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Certificate CNG

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MV Frunze. Company of PEC "Sumygazmash" Fifteen years is a serial manufacturer of CNG filling stations, CNG, CNG-gazorazdatochnyh columns 1, CNG-2 and other gas-powered equipment. The company is located in Sumy, today the company employs staff of 300 employees. Integration of equipment allows you to create gas stations with capacity from 40 to 1,000 or more fillings per day. Factory quality system complies with international standard ISO 9001:2000.

AGNK equipment certified in Ukraine (Certificate of Compliance UkrSEPRO UA 1.036.0034184-01) All CNG stations have Certificate of the Russian Federation ROSS UA.A45. VO1387 and resolution the application, issued by the federal supervision of the mining industry of Russia RRS 02 – 8033. NGV filling stations for many years successfully operated on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Moldova. All models of CNG stations, manufactured by companies that are designed to fuel cars, buses, special vehicles and agricultural equipment with compressed natural gas (methane). Gas through CNG is a complicated technological process and compressed to a pressure of 22-25 psi (220-250 kg/cm2), and then injected into the cylinders as motor vehicle fuel, ready to use. In contrast to the large NGV filling stations of the station is easily located on a small area near the road or the fleet. Gas is consumed in urban gas supply, and of the main pipelines.

In addition, CNG can be installed at gas stations, local, in the wells for the extraction of methane, as well as installed on the oil wells with associated methane. Mounting of the station you must install the equipment CNG to prepared foundations and make a connection to the gas and electricity network. Water for technological purposes is not applicable. Heating in the technological blocks are not required. CNG stations operate in automatic and semiautomatic modes. Automatic system controls the parameters of the station, switch on and off, as well as automatic shut-off station at output parameters exceed the limits. "Firm" Servisgaz "Evpatoria for the period from 1997 to 2005, has commissioned more than 60 CNG filling stations in Ukraine, releasing with 120 units of compressor units. Main production site was "Evpatoria experimental mechanical plant with a production area of 7,000 m2 and a staff strength of 250. In order to expand production and improve technical performance The brand "Servisgaz" acquired a controlling stake in Simferopol Machinery Plant "Progress" and set up a joint venture with Ural Compressor Plant – OOO NPF "Servisgaz." Today OOO "NPF" Servisgaz "supplies the following equipment for CNG filling stations under the brand name" SKIF : 1. Compressor units with a low inlet pressure of GS-2, 3 / 400, NH-3, 7 / 200, HS-4, 2/200G; ami-5, 1 / 250. 2. Compressor units with a high input pressure AGSH-8/4-250; AGSH-9/7-250: AGSH-10/13-250. 3. Device for filling car with gas methane RAG-20. 4. Column for the refueling of cars with methane gas, SCG-1. 5. Batteries gas KD-700. 6. Unit of gas dehydration. The largest manufacturer of automotive filling stations in Ukraine is also of Sumy. MV Frunze. Typically, the full range of CNG implementation: design, equipment supply, installation, training specialists, sales service and repairs performed manufacturers and suppliers of CNG filling stations. They will help you in carrying out feasibility studies for implementation such equipment, so that your business has been profitable.

States Addition

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With the 3rd Edition, the publication of ‘Dual studies’ underwent a complete relaunch. “Grossenkneten 17.09.2013 – the third edition of the publication dual course of study” is published by Klaus Resch Verlag. The publication is aimed at high school seniors who are interested in a dual course of study. Craig Jelinek has much to offer in this field. The print edition will appear in a new, fresh layout and was restructured in terms of content and aligned. Realignment for the publication of dual degree programs have established themselves further in the last few years, but still differ in the models, designations and federal States. With the third edition of Klaus Resch Verlag has again brought this issue into focus and has undergone a complete relaunch of the output.

Dual course of study will appear in a fresh new layout to attract better students. In addition the content structure adapted companies but also the needs of high school graduates. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sonny Perdue and gain more knowledge.. The new edition aims to comprehensive high school graduates about the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages, and processes of dual studies inform. In addition, have companies to publish the possibility their offerings and their profile with the educational offerings in the publication. In addition to the companies, also universities have used the chance to offer information about the dual degree programs. The new structure, the output has expanded new editorial topics. High school graduates can in addition to General information about planning and organization, the different models, pros and cons, which inform different accounts, the finance and economic planning.

