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German Federal Supreme Court

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Results a payment, has the reverse is billable landlord pitch: according to 556, paragraph 3, sentence 3 BGB, the additional tax is excluded. For this reason, it is always worth to insist on a settlement. The faulty billing of the tenant has to access of service charge settlement one year time, to check the accuracy of the billing and claims objections. For him it is tactically useful to assert objections only after expiry of the period of the year, because until then, the landlord has the right to make other adjustments, which can lead to a higher payment. In one of the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) in February 2013 (BGH, judgment of 06 02 2013, AZ.) VIII ZR 184/12) determined case the tenant had been established after receiving the settlement that he had to provide not demanded payment, but to reclaim credits. The amount of the unused advance payments made it possible to 30,00 even a lowering of future monthly payments. The affected tenants the landlord informed the error of Service charge settlement in writing and explained that he was expecting to the balances with the rent for the next month. In addition, he was the landlord in informed that he soon the monthly expenses advance payments to 30.00.

First, the Supreme Court gave him law. Actually also the tenant in accordance with section 560, paragraph 4 may BGB unilaterally adjust the additional costs allowance in the average consumption of the previous marketing year to perform. He has however to respect the principle of cost-effectiveness. This also means that the costs to be expected for the future are covered by the advance payment. A low heating costs due to unusually mild winter weather is so or the tenant because of exceptionally long absence in the year of significantly less water consumed is to be expected that the cost back regular use of the home or average heating demand increase on the amount originally budgeted.

In this case, a reduction in advance payments should not be made. The tenant has the right to explain the compensation due a refund claim with the current rent on. By this measure, the void of the lessor on the payment of rent. Here, the first decisive regional court had accepted that a right to set-off does not exist, but the tenants could sue the landlord for repayment of expenses balance. This opinion is but already that’s why unfairly because the tenant should first dispersed Court and possibly legal costs, only following a judicial decision – and that can take longer sometimes to get his money. Before a set-off, an affected tenant at the landlord and then at the local tenants Association or a lawyer should contact to check the actual amount of the balance of the costs. Should namely credits do not exist and set-off be wrongly, the termination is threatening the tenants in the worst case. Wiebke Meyer-Arndt

Judgment To The Eighth Boll Kino Beteiligungsges. (Boll Media Fund 8)

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Uwe Boll sentenced to pay compensation to film fund investors successfully ran the compensation process for an investor of the eighth Boll Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH & co. KG, which had sued the Fund initiator Dr. Uwe Boll. The Landgericht Nurnberg Furth condemned Boll in December 2012 to the refund of the amount invested and the exemption of investor margin calls of non-economically-successful fund company. Of investors, which was been advised by an agent of the company of banks capital to participate in the Fund, had claimed that him prior to the drawing of the Fund not given the prospectus was, nor the mediators have informed him of the risk of total loss or the composition or the level of soft costs. The Court looked at the responsibility of the initiator Boll as justified. This got Boll holding company as founding partner of the eighth mbH & co. to get a KG for consulting errors of intermediary of the banks capital AG.

The founding shareholder of Boll have the intermediary companies BOLU film production and hire GmbH and the banks capital AG and the under mediator appointed by the latter on the spot trying to meet the disclosure incumbent upon him, according to the national court in its judgment. He helped himself to a sales and liable for inaccurate and inadequate details of its vicarious agents. For investors of the eighth Boll Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH & co. KG and also other Boll – Film Fund are good starting points for the successful enforcement of claims for damages, as the current ruling shows. It not only claims for damages against the founding shareholders of Uwe Boll, but also against the banks capital AG on sale of the fund shares are a realistic option according to our investors return on their money. Contact: Nittel Firm specializing in banking and capital market law your contact person Mathias Nittel, lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law more information about Nittel Find firm for banking and capital market law, on the Internet at or.

Theodor Friedrich WEG

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Online learning languages fun no matter where you just matter whether you want to travel, wants to burnish his language skills for business purposes or has fun in learning languages: learn languages online is efficient and fun right! Learn listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing, grammar and vocabulary that are the components in the languages. First you should find a training program, which is tailored to the abilities and needs. It is important that the substantive priorities really correspond to its own interests. Perfectly is even interested in learning the language on a topic, which. This means additional motivation. Tips to the languages learn daily, but time spread out: the brain learns through repetition. Therefore, it makes sense if one practises the language more frequently in small units of time. It is better to learn than once the day sixty minutes four times daily fifteen minutes. Learn vocabulary in the context: individual vocabulary memorizing to learn is not as effective as words in a (simple!) To learn through the vocabulary for learners is set. On different pathways of learning language: So that they dominated the four language skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening, you should learn preferably in different ways. Free talk so often in the course of the conversation, or with a tandem partner training. You can practise listening comprehension audio CD or while watching TV. The reading comprehension can be improved by reading novels in the foreign language. Coupling of two senses: the way is more diverse in language and words in the brain are linked, the better you can retrieve this later. Therefore you couples always have at least two senses in learning together, for example, if you write a Word, they speak loudly at the same time. Or read in the textbook, while the audio-CD is running. Set realistic goals: A language learning not in the blink of an eye, i.e., also according to time schedule. You learn intensively, you can achieve simple language level in a few weeks. But the better it wants to dominate the foreign language, the slower the progress. Every person learns differently. For learning languages, there are no panacea. Since helps only to try out what path a is even effective. Optimal learning is guaranteed, if you learn the new language even with lots of fun. Tip: It gets children’s books in the language you want to learn. It is optimal, on each side, an image reflects the contents of each text page. Images support sustainable learning. Children’s books are very easy and also the grammar is not overwhelmed when reading. Learn more information, hints and tips for the languages: info/education/languages online-learning education exchange and educational orientation for students, trainees, graduates, students, parents and adult bildungsdoc. Find all here is simple and fast unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. To matching funding, including funding programs are presented many educational measures at home and abroad. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. There are neutral information, hints and tips for trips abroad, school, study, vocational training, job search and training. Contact: bildungsdoc AP: Horst beef Theodor Friedrich WEG 4 01279 Dresden E-Mail: Internet:

