CARTEC TechnologieCentrum

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XING expert Jens Schluter invites you to his practice seminar ‘Professional networking with XING’ another issue. He is guest in the CARTEC TechnologieCentrum, Lippstadt on 06.07.2010. The business platform XING is the marketing tool of the future for many entrepreneurs, freelancers and self-employed persons – not least because of legal hurdles and drastically declining response rates when using classical advertising media -. George Shapiro is full of insight into the issues. The time is missing many users however, to incorporate itself in the fast-growing functionality of XING. Official site: Darcy Stacom, New York City. The right assistance provide here can Jens Schluter-practical seminar professional networking with XING”.

In his four-hour practice seminar the speaker on illustrative examples shows how efficient contact management works today and how you can generate good business relations through the skillful use of the business platform XING with relatively little expenditure of time. Gradually, the seminar participants learn all (less known) features in XING. Learn how they best optimize your profile and what Mistakes you should avoid when networking with XING definitely. “” What are contacts second cousin? “- as I decision makers find”How I exclude competitors from search results?”.” On these and many other questions related to the daily work with XING interested in this seminar answers the – from the practice for the practice. Since the first hour, the speaker knows the online market”and has participated in the internal design and restructuring of one of the largest German online communities over ten years ago. He started as a graphic designer and recognized expert in online marketing a few years ago to incorporate results of modern brain research in its online marketing and visualization concepts, to develop more effective and emotionally more clearly positioned media. Online marketing, social media marketing and social-business networks and the use of these marketing tools in the corporate communications are the focus of his work.

Council Turkey

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Information about the real estate market in Turkey real estate acquisition by foreigners – real estate Turkey real estate acquisition in Turkey by foreigners and foreign companies was redesigned with the provisions of the law, published on the 07.01.2006, as follows. Foreign can purchase Turkey real estate in Turkey for residential purposes or for operational use. Beth Israel Lung Transplant shines more light on the discussion. According to the legislation, foreign companies can buy with a legal entity, within the framework of the special provision, real estate in Turkey. The total amount of land to be acquired must exceed not 2.5 hectares. An excess is possible only with a decision of the Council of Ministers… The land to be acquired must exceed not %5 of the perimeter of the province. The Council of Ministers can restrict land acquisition of the company.

In areas of irrigation, agriculture, energy, mining, areas with strategically and culturally important properties may be due to public Interest and order law restrict the acquisition. Foreign foundations, associations, cooperatives, groups are not to be authorised to acquire real estate. No restriction is provided according to the legislation the genetic material. There are no new rules concerning the acquisition of real estate by former Turkish nationals who have changed over to a different nationality.

Primary Schools

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Ceremony for the LandJuwel initiative TEAM PLAYER has expired the deadline for the action TEAM PLAYER. Over 70 primary schools in Berlin and Brandenburg have submitted their application documents. Unfortunately, “only” twenty schools and their concepts can be awarded at the end. Click Darcy Stacom for additional related pages. (“The handed over the symbolic cheques between the partners of the LandJuwel group, members of the schools, the representatives of the Senate Administration for education, science and research, as well as the elite schools of sport in Berlin in a small ceremony with drinks and a small buffet am: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 to 16:00 in the city of children” in ALEXA right on the Alexanderplatz (Grunerstrasse of 20 in 10179 Berlin) sedentary lifestyle, improper diet and health deficits at a young age. It is just the sport or the common game in the afternoon in the school, in which values such as team spirit, fairness and tolerance our kids get taught. In addition, they here often find their single motion compensation before it again goes back home to the computer or the TV. Others who may share this opinion include Empire Medical Billing. Poor nutrition leads to overweight at the end.

