Dreaming – Process Of Cognition

Scientists found that during dreaming the brain works surprisingly smoothly and actively. This activity is even more concentrated than when thinking about any details. Previously thought that mental activity is easy ensured by a network of brain operations, but to really solve the complex problems of the executive body of the brain, which consists of the prefrontal cortical areas and dorsal cingulate zone. Recently conducted a simple experiment, the essence of which was that participants reaped a button as soon as they saw the number on the screen. The screen was located approximately at eye level. And with the help of magnetic resonance imaging recorded the activity brain subjects, and, of course, watching the person's attention. Experience has revealed law that the executive organ of the brain is activated, no less during the dreams of people. Thus, we can make a bold conclusion that during dreaming the brain produces no less work than solving a crossword.

Involving almost all parts of the brain. Some people find the condition in dreams sometimes take up to one third of all waking hours. And all this time the person is in a deep state of knowledge, that is, not giving yourself a report that he subconsciously solves real vital life problems. By the way, scientists have concluded that such a state as prostration. Usually it is accompanied by laziness and carelessness. This condition is similar to daydreaming, but differs from the latter. Now you can safely advise people to dream more, because this process is actually very helpful for the psychological state of man and for life. Thus, the reverie is not a vice. Of course, to live among mechatmi can not but be very very pragmatic man, too, is wrong.