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Effective And Immediate Assistance In Crisis Situations

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erock24, Notfallcoaching, Kolner practice cooperates with the GroupOn Cologne discount portal, may 2, 2011 with up to 80 percent off on two hours coaching the chance offered people in crisis situations or with a desire for personal development, to convince yourself of the effectiveness of the Notfallcoachings. For most people, there are situations and times in life where they need professional help and support. It is a feeling out to want to develop further or because of a dramatic event in a private or professional environment. Such events include for example the separation of a partner, a move to enter a notice or feel on the spot. Usually the openness and willingness to get support for a coach or psychotherapist, often but not the way to do this is in such situations though. Long waiting times or for long periods between the sessions thus blocking your way out of a crisis, or intensify the feeling of helplessness. Add is that many people are unsure what coach or therapist is right. Therefore hesitate often help to spend money.

This is very understandable, because who buys already like the proverbial pig in a poke. Starting in the may action of introduction of creates a solution erock24 notfallcoaching and allows people for only 20 percent of the original price, to get to know a coach or therapist. With a well-defined topic will be processed within the two Coachingstunden together and achieved a realistic goal. Here are the needs of the client and not the price for performance in the foreground. Should the desire of the client be after these meetings continue to work with the coach or therapist in addition is the option to extend support for up to six hours.

Little Space Projector

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– Do you have a small meeting room? – Do you often spend a mobile presentation? – We need a projector for the booth? Then the perfect solution for you would be a projector with a short throw distance – it allows get a great picture even in a limited space. Such models are already in the lines of many of the leading manufacturers of projection equipment. It is important to know that the possibility of projecting a short distance achieved by using two different technologies: in some projectors use short-lens, the latter – are equipped with sophisticated mirror system. Projectors mirrors usually more expensive. Here are a few models projectors with short throw distance: Projector SANYO PLC-XL50 80 inch from a distance of only 8 cm Features news: – ultra-short-throw lens – the possibility of projecting on almost any surface light – due to special hull structure can be used in either vertical or horizontal position. The ideal solution for classrooms, meeting rooms and other small rooms. Projector NEC WT610 (WT610GE) 40 inches from a distance only 5.5 cm Features new items: – an innovative mirror system – manually adjust the color of the walls – two convenient handles for carrying. Possible applications include: a showcase at the front of hotel administration at the exhibition stand in the foyer. Projector Epson EMP-400W 60 inch from a distance of 65 cm Features new items: – ultra-short-throw lens – widescreen – feature instant on / off switch does not require time to cool after work. Suitable for mobile presentation: at the talks, seminars, trainings, and to use complete with interactive whiteboards.

Saddle Mountain Bike

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How many times have you seen Mountain biker with lowered like a racer bmx, a saddle? Mountain biker – part rider, partly motor. Lowered the saddle too low can reduce the power of your motor in half! Control the bike does not become easier, but the more you pedal, the more often will hurt your knees. Install the bicycle saddle is high enough that your knee was bent only slightly when the foot is in its lowest position pedaling cycle. If necessary, lower the saddle by 1-1,5 cm from this position, but no more. Feet should touch the ground for walking, but not for cycling. To determine the exact height of the saddle, measure the distance from the top point of the tibia to the floor, and multiply it by 0.883 – that is the distance from the center of the carriage to the upper part of the center seat..

The Importance Of Geological Studies

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Do not forget that important part of the geological survey and the first necessary event for the erection of any building. Here is an example of history that has occurred over 12 years ago, in the summer of 1998. It shows how to save geological evidence leads to disastrous consequences. The Federation Council has long needed a proper outlet manifold, and in early 1998 it was decided to begin the construction of a collector street under large Dmitrov. As the geological materials were taken pre-war studies made in the construction of the subway. But the construction of subway and its approaches to the requirements of research: exploration wells were drilled with step 50-70 meters, and therefore was not noticed by mainstream underground river.

And had information that the river is in the wrong place, since the building of the area showed signs of ancient settlements, and the ancients generally settled on rivers, but these data were ignored. And instead of an analysis of contemporary SNiPs that involve more of the net wells, construction began on the old data. And the result? In early June, mass of water with soil from the bed of the river unrecorded, broke into the reservoir and quickly flooded it. The workers were present at the time in the tunnel barely managed to escape. formed on the surface of the failure of more than 750 meters and a quadrant depth of 15 meters. The ancient building, which stood nearby was destroyed. In the horrible failure of a few cars, fortunately there were no casualties.

Collector restored over a year. To this was spent serious money. But just This could have been avoided if proper geological training. Modern equipment has a mass of geological resources, which provide a complete picture of groundwater. It is up to integrity of the builder. However, even the unscrupulous developer needs to understand – saving on geological prospecting, ultimately he may lose much more.

Turkey Ottmar Walter Team

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According to the Herberger Hungary is the undisputed favorite. Previously, West Germany a few times already met with Puskas and company, and ends with not the best way for the German national team. So he decided to concentrate on an additional match for the exit in the playoffs with Turkey. June 20, 1954. Hungary 8.3 Germany Sandor Kocsis '3, '21, '67, '78 '17 Ferenc Puskas Nandor Hidegkuti '50, '54 Jozsef That Alfred Pfaff '73 '25 '77 Run Helmut Richard Herrmann '81 and now it is time " H "for Herberger In a further match between Germany won a landslide victory over the Turkish national team and made it to the playoffs. June 23, 1954. Germany 7.2 Turkey Ottmar Walter '7 Hans Schaefer '12, '79 Max Morlock '30, '60, '77 Fritz Walter Mustafa Ertan '62 '21 '82 Kyuchyukandonyadis Lefter quarterfinals. "Silver" Yugoslavia.

In the quarterfinals Team Germany upcoming meeting with a team of Yugoslavia. What is typical here, the German team was not the favorite (in 1952, Yugoslavia won the silver medal at the Olympics). 9 minutes Yugoslavs pleased opponent own goal, and then began a massive attack on the gates of the German team. West Germany squad acted solely on counterattacks, which went through the team captain Fritz Walter. So , the West Germany squad to cope with their defensive problems, but on 85 minutes in one of the counterattacks success Helmut Rahn, which meant – Germany in the semifinals.

27 June 1954 West Germany 2-0 Yugoslavia Ivan Horvat '9 (Avt.) Helmut Run '85 semifinals. Glitter bundestim. In the semifinals, the German team was waiting for a very strong Austrian team. The first half was a very hard fight and ended with the score 1:0. In the second half, finally flashed bundestim, showing stunning football. Fritz Walter scored 2 goals and was involved with the others. June 30, 1954 Germany 6.1 Austria Hans Schaefer 31 'Max Morlock 47' Fritz Walter 54 '(pen) 64' (pen) Ottmar Walter 61 ', 89' finale. Morale of German football. At the end of the forthcoming meeting with a well- already familiar to Hungarian national team. Beginning of this final match for the German national team disastrously: Puskas and Tsibor to the 8 th minute of the match built to supply two goals for his team. It is true that countermeasures were not long in coming. By 18 th minute account has already been equal. Tried Morelock and Run. However, the advantage of the Hungarian team was felt throughout the match, but Turek acted superbly in the last line of defense. Beat the Hungarians could not, and Here Helmut Run in 84 minutes scored a goal, which proved to be golden. July 4, 1954 Germany 2.3 Hungary 0:1 Ferenc Puskas 6 ', 0:2 Zoltan Tsibor 8', 1:2 Max Morlock 10 ', 2:2 Helmut Run 18', 2:3 Helmut Run 84 '