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Brigadier Generals

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Gina extends the hand to catch the bag and of the looked at one in the candies that it brought. But of the one due to a thing. Irritated fight with Julinho. GINA- You forgot them Brigadier Generals who I to ask for to you? How I go to make a party without Brigadier Generals? You never make nothing right.

Julinho has more attention and makes the things right. Irritated Julinho JULINHO- Gina you do not have shame to say me that I asked for to bring Brigadier General? You nor said that types of candy were pra to buy, I to me that I chose! GINA- does not matter. It goes to buy the Brigadier Generals. does not delay. That I want that my party starts early. Ah, It uses to advantage and it invites the amiguinhos that I selected for the little party. (Handle the list in the table), It takes.

Here it is the list and it says for each one of them that it has that to bring the toys that had earned today, that it is for each one to present its. Julinho leaves and Gina starts to arrange candies on of the table. When it finishes to arrange the table, Lilica and Julinho arrives together bringing what Gina had them order. LILICA- Gina, Gina, is Here to the bladders that you asked for to me. They are pretty, are pretty. You liked? GINA- Yes Lilica. They are pretty. Now it goes for its house, if it arranges, it catches the toy that you earned today of its parents and come to my little party. JULINHO- are the Brigadier Generals Here who you asked for Gina to me. Now it stops to catch in my foot it leaves and me in peace. Girl boat.

Self-Esteem in Relationships

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We decide to give form to an idea, that for it surrounded in our thoughts and it was ligature to the most important assets of all human being, that is to say ” much; mente” or also defined like: ” intellectual power of alma” , ” inteligencia” , ” ingenio” , ” talento” , and other so many synonymous ones. The knowledge always us makes rich inasmuch as nobody us it can snatch with facility, in addition allows us to create new realities and to evolve still more like human beings. Mainly, in this she was technological, we know the importance that has the being of a whole integral people when knowing little. Nevertheless, factors like the time, the money and our habits of life exist that constantly represent a true challenge at the time of deciding to invest in knowledge. Really, through it is page we try to arrive at those people who, perhaps, lack the time or the good habit of the reading to realise a course ” on line” ; as well as of the required budget to develop its intellect in diverse areas of to know. But, luckyly we create possible to surpass those limitations and today we can present/display an alternative innovator to them of continuous formation: ” It is our essential intention: To increase his I devise offering them to factories and short, integral, dynamic and effective courses, by means of learning techniques that allow him to exercise their maximum intellectual potential and reorienting their emotions towards always edificador sense, stimulating the encounter with itself and the others, in each of our activities of qualification, developed mainly in natural environments, being created therefore the optimal conditions for a new opening of it brings back to consciousness in the participant, consequently we hoped to motivate it and to support his interest of formation, human as as much professional continuously.