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Theory Vermeer

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They are interested in a more noble occupation, requiring concentrated thoughtfulness. Even in those subjects where is present hint of indecorous, the characters retain their dignity and distinguished aristocratic manners. On risque connotations tells us only the language of symbols, such as a glass of lemonade in the hands of a girl talking about is not noble inclinations standing next to the gentleman. Without knowing the values of these characters, we hardly doubt the moral purity of the main characters of Vermeer. VII. Conclusion A comparative analysis of genre works Vermeer’s Delft, and Jan Steen, we see that artists have a completely different interpretation of everyday scenes. Carrying out their orders to the highest aristocratic circles of Holland, Vermeer transforms everyday scenes into more inspired by comparison with stenovskimi.

His characters are calm and thoughtful, immersed in a world of their experience, inaccessible to us, while the heroes harlemskogo genre painter in every way the audience are invited to join him. Vermeer avoids overt allusions to the indecorous happening, giving aristocratic manners of people who commit immoral acts. Interestingly the difference in the understanding of the role of the artist and his creativity. While Stan strongly emphasizes its membership and loyalty crowd, the artist Vermeer takes an entirely different status, elevated to the rank of the Creator, and the process of artistic creation becomes sacred. List of sources used: 1. Two examples of interpretation.

Pestanas Men

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The serum for Latisse eyelashes will be tested in 28 patients with alopecia and in a group of men with a moderate pattern of male baldness. If the tests are positive results the FDA will approve its marketing and this medication to grow eyelashes will begin to sell in the form of cream. Baldness is considered a very unattractive quality in men and women and can seriously affect the self-esteem of which afflicted by it. At the moment there is any medication that has been tested really effective to treat it, though certain natural products does seem to help with this problem. Meanwhile, the best thing is to prevent rather than regret, and if you get the impression that you begin to lose hair in the shower or that Tufts are left you in the comb or pillow, begins to search shampoos hair loss or natural supplements that strengthen hair to let fall. Researchers are moving significantly in what refers to the process that hides behind male baldness. The latest evidence suggests that occurs when baldness hairs do not disappear, they are reduced to a microscopic size while the follicles remain. Experts say that this discovery indicates that a cure for baldness is possible and that could soon since if the hair follicle is maintained, there must be some way of stimulating them.

Alopecia is the most common baldness and shaped patches without hair that may appear and then disappear. It is estimated that it particularly affects adolescents and young adults. Male baldness pattern affects almost half of the men and usually begins to make effect to twenties. It begins with a refinement of the hair or the appearance of such famous entries.

Assis Gomes

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The growth must occur although international the economic crisis. The periodical still affirms that the segments of the commerce that have greaters profits with the natalinas parties are of confections, eletroeletrnicos, footwear and supermarkets. “Chavez” addresses the importance of the matter here. Much other sectors had even so been wronged in the Christmas of 2008, in the city of the Christmas, for the advent of the economic crisis that tries to be contained with some measures for the government. We notice, by means of an interview semistructuralized concerning the natalinas parties applied some natalenses citizens, who the vision on the meaning of the Christmas in the city of the Christmas, is being reconfigured. Concerning the interview, Rampazzo (2002, P. 110), affirms that the interview is a meeting enters two people the end that one of them gets information regarding definitive subject, by means of a conversation of professional nature.

It is treated, therefore, of a effected conversation, face the face, in methodical way; it provides the necessary information verbally. The interview is important in some fields of the knowledge: in social sciences, psychology, the psicopedagogia, the journalism, the marketing research etc. The professor Francisco de Assis Gomes, 48 years, resident in Christmas, says: The social behavior at this time favors so that it feels me stimulated to consume more. Since the vision politics of the mayors and governors who mobilize and decorate the city with the representative elements of the Christmas and the natalina gratuity that is paid in this period and me of a little more than the money to spend. Therefore, we believe that the symbolism of the festejos of Christmas in the city of the Christmas is suffering alterations. We perceive that all infrastructure mounted in the city and the quality of the commerce established during this period contributes so that it is friction as a symbolic city of the Christmas and that she is modified by the stimulaton of the sales that also is idealized by the media.