Public Safety

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Public safety is a point that has generated the current attention. All political groups have established bases projection according to this, but this is not an issue that is projected only now it extends from the beginning of man’s existence on earth. Security was seen as an inherent condition of human life, a privilege as a fundamental element for social and physical development. Since the beginning of the appearance of man on earth and he wanted to go in groups, in order to preserve the natural features of the beasts, even in caves, in the clans and sought security as a fundamental means for survival.

This gave a glimpse of the first foundations of leadership, and began to birth a sense of order, recognition and coexistence integral. Public safety is a function that the State shall promote, as it is inconceivable without the existence of an entity organized a peaceful society and that the State must ensure the protection of each of its citizens. Despite efforts by both political authorities, police, Public Ministry as well as all sectors involved in the issue has not been enough to combat crime, which has caused a feeling of insecurity in the majority society, which thus translates into a lack of credibility in government agencies, as it is believed that insecurity has exceeded the ability of timely response by the responsible authority for classical systems in terms of safety and prevention repression have been unable to prove their accuracy.

Based on the above we have that the company is now more active and more visible their participation is actively involved in the plans are to run and organize in order to protect each other in neighborhoods, urbanization, human settlements, housing associations, condominiums.

PPC Engine

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Let’s not forget that people Pleasing Google Bot can be a difficult task. That is why we use all our SEO techniques to serve the useful information on a silver platter and thus be well documented, but please a person can be a thousand times more difficult because while the robot of a search engine is based on mathematical algorithms, a person usually based on the first thing that comes to mind, the next time we use a trillion or key words in META Description remind us that there is a person reading the other side of the monitor and you can think of anything. Search engines also complain that the premise of the major search engines is to show the user what looks, sounds very easy but it is not, the huge amounts of time and money spent on improving the algorithms are hereby reason and so far more amazing every day. In the “stone age” of search engines was unusual that the results could be manipulated with various techniques as simplistic as a keyword to mention hundreds of times without any effect, create link farms or use hidden text … and if you noticed something, that’s the people who suffer every so often happens when a drastic change in the algorithms that determine positioning. Today, the natural targets, while the more natural your site the greater the chances of being welcomed by your Robot favorite and not suffer with algorithm changes, you may even just to enjoy the new benefits of each change! That makes your work has value for much longer.

All very nice, but more specifically what I can do apart from SEO to improve my sales? Here is a brief list of things we should invest more effort and is usually overshadowed by the search engine optimization. Content Optimization Your content has to be addressed to convert visitors into buyers, but that has nothing to do specifically with search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of this. There is no magic formula nor is there a certain percentage to see if you have success, but you should always aim to better convert the traffic we already have. Ok retain customers, and we sold something to someone, there is a reason not to try to come again? Once we achieve our goal we must make every effort to ensure that visitor relapse … and the best way achieving this is ensuring that we provide really good service, product or information and creating a brand around us or our site.

Marketing channels generate different SEO not only lives the Online Marketer (paraphrasing the famous phrase), we must also expand in other channels such as social networks and Pay Per Click, PPC, thanks especially to be implemented immediately is very important to analyze whether certain keywords complete conversion really … the saddest thing in the world is waiting 3 months to position yourself well in a keyword that does not convert as expected. Conclusion Although I personally do not miss any single opportunity to improve my SEO techniques, it is also important to understand that search engine optimization is not the REAL purpose of any project, but it’s just a very good channel to meet the real objectives. The best thing is to point to the natural, good content generates better links than any exchange, makes users relapse and makes you look good in search engines and visitors at the same time … what more could you ask for?


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If you had it, this is not well defined. and moreover think you’ve done everything and do not progress, you must refresh your mind and begin to self-revisarte. All ideas are valid even small details are important to place you in the top positions. Also assume a single approach or opinion. Study, read, prepare and draw your own conclusions, and better yet, likewise demuestrate what you do and correct actions if necessary. I guess you’ve heard someone say that he would do things different if it began with certain knowledge. This is true. There are many mistakes I’ve made that could have been avoided. THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE.

Meet MILLIONAIRES. But there are things that if we did right from the start and it shows the success of the project in so little time. And it might seem another small detail but it is not. The above statement may seem pedantic or discriminatory but it is not. It does not mean you give importance only to those who have money and discriminate against the “poor” Although in our opinion there are two types of poor people who unfortunately suffer from this social condition and it is difficult to access the daily sustenance and those who “want” be, not only generate, or not working. Each one of us choose not realizing our social status. But do not want to philosophize on the subject, just my interest is the DETERMINATION transmitted something you need to succeed. CHANGE TO YOUR SITUATION ONCE AND FOR ALL, BUT YOU GONNA spend your life regretting.