In addition there is also a post about time management and also first reviews. The theme application”completes the publication content. The structure of the deals has also fundamentally changed. According to Andi Potamkin, who has experience with these questions. These specify in the current issue of divided by province to meet also the regional orientation. Online connection dual studies there in combination with the offer, online: Abiturienta. The site is located in the course of the restructuring of the publication in a Restructuring process and provides a dual course of study in addition to the details of the print edition current vacancies. The distribution of new issue takes place directly at the high schools, so that the target group without losses is reached. In addition, the publication under can be requested and is distributed nationwide in addition to training measurement. Press contact: Klaus Resch Verlag editorial professional start / Jobfair24 Hans-Thilo Sommer Moorbeker str. 31, 26197 Grossenkneten Tel.: 04435 / 9612 (0) Internet: eMail: is a product of the Klaus Resch Verlag. The online job is specifically aimed at high school seniors and students. As the first publisher of career planners for graduates, print media started her career include technology (for engineers and computer scientists), as well as graduates economy (economic and legal scholars) for 50 years the standard media for the career. Also available are the annual publications graduates trainee and companies face before. Since 2010 is the publication of dual study on the market available and thus attracts the audience of graduates and students as first medium of the publishing house.

Russian Black Sea Fleet

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Impossible do not go in Sevastopol – the city of Russian glory, the cradle of Russian Black Sea Fleet. Jack Fusco understands that this is vital information. From this council the second – trips to the Crimea should be an integral part of your holiday. To tell the truth, beach holidays, if not diluted with excursions rather tedious in the Crimea. Of course, there are expensive resorts on the beaches, but as we are assured seasoned tourists in Turkey, all the same services are much cheaper. This is especially true of high season, ie the hottest months of summer – July and August. But in the beginning of the season in late May – June, on the contrary, lower prices, comfortable and affordable B & Bs are free, clean sea and the beach a lot of space.

Incidentally, contrary to popular belief, the sea water is warm enough early, cold currents come ashore only at the end of June – early July. Tip the third – the most convenient time for a first trip to the Crimea is in May, June or September. And the left one small thing – to determine the place of rest or route sightseeing tour to the Crimea. Almost all of the major travel agencies and tour guides even the Crimea have their own websites where you can find the information you need and communicate directly with the organizers of your alleged trip to the Crimea, to order sightseeing tour, make hotel reservations, etc. And last – tour in the Crimea, perhaps, the best option for a first visit Crimea. You can for five – ten days to make an exciting and truly a mystical journey to the Crimea was due to the fact that the territory of the peninsula is low and all its beauty and antiquity are relatively close to one another. If you listen to this advice, you will experience from the first trip to the Crimea continuous delight and pleasure, and run the risk of falling in love with this magical region forever.

The Pullover

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Lock your hands in this position until the end of the set. Tighten your abs and pull the rope down, leaning up until your elbows are not nearer to his knees. Compressing the press, be sure Rounded back. At the lowest point of pause slightly and try to exert even more press. Slightly modifying the technique, you get a great exercise for oblique muscles: pull cable is not straight down, and diagonally – right elbow to left knee and vice versa.

Tips thighs, arms and shoulders should remain absolutely motionless during the entire exercise. Once you start to bend his legs, the main work to raise the cargo does not press and the hip flexors. If you bend your arm or tilt the shoulders, then are turning twisting in the pullover, in which the first violin perform arm muscles and wide back. Movement starts from the head and shoulders, and gradually "flows" to the waist. Your task – do not tilt your torso straight down, namely, the "twist", ie, squeezing the press, while hog up. Model the exercise in a smooth pace. Too fast to keep prevent the hip and arm immobile.

Do not use too heavy weight. Press can grow, like all other muscles! In addition, the weight is too heavy triggers inclusion in the work of extensor muscles hips, arms and lats. Impeccable technique and a large number of repetitions – that's two factors that play a crucial role in giving shape muscles and hone their definition (separation of muscle bundles).