Velasco Carretero

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It seems that the Chamber of Commerce of Copenhagen has demonstrated that the use of e-mail affects in a negative way productivity (Toledano Marta article, read in the supplement to infoempleo’s on Sunday, November 12, from Vocento group). Apparently, after receiving an email, it takes half an hour to recover the concentration optimal, given the flood of spams, multi-color and many messages that we receive throughout the workday and our increasingly more impulsivity in serving the communication, it generates a worrying decrease of productivity. With all my respects, I think that those conclusions are drawer and not had to have made a deep research work, since there is a history of highly representative examples. Comes to the head from countless telephone calls that are received, all kinds, to fellow pejiguera, exasperating and rant that you interrupted for trivialities and spreads eternally in their brain bypasses. If is of your interest, in 1997, due to the novelty of the e-mail in several organizational divisions, together with the use indistinct and separately from the modem, the fax and the telephone (were still not available ADSL and ISDN was for other data flows), I proposed that we centralizaramos the descent of e-mail-s first thing in the morning and sending replies and return to consult Internet server in the afternoonwith exceptions fully justified. Adjustment of the procedure, suddenly generated a more extensive and efficient use of this form of communication. In reality, we apply the same logic that years before use with the phone, above all personal calls and telephone marketing. That Yes, turn mazacote profile was still daily doing his route, distorting the agendas of daily work that was in its path, to despair of his comrades (what subsequently happened, we’ll tell another day).

Present Marketing Knowledge

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In the specific case of markets, one must have a management visionary, creative, innovative, with up-to-date knowledge of marketing, modern, capable not only of using the scope, implications of the modern technology that has been developed, but all matters concerning development, scope of computing, learn take advantage, scope of rational, electronic marketing, marketing one by one, CRM, and anything which has been derived from the new commercial openings, consider everything that offers international trade. Undoubtedly in order to collaborate in training, training of new professionals of marketing, universities, schools of management must be kept up-to-date as regards marketing, provide modern knowledge qye this feature developed and thereby ensure that their specialists provide programs, tools that guarantee results. Conclusion specifically, management markets in short, according to the present, must meet new features very according to the behavior of markets and know how to interpret the requirements demanded by the current scenarios in order to guarantee a good job, this must have human skills and techniques so much as conceptual, as well as behavior, implementation strategies, learn to negotiate, have evaluation skills that enable it to make decisions in situations that so warrant, be guaranteed of modern knowledge of the role of markets, be proactive. Taken into account, when referring to the field of the management of market, make them considering the importance of counting and properly handle technical skills, when the manager knows the methods and means for the implementation of task specific, this involves specialized knowledge and analytical skills, for example: know that sector of the population want to and directing the launch of a product or provide a service, through market research. Companies that don’t give it attention to new features of mercadeos are doomed to failure.

Marketing Strategies

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Religious marketing relates the technique of the marketing to the custom of the religion. Concepts on the pentecostalismo; neopentecostalismo and charismatic that had been the 3 segments chosen for the elaboration of this research. How much to the religions they are presented its description and what they have made to firm themselves in the society. Through one restricted research of field to a minimum number of questionnaires applied in the city of Maring – PR where if it could analyze the religious profile and consider strategies for the success of the religions existing or for the foundation of a new doctrine. 1.1DEFINIO OF the PROBLEM As the marketing strategies influences in the absorption of ' ' fies' ' in the evanglica church Snow Ball of Maring- PR? 1.2JUSTIFICATIVA What if it perceives in recent years, is that even so it seems antagonistic subjects total, the relation between religion x marketing if has become each more intrinsic time. When evaluating the practical ones of marketing inside of the religious doctrines are looked to understand what the same ones influence in the consumption habits, that is, what these make to generate public (fidiciary offices). The analysis in the way with that the consumer if holds cannot be excused in the relations of negotiation and decision.

The market dispute, the recent techniques and concepts of purchase and sales need efficient strategies in direction to the growth of the organizations. Being thus, the religious marketing is a way that the society uses so that the people start to search products and services that satisfy its necessities. 2OBJETIVOS 2.1OBJETIVO GENERAL To identify to the strategical actions of the marketing, aiming at to the absorption of evanglicos customers in the evanglica church Snow Ball of Maring- PR. 2.2OJTETIVOS SPECIFIC? To identify to the tools and actions used for boarding of ' ' fieis' ' ; To search and to compare the aspects of involved marketing; Research with representative of the church Snow Ball; Application of questionnaire for the evaluation of the relation between marketing and religion.