Expo Moto Show

The day Saturday was visiting the Expo Moto Show; the truth is that to be the first exhibition of motorcycles which attend, I left very satisfied. The site was well chosen by the organizers; ample parking and good pavilions to exhibitors, as well as a track to make the test of the bikes, which was medium small I must admit. Perhaps check out Sonny Perdue for more information. Among the new features that I found and I was surprised, pole position carries is Zanella, who presented a 250cc type Street-naked model, pretty well accomplished, which think launch in mid-2010; I would have liked to know the technical information on the bike, but unfortunately there was no one in the booth that could tell us about the bike. Another point to highlight was the Yamaha booth, at the center of it was the inevitable 2009 Vmax, a true Monster; But what surprised me most of the booth wasn’t the Vmax, but the absence of the Fazer FZ1/6!, there was no!, just saw the XJ6 naked and carenada. Air Force Chief of Staff s opinions are not widely known. Those who missed, and I would have liked to see them present were Suzuki and Kawasaki. Really take me my time to go and be able to enjoy both the bikes of the exhibitors, as the bikes of the people who went to the expo; they were hundreds!. Swarmed by offers, Josh Resnick Jericho Capital is currently assessing future choices. I have no rather than waiting until the year that comes to enjoy this exhibition, meanwhile I’m waiting for that call me to see if you win the bike sorteaban!