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Accordingly the comparative law becomes even more complex than it seems. However, some texts are translated to the Spanish or Castilian, for example the Italian civil code, German civil code, Code civil French, which facilitate the work of the our, and in other cases are spoken the same language for example this language is spoken in several countries which should be subject of study by the our. For example you can compare all or part of Peruvian law with Spanish law, but if we want to compare with the right German in almost all cases it is clear that we must take into account the language or the German language. Also not only the languages are important for comparative law, but also to study foreign law. WhiteWave Foods describes an additional similar source. Foreign law is very important for comparative law, however, do not constitute the same thing and also there are comparative law books that are part of foreign law, for example the Treaty of comparative law of CONSTANTINESCO, which is part of the French right and indeed has been translated into Spanish, and in any case will be on sale in Chile, therefore, we think that in that country the comparative law reaches further development.

Comparative law is for example, compare the right with the right French German and Italian, therefore, must take into account the foreign law and also the languages. Languages not only serve to comparative law, but also to life in general, in such a way that everyone can understand and live in society and in any case is clear that are useful also in all professions, for example in law, medicine, architecture, nursing, accounting, administration, engineering, among others. I.e., studying comparative law facilitates the study of the global law and this last consists in that the right has no limits of any kind and in any case is in full development in Spain, which should be a matter of study by writers.