Allianz Arena

At the Development of the arena played the Alliance an essential role, because their research laboratory, Center for technology (AZT) led Alliance by all fire resistance tests of the outer material. The construction of the Allianz Arena lasted three years. Since its official opening in May 2005 nearly 15 million fans to more than 300 games come also to the opening match and the semi final encounter of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Learn more on the subject from Jill Schlesinger. 66,000 spectators were present for each of these games. Detailed information about the lighting of the Allianz Arena: 2,760 diamond-shaped cushions made of ETFE foil make 66,500 m square roofing and facade 1056 pillow (2,760) lit, usually in white, blue and Red plus green! A total of 4,250 luminaires total illuminated area: 25,500 m each cushion has 4 lights (4 same lights) in pairs between two lenticular pillow red, blue and transparent cover plates in each light allow the color change that color is green by covering the lens with green “Plastic generates 100 kilometers of cable had to be relocated for the exterior lighting Alliance branding usually within and outside of the arena: lettering Alliance arena” in North and South: 12 in blue and white illuminated letters, weight each: 250 500 kg of material: steel, brass, aluminium, shining through plastic largest LED display of Europe (100,000 light emitting diodes) inside the stadium: branding on LED and TV display boards on the pitch branding on the upper row of Alliance arena grandstands inputs branding Alliance arena branding in public, Press and VIP areas of the arena more info, pictures and videos, providing a look behind the scenes at the Allianz Arena, visit Material for free use by the press: interactive 360 panoramic tour short film image outside and inside facts and figures information graphics to this material to be accessed, please visit: sponsoring.allianz..