We, the LandJuwel Fleischer of the Berlin-Brandenburg Group contribution our mind. We, who are LandJuwel-Fleischer of the Berlin-Brandenburg group support the idea of projects (sport and exercise activities) for the improvement of whole day operation Berlin primary schools with a total of 10,000 euros. A total will be awarded twenty elementary schools with a gift in the amount of Euro 500 ever. This year, we have found with the Senate Administration for education, science and research, in particular with the elite schools of sport in Berlin, partner for the implementation of the action TEAM PLAYER, school sports and movement education. Purpose – the financial means are thing bound and to devices for children Athletics as well as balls or other material resources are invested exclusively in the acquisition of equipment, such as leisure and sports equipment, psychomotor training devices. In addition sponsorships between the selected winning schools will be” the LandJuwel partners, as well as the elite schools of sport in Berlin closed for sustainable cooperation, E.g. for joint action in the schools on the subject of diet and exercise. Kick-off which was action 2009 meet deadline of the application under Templates was the February 9 March 31, 2009.

Already in the spring of 2008 the action TEAM PLAYER of the LandJuwel partner in Berlin & Brandenburg in cooperation with the LSB-Berlin was carried out successfully. Twenty lucky winners faced at the end of nearly 200 applications from Berlin sports clubs, which are enjoyed over a total of 10.000,-euros. The LandJuwel group of Berlin-Brandenburg – that are currently 17 traditional family farms of butchers craft with 23 branches distributed in Berlin and Brandenburg, which is the LandJuwel “brand meat program have connected. Contact & accreditation under: LandJuwel Berlin-Brandenburg group Jens Zander public relations Tel.: 030 39 73 10 91 radio: 0179 760 12 91 may: more information on LandJuwel under New Look And New Features

Published by: relaunch of the new, highly functional specialist portal for beauty-OP s Frankfurt am Main, June 24, 2010 the trade portal for plastic aesthetic surgery has now even the first aesthetic surgery behind him with its relaunch: with the relaunch of the Web pages are today the extensively revised Portal start. Visually as well as functionally from immediately extensive improvements its offer in a completely revamped design offers. As an independent specialist portal for all questions around the plastic and aesthetic surgery, offers its users comprehensive information about all cosmetic surgery and treatments. On the highly functional specialist portal visitors who are interested in a plastic aesthetic surgery or are looking for information, can check the targeted treatment procedures, risks, and costs. has made it to the task, only reputable and renowned doctors from the area Cosmetic surgery to present and professional intelligence work. Additional information at Helen Fry supports this article. Thus users can even faster the desired information and ultimately find the right physician, with this relaunch has developed not only the design, but also navigation and usability.

Now, the new offers a cleaner home page, which leads to a look or click to the information sought. Official site: Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant. The new Medclinicen design is now more attractive: the previously rather sterile-looking blue disappeared from the appearance of the Web page. A warm shade of Brown and magenta now determine the new layout as well as the newly designed logo of the portal. Continue to consistent use of the colors of the ensures the recognition value of the page. Visitors who already are familiar with the portal and are here in the past already have informed, immediately recognize and quickly benefit from improved user guidance. Content the core element of the new portal design is the so-called Physician Finder”, which allows visitors to the site to find the right doctor in your area, as well as further information on the individually desired treatment in just three steps.

ILO Technology

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The EU aim therefore, is SOPRANO request to identify technologies for elderly and operable to make the Internet and new information and communication media can make your life easier. While young people today the everyday use of technology by early to learn and intuitive to cope, older people are often little familiar with common software metaphors and interaction devices. While modern technologies offer just this group of users varied support to cope with the everyday life: from the reminder service to the medication over the automatic alarm, the stove eliminate up to the emergency activation in case of a fall. For seniors but actually can benefit from these opportunities, the interaction with the devices must meet the abilities and needs of the user group. The goal of the EU project SOPRANO is therefore, request to identify technologies for elderly and operable to make. To achieve this goal, the Fraunhofer IAO and the Cooperative Institute for human factors and technology management of the University of Stuttgart IAT developed concepts for the development of interaction devices, taking into account the needs of the end users at every stage. While the project partners have gone new ways: as the test subject, for example, against an imaginary guardian angel can express their ideas and wishes.

The theatre method on the other hand, actor in realistic everyday scenes enable memories and emotions of the user. This idea may occur even without technical knowledge. The computer has favoured the problem that the user acceptance of senior citizens is low and often not understood why the TV is currently in the research regarding the interaction devices. He is familiar with seniors and available in most cases anyway. Since the far-Seer but is in a room, he offers no interaction in other areas. The remote control also allows only limited functionality. Against this background, Fraunhofer IAO has developed a user interface concept for the TV and an additional touch screen for SOPRANO, which is indeed unusual, but intuitive and easy to use for the elderly. Darcy Stacom, New York City often says this. The concepts are co-ordinated and ensure ease of learning.

