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One of the most obvious was Axtel who not only took more than 72 hours to retrieve their services and had impacts at the national level, which leaves doubts about the effectiveness of their network redundancy. He also left without effective attention to many customers, causing widespread inconvenience. The impact of Alex was huge, as evidenced by the photos and telecommunications were not the only ones affected. But Axtel if it was the phone company that suffered and not only its customers of Monterrey and the North were affected, since there were also complaints about failures in other cities. What was missing was clear information on the scope of the Affectations and actions to correct them.

Limited to reporting through facebook that they were working on solving problems, was definitely not enough. Axtel is a customer focused company. But in its model of care to clients incorporate schemes for handling this attention to clients in case of failures of mass involvement. If you can not attend all the customers, must at least be able of generating schemas that provide clear and concise information on the problems and expectations that can give their customers. An alternative is to rely on mass media such as radio, TV and social media. Telecommunications companies assume that the client must be tolerant when it loses its services due to an event of nature as a hurricane.

However, it is that Mexico is a country with a hurricane season in its schedule that is in the public domain, however, the infrastructure builds and without considering that it should be able to withstand an onslaught of this type. It is assumed that customers are required to be comprehensive and not demanding for an availability of communication despite the hurricanes. Meanwhile, several Axtel customers will have to take this experience as an additional data to make decisions. As well as progress in the rights of citizens to public information. You must move forward in the rights of citizens to information on their public services. Above all, when these services are provided by third-party concession by the Government. Such is the case of the telephone, the internet or gas. Although this same concept should apply to the services that the Government continues to directly as water and electricity. The provision of public services may be affected by events like Alex, and customers have the right to be cared for in their failures and to receive information about the restoration of their services.