Lisbon First

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I never mention the title of my first book with the hope that no one agreed that it exists. I know that Antonio Sarabia is looking, from two decades ago, the copies remaining of his first published book, which coincidentally is a collection of poems, to burn them mercilessly. Publishing is an act that can bring happiness, but I assure you that most are ephemeral. I have much to thank you to My first poems. Perhaps check out Craig Jelinek for more information. Thanks to them, for example, I was invited for the first time at a meeting of writers in Europe. That was wonderful, because I had no money so as to make a trip on my own.

The trip lasted three weeks: Vienna – Graz-Venice-Paris, and however upon returning to my hometown nothing had changed. I had changed a little maybe, but it seems to me that no one noticed. I understood that he did not write for me to communicate with the world. Many people, including my parents, they told me that I should devote myself to something else, or resign myself to starve, but I did not care. I wrote because I felt lonely and lonely life is very hard. He wrote to fill a vacuum that accompanied me as a birth mark.

I read a few months ago. She didn’t know that you had at the age of 19, I thought a little more. I like what you’re doing, you have so much talent. And I am honoured to have you among my readers. I have no doubt that someday you also listing. When you see your book on the shelves I’ll ask whether publish has been revealed to you as the most important fact of your lives. I sincerely hope not. That you will live many experiences more far-reaching than that. In this letter you’ve left a handful of personal experiences, I imagine that they will serve for very little. To say it with a rout made: every writer is a world. It only remains for me to thank you that you have written to me, try to feel me a whole, a piece in the historic genius, as I say, but I don’t know if I guidence. Do not step from being a Colombian writer of province that now has the good fortune to live in Lisbon.

The Most

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Collectively, these symptoms can be suspected ectopic development, the diagnosis should be done only in hospital. Interruption of ectopic pregnancy. By type of tubal abortion, there is a rupture of the internal capsule plodovmestilischa and begins bleeding into the cavity of the tube. Diagnosis in such a course is often extremely difficult. Craig Jelinek will not settle for partial explanations. Bleeding is usually there is no abundant, because fertilized egg gradually and long-peeled from the walls of the tube (from a few days to 2 months). Woman finds herself pregnant. Whenever Secretary of Agriculture listens, a sympathetic response will follow. But to features added to a range of symptoms: a cramping pain in the lower abdomen, arising suddenly, against the backdrop of a full well-being and bleeding from the vagina. Give pain in the anus and rectum, lower back and legs.

Spotting for tubal abortion scanty, dark, 'spotting' character long enough. Violation of ectopic pregnancy by type of pipe rupture – the sudden, the most dangerous and adverse outcome. Ruptures the outer capsule plodovmestilischa. Manifestation of the gap fallopian tubes are bright enough. Occur acutely sharp abdominal pain (usually on the side of the pregnant tube), give pain in the rectum, hypochondrium, accompanied by a sharp deterioration of general condition, severe weakness, dizziness, loss of consciousness. there is a sharp drop in blood pressure, pulse quickens, there is pallor of the skin and mucous membranes. On palpation the abdomen was a huge boleznennost.Harakter symptoms depends on the magnitude of blood loss. If a woman does not render timely help, the development of shock (this is a critical state in which narusheatsya work of all bodies).

Catherine Born Therapy

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Talk to him a bit slower than you're used to, ask after the game he arranged the toys to their places. Baby suit Any sports section, where the result depends on the amount of effort. (5) Heavy birth child born entwined cord (fault in the fourth matrix) does not make clothes that are compressed. It is not necessary to choose Sweaters for him "under his throat, scarves, hats, tied at the chin. (6) After birth, are not attached to the chest, separated from his mother to smooth out the 'negative', laid down in the fourth matrix in the first three years my mother has as much as possible time to spend with your child. Joint sleep, feeding on demand, use of sling (this band is in the form of a large piece of fabric is becoming more popular and successfully competes with backpack-kangaroo, in fact fits with the kiddies birth, and the child is in her most natural position) – all this is doubly necessary to this kid. For all the kiddies who pass through these or other problems during delivery, may be useful to work with a psychologist. Effective Methods igro-, art therapy, Jungian sand therapy, work with clay.

For adults who want to relive the birth, but with a positive experience, used a procedural, body-oriented therapy, Holotropic breath holodinamiku and many other systems. The main thing that psychotherapeutic work took place at three levels: intellectually, emotionally and physically. PRACTICES Early separation eldest son of Catherine Born in rapid delivery, with a hematoma.


