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Software Change

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Agenda service is uppercase 12 months new customer support in addition three months all online seminars new customers receive free. Thus, it is ensured that all firm employees to efficiently work with the software. We know of course that a software change is often associated with much time and effort. Therefore the decision for a change isn’t easy mostly\”, so Sebastian Theisen, Marketing Manager at AGENDA. Now make we new AGENDA anyone a personal contact for 12 months to the page – so so long, until everything runs! \”The tax law firm Friedrich Bajc uses the AGENDA solution since August 2009. Within the framework of the new customer service AGENDA has supported from the outset the firm. Daughter and Assistant Karin Bajc tells in the interview what she particularly appreciates the new customer service.

AGENDA: Ms. In a question-answer forum Jean Piaget was the first to reply. Bajc, you say you had initially great concerns about a software upgrade. Could we have to dispel these concerns a little? Karin Bajc: definitely. We have us by Beginning has felt very good. Right after we the contract signed had, even our personal advisor Mr. Hofstetter with us has stepped forward.

Then, we have agreed a date for the initial Setup. Afterwards we were again and again with our AGENDA maintainer contact. The beauty of it: Mr. Hofstetter enquired regularly, if everything is alright. AGENDA: We offer a relaxation program for tax consultants with our software. How relaxed was your transition to the AGENDA solution? Karin Bajc: I must say quite honestly that I very much stressiger had imagined the transition. But we could contact us Yes with our questions to Mr Hofstetter, who also just had an answer ready. So the worst has been done after the first week and all of our employees could pursue their work as usual. AGENDA: You use the AGENDA programs for about a month now. How could we help you with our new customer service and in the future what will you take our help in claims? Karin Bajc: Thanks to the professional care we are almost taking over the accounting – and after only one month! Mr.