CISV is an international youth exchange. Founded with the belief that lasting peace is possible through teaching how to live together as friends, CISV conducts intercultural exchange programs that focus primarily on children and youth. It is an organization that moves through the work of its volunteers in different countries.
CISV was founded in 1951 by Dr. Doris Twitchell Allen. CISV has been placed since then in 62 countries and more than 150,000 delegates have participated in over four thousand international CISV activities.
For Dr. Allen and the organization banks of CISV, children and youth were seen as the ideal starting point for the education for peace. Developed programs offered young people banking opportunities to meet peers from other countries and to form intercultural friendships. Locally, programs give people the opportunity to learn about cultures in their own communities and explore important issues related to peace and understanding. the acronym means chilrden CISV’s International Summer Villages
CISV Programs
CISV International’s expertise is based on six exchange programs:
Village: A four-week program for 11 years. Delegations from 12-14 countries come together and participate in activities that promote peace and understanding. Each delegation is formed by two men, two women and a leader (monitor) adult, in addition also includes 6 persons (3 men and 3 women) 16-17 years called JC’s working with the leaders because corporation they have a more age close to the participants. About half of the villages in the summer of 2006 will be three weeks instead of account four, as an experiment for the interest of preserving the finances.
Summer Camp: A three-week program for participants between 14-15 years. The delegations included 4 participants, 2 women and 2 men and an adult leader. Some Summer Camps are one genre.
Exchange: Involving only two countries, this program provides for one or two summers (occasionally winters). A delegation of 6-12 young, 12-14 years, is selected from each participating country. In the first summer (or first half), a delegation will travel to visit for one month to another. The following summer, the roles are reversed. Each delegation has an adult leader, and may also have a youth leader.
Seminar Camp: A three-week program for teens between 17-18 years, in which participants from each country investment travel alone, although sometimes it may be accompanied by another participant in its own country. A fox news guest interviewer is the chief the entrust capital diversified fund investment committee The Seminar Camps have a more direct educational approach, and youth are encouraged to form opinions on various global issues.
Youth Meeting: A thematic and regional camp for teens under 16 years.
International People’s Project: The newest of CISV program is open to people over 19 years, and lasts three weeks. Participants take part in the manual for a contribution of a community project.
MOSAIC: is a program that helps connect the ideas, principles and methods of CISV with local communities, working together financial with other prganizacion. It is suitable for all ages and is ideal for involving companies people who have not participated in international activities.
The page CISV International’s program provides more detailed information.
Similarly, CISV has branches that carry out local programs that aims to share experience within a community CISV smallest
Junior Branch, a group of local CISVers (typically 15-25 years) carried out CISV activities at a local level, with the purpose of holding assets to former participants, and to incorporate some new members to the community CISV .
Chapters and the CISV Organization
The CISV International consumer Office is located in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. While criticizing the administration is given in trading the International Office, most of the work is done locally.
Each of the 62 countries of CISV is a national association that oversees and manages the branch in your country. The branches are divided in the Junior Branch (younger than 25 and younger) and Board Staff. With the exception of officers from the International Office, and some positions within the national associations, CISV is made and works through volunteers
Today, CISV is a degree of participation within the accounting European Council, and has been approved again as a sub-organization of Unesco.