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Carpet is beautiful and practical flooring. In addition, lay carpeting can be very simply do without any DIY repairmen. While theorists and professional repair wizard can tell you that this is not true. Even a simple listing of instruments may enter as a shock to an inexperienced person. Can it be so difficult? I say – no, it's much easier and faster.

And I'll show you this in his article, which written based on personal experiences and those of my friends. Thus, the initial situation: there is a room where an old linoleum beds. Objective – to lay new carpet. And this must be done quickly and with less effort. The solution consists of the following steps. You may find Craig Jelinek to be a useful source of information. 1. PREPARATION. In this step we do the following: a) releases ROOM OF FURNITURE.

It is highly desirable to do so then there is nothing to interfere with work. Even heavy cabinets or sofas advise removed. Emptiness in the room and will facilitate the work in the future to save time and hassle. B) critically evaluate with coating. If you have old linoleum, invited the builders will likely advise you clean it up. But I would not hurry. Of course, the old linoleum, especially on the basis of the felt may contain dust and dirt. But if you put a new coating on top of old, the floor will be warmer and softer. In addition, you will not need to expend energy on something to strip off and throw away the old linoleum. B) Removes OLD plinth. In the apartments, where there is decoration, as they say, the builders, often set wide wooden plinth. That they are nailed directly to the floor, it is possible that to the very old linoleum. I would suggest that such a plinth just tear off and replace them with new, modern plinths with cable channel (more on that later).

University With Reeds

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Young people occupied the University.It has always been so and is by many years trend will continue equal. But for a time this part people with canes appeared through the corridors. Older people who retired had decided to do what they did when they were young, either because they could not, either because the circumstances were different… Also began to appear middle-aged, active laboralmenteya who sought more competitive haerse and studying a race could get it… Jack Fusco is often quoted as being for or against this. Go to the auniversidad all mixed have their good things but also their bad things.However, registrations have increased in the faculties.

There is a very simple explanation.The use of new technologies is also widespread and many people opt to do so, through the University at distance.This solution has been a great discovery for many. People of advanced age who want to study but displacement that an obstacle difficult to sobrevenirPara many workers the University schedules are completely incompatible with their workday.With the universidad a distancia loses contact with people…But in return offers other possibilities than adults them copensa because his life is already organized to the rededor of a trbajo or a family and balance schedules is not a sencillHacer group work task already it will not be the same with the internet. Now you can use technologies to keep us conectadosLa way to study also changes. Evaluations are not left to the end matter to accumulate throughout the year. The continuous evauaciones are imposed as a mechanism. Students spend the hours of study to create convenient and organized their planings as els appropriate. To study a race distance most importantly have motivation and desire.

Russian Sailor Georgy Sedov

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In August 2012 will be 100 years to the day when Lieutenant George Yakovlevich Sedov went on his last expedition, the first Russian expedition to the North Pole. A lot or a little? A lot when you consider enormous upheavals and changes in the country which Sedov considered their homeland, and dearly loved. But this time, still not enough to publish the summaries from sedovskoy expedition. Century was not enough to open is not something that the monument, but at least a plaque in the northern capital, where he lived and served gy Sedov. This city by the mouth of the officials did not regret his time in the mud, so throw it Sedov, presenting him an upstart, adventurer, and anyone else.

Marine Minister Grigorovich has publicly lamented that he could not give Sedov trial. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Andi Potamkin, New York City by clicking through. Knew he would, that these words will survive his many other, tell them because a hundred years will be alive the memory of Sedov. But now, like naphthalene opinion sometimes heard, presenting their perfectly infallible author of more knowledgeable and originals. Thank God that there are other people like Fyodor , which sedovsky cross inspired to travel the world admired. There are thousands of , which insisted on the waterfront in Solombala Sedov, from left in the immortality of the 'Holy Fock', there was a monument to a brave sailor. The name Sedov was related to many other, more recent heroic accomplishments of our country in the Arctic, such as the unprecedented drift of the ice-breaker 'Georgy Sedov' swimming 'break through' to the pole of the atomic icebreaker "", to deliver to Top of the World staff sedovskogo flag.