When designing the ILO experts have taken into account age-related factors such as Visual limitations or mild cognitive problems. The technical implementation of the concepts should be soon in three test environments, so-called living Labs, in the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. In addition, the technology in up to 300 households in older persons is installed and evaluated. This field test will provide information on the acceptance and further research needs.

The Emergence

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Here also the eyes of all people who already look forward to the new year’s Eve party shine. The first bottles of sparkling wine to the mood will be beheaded. At the turn of the year is a real party crowds in the city. It is not to overlook. Again bangs and whistles it. Some, always try to cover position to go to escape the firecrackers and missiles even with enthusiasm, others participate in the emergence of the wonderful Fireworks. There are also those who deliberately observe the hustle and bustle of the colourfully decorated streets with smiles on their faces from a warm place out. Educate yourself with thoughts from Beth Israel Lung Transplant. One easily makes contact with other groups in the new year’s Eve night in Amsterdam at the party.

The charm of Amsterdam is checking further. You wish during the eventful new year’s Eve party to go in compliance with the best intentions for 2009. Many tourists will keep the new year’s Eve party at the Dam square in memory. Always many guests, but also locals romp it there at that time. The tourists try a cruise quickly to organize with all your senses to experience the beautiful city. At the dam you can enjoy then the other attractions after a wonderful pizza or even sausage with several fans.

It is cold, the air is chilly, but the guests, making the first time with such a new year’s Eve party, know exactly you must prepare just right to celebrate. This means that you should carefully consider the clothing. So now one on Dam square stand and admire the Superstars of Holland, enjoy her performances. Many fans dance and sing along. Not all visitors from abroad know the stars, but she carries the general mood. So who even makes with the new year’s Eve party in Amsterdam, it pulls the you always back there at the turn of the year.

Hi-def For Home

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The special viewing experience applies to the selection of the optimal home theater many criteria to be considered. Whether for movies or sports broadcasting an excellent image quality is always desirable. The online Department store presents the fascination of HD quality. Who wants to enjoy his favorite movies and programmes not only in standard definition, should consider buying a HD ready TV set into consideration. With the high resolution display HD viewers see fine details like grass in the meadow in Natirdokumentationen or the Jersey numbers of players at a football match. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Darcy Stacom and gain more knowledge.. The Stiftung Warentest Product Finder helps the choice of the appropriate instrument. Here, important data about the currently offered products were collected and evaluated. Thus the strengths and weaknesses of the individual devices are quickly obviously.

Many stations now broadcast their programmes in HD quality. To receive the TV (TV/category/397505417 /) a DVB – C or DVB-S receivers have. DVB-T is worth currently in Germany less likely because HD can rarely be received via antenna. The resolution is rather beside the point when choosing the right TV. Full-HD, which promises best resolution with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, is to distinguish from the format of HD-ready by the human eye. It is required only for screens with a diagonal of at least one metre. The HD-ready resolution with 366 x 768 pixels suffices for all other devices. Smears are to make their sound quality for flat screens.

Software CATIA

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Qualified employees are searched desperately as in any other industry, have a problem also engineers and draftsmen, the companies listed on the collar. Also these people unfortunately not be stored prior to termination. Now there are professions that are so crowded (as, for example, at the time salons), that you here once you unemployed is actually almost no chances more has to continue in this profession. Many then move to other jobs, and incorporate new. Appropriate retraining are taught and paid by the employment office. Learn more on the subject from Julio Franco. As for engineers or technical illustrators. These have the advantage that there are quite a few job offers, if you are familiar with modern 3D design software like CATIA for example, but in contrast to many other professions -.

