impeccable with our words and actions is a lifelong task. The sinlessness of the words and opinions that emit about others only reveal who you are. Listen to yourself, when you are speaking ill of others when you express yourself in ways disqualified from the others, when your words destroy the image of another human being, but they're not talking about yourself. "It's not what enters the mouth that defiles a man but what comes out of the" word of God says, then why not make a conscious effort to stop defaming people, why not make a conscious effort to just build and not destroy … In the end the only one who hurts you is you and people around you who are poisoned by polluted so much venom … spread the hate, anger, slander, blasphemy to another human being …. Words are like swords that cross the body of the spirit of those to which are being released, but returned as a boomerang to kill the one that issued perjury! That is to practice hard sinlessness of the words and actions when others hurt us, when you have humiliated others, be impeccable in our actions, words and omissions when we have been misled, deceived, humiliated …

it shows who you really are on fire we tested, it is not treated well when all you are going to express what is really in your heart when you temples is threatened, cornered, humiliated when you leave your true self, that you've been farming in the silence of your heart .. . But friend, friend when these are poisonous daggers thrown at you, despite the pain, anger, crying, impotence, just hold on to your Christian beliefs, Buddhist, Hindu …. Muslim does not repay evil for good, not do to others what we do not we rendered the gusari us (despite the onslaught) but through acts of kindness to try to finalize cycles of hostility … believe me we can not fight evil with evil …. evil is fought with good … We are all tempted to do that is HUMAN, others invite you to return an eye for eye, tooth for tooth … but we, not because we are better or more elvados, or avatars, or teachers, or anything like that, but we realized that nothing real can be attacked nothing real can be threatened, just the peace of God is real, we cling to that mantra, we cling to love, feel pain, sadness, cry, but do not return evil for evil, much less evil for good and thus unwittingly we become a transparent shield and a protective ring to which collide all the flaming arrows of the evil arsonists, and returned to him who sent ….

Not that you did, but you stuck to your values, your principles, and the belief of divine justice, divine justice EXIST, tieines you do not do anything, just go with the kindness and love , and feel the pain, sadness, disappointment and release … not fall into the temptation to return the slap … "and see miracles happen …. are you going to see …. Love never fails, ACTS OF KINDNESS …. NEVER FAIL

Good Time Mortgage

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In general terms, will have to meet one or more of the following conditions before you consider refinancing your mortgage: mortgage interest rates are coming down. Your home’s value has increased significantly in the market. You’ve been doing your original mortgage payments to 30 years for a period of less than 10 years. Mortgage interest rates are falling in an environment in which mortgage interest rates are falling, refinancing can offer homeowners a two potential benefits that has the ability to help reduce the total cost of your loan in the course of time: reduces your monthly payments while you keep the same payment period or one similar to your original mortgage. It decreases your payment term while keeping the same payments or some similar to your original mortgage.

Capital established in your home refinancing can help you take advantage of the heritage of your home. For example, refinancing with cash might make sense if your House has increased from value or have a mortgage balance low, compared with the current value of your home, and you have a high level of indebtedness of consumption that you would like to pay. The first years of your mortgage in general, refinancing makes more sense in the early years of your mortgage, when the payments are primarily to cover the interest. In the last years of your mortgage, when you start paying more principal interests, it may be best for you that you retain the original loan. Remember that the refinancing will give you a completely new mortgage to pay and will take you back to the beginning of the cycle in which you’ll be paying mostly interest. Refinance or get a loan real estate collateral? As a rule of thumb, if you have been making payments for less than 10 years into a loan to 30 years and mortgage interest rates have fallen, could be beneficial to consider refinancing. If you haven’t already paid your loan for more than 10 years, a loan with guarantee real estate could be a better option to pay debts or converted to cash assets that you have in your home.


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Only a new perspective can engender new programmes and provide the necessary readjustments. As well as the political parties fall apart from the changes in the distribution of power. The struggle for change in education also has as a first stage to the school. For example tens of education, researchers and university teachers and educational administrators, are among the millions of people who are in the process of personal transformation. Not long ago, they have begun to link between them, at regional and national level with the idea of sharing strategies and be in favour of the teaching of what we all value most, with the development of freedom, hope, awareness, creativity and connections that lead to all this.

They are eager to share their findings with all colleagues who are willing to listen to them? There are many veterans of ancient movements in favour of humanization schools, which were successful to some extent, they learned a great deal, a new force is also new style of relationship between parents and educators. Teachers, administrators and school principals who sympathize with them, are working together, rather than confront each other. These networks have as allies to scientific research, we began to realize very clearly the unnatural that has been our educational method and the reasons why have obtained such poor results, if it is that he has been one. With the widening of channels of education, a formidable force able to alter their environments, competition comes into scene. Learning today occurs everywhere, in many forms: in the neighborhood, the domestic rally and in the sense that misses each situation, cooperatives of teaching-learning. In the manuals for self-help, magazines, computers, the FM, cassettes and television documents. The most powerful change factor lies, however, in the growing conviction of thousands of adults that their frustrations and gargantuan expectations come largely from his school education.