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In Russia, has become increasingly popular summer holiday in Gelendzhik. This is not surprising. In recent years, the city is growing rapidly, you can tell just by cosmic speeds. The city built a large annual number of new housing, leisure dealer. There are new water parks, amusement parks. More and more pop stars are looking to Gelendzhik. Now begun building a major international airport.

All appears more entertainment venues, slowly improving infrastructure. So every year the attractiveness of our resort is growing. And yet, what we have at the moment. As they say, do not fly there planes and trains. Get in Gelendzhik is quite difficult. So, there are two options. Either you ride the train to Novorossiysk, or on a plane to Anapa and Krasnodar.

From Novorossiysk to Gelendzhik much closer, because start with the first option, the more that problems in general, are similar. The first trouble that awaits you on arrival at Novorossiysk is that from the train / train station to Gelendzhik buses do not go. You can try to get there on the bus, although willing to engage in the journey a lot more than it can accommodate a trolley. The second hurdle – a lot of things for all passengers. After all, they're going to rest and light except children. Therefore, assault trolley promises you great experience. The next surprise is that from a stop to the bus station for more than two quarters. So prepare to have your stuff together and make a march on out of the trolleybus. This is where it offers real adventure. To start the administration cleverly hid bus station ticket office behind the building, so you can enjoy their search. And near the cash register is already raging sea – this is the first sea, with which you will learn – a sea of people who want to like you somehow get in Gelendzhik. Despite the fact that the buses do not have one and do not think the additional flights, apparently the Administration of Novorossiysk is profitable.