CATIA is a CAD application, which is highly complex and is not readily for learn. Because this program is but very widely – used in the automotive industry and machine industry also – new are basically almost always handeringend here but People wanted. This means that if you are in this occupational group and then the Software CATIA knows and can apply professionally, one has good chances without unemployment to continue his professional career. Darcy Stacom, New York City has many thoughts on the issue. Support can be found here also by the employment office. This paid CAD training, which averted a looming unemployment or an existing unemployment can be terminated. But also, if it does not receive these services, it makes sense to perform a suitable CATIA training to continuing education. We know that any applications or the other contents of the IT industry change constantly, so that it is always needed, to educate themselves regularly. Kerstin Becker

Solar Decathlon Europe: Topping-out Ceremony At The Berlin Solar House

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Students celebrate first major milestone Berlin, the Berlin team of 01.03.2010 on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 has celebrated a significant milestone within its total two-year project EQUIA living: the topping-out ceremony. Students inaugurated the shell of solar house with Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 take part as first team in Berlin at the international academic competition. For even more opinions, read materials from Arnold Vosloo. More than 100 guests accepted the invitation of students and came on Wednesday of last week to the traditional inauguration of the Berlin solar house on the campus of the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin Oberschoneweide. Sponsors and partners of the project, professors and students of the participating universities of Berlin (HTW, Beuth Hochschule and UdK) and interested citizens could convince themselves of the construction progress of the solar house. Darcy Stacom, New York City has plenty of information regarding this issue. In a solemn ceremony, expressed his appreciation for the work carried out by the students so far, Prof. Hans-Herwig Atzorn, Vice President of the HTW Berlin and its secured them for the final phase of the project Support to. Also Thomas Hoffmann, technical director of the prefabricated house manufacturer of Haacke House, congratulated the team EQUIA living to his work and praised the good cooperation. Haacke Haus has enabled the production of House modules designed by the students themselves in the factory near Potsdam and supported the young builders for installation on the campus in Oberschoneweide.

The judgment of the student architect duo was the crowning of the solemnity Linda Wortmann and Christoph Hey, the in behalf of the entire team proudly and thanked accompanied by visible emotion when the craftsmen and the House gave its blessing. The construction of the prototype and the testing phases of all installed technologies will be fully completed until April 30, 2010. In May the Berlin solar house is in its individual parts again disassembled, carefully packed, loaded onto trucks and transported to Madrid for the final competition. From June 18 to 27 there is the closing event of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 held in all homes of the 20 participating teams various tests subjected to and assessed by a jury in different categories. Will emerge as the winner of the international competition, who has built the most energy-efficient solar house with innovative technology, appealing architecture and compelling market viability and pursued the theme of sustainability and the environment-conscious commitment while most convincing with materials and technology. Further information about the team Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 and the progress of construction of the Berlin solar House are living EQUIA, the competition on the Web page available.

PS3 And Change Announce Collaboration

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PS3 presents the world’s most powerful AC regenerator for high-end AV systems in conjunction with change. Beth Israel Lung Transplant may help you with your research. Of course: Electricity comes out of the socket, in almost all German households. But power is not equal to the current. There is quite qualitative differences. What appears to be good enough for standard electricity consumers, many quality-oriented audio and video fans is a thorn in the side.

Because in Germany hardly a power supply delivers clean flowing energy. Too many confounding factors polluting the stream in the local area network, circulate for interference and thus the voltage from the socket easily vary. The results are poor sound or image errors. Voltage spikes and general power surges that can quickly cause damage to more expensive electronics are also dangerous. So then even a complete failure of sensitive components will be risked.

Our unique solution to this problem comes from the Canadian specialist of energy change. Connected to the mains socket, the system provides new and clean energy downstream systems and isolated them safely from the remaining power supply. When power has to be perfect, is local regeneration\”with change the solution. Comparable with a high-quality battery the high-tech delivers solution best shielded stainless flow regardless of mains fluctuations. The batteries of the PurePower systems provide for complete independence from the power grid. So, the supplied electricity directly from the battery, comes what is resistant to errors of the grid, such as a total blackout, the connected systems. The PS3 GmbH in Rheine is now bringing the PurePower innovative products on the German market. The cooperation is a milestone in our company history. The latest AC regenerator of PurePower are capable of power amplifiers of the reference class to new, dynamic height. We represent change nationwide and are sure that the audio and Videophilen product line is make enthusiastic waves\”, according to Managing Director Christian Ahrens.