Camilla Service

As a child, imitating the adults around, copying everything we see around us, we often turn to games in daughters and mothers, school, war, the hospital and, of course, shopping. In the latter, following the order, then we become buyers, then sellers. Watching the game, notice how a child performs with abandon everything, what should a seller. Looking at him, then suddenly could not help thinking: maybe before you next minister of trade or a good salesman? On child's play is difficult to predict their future profession of the child. One thing is certain, that one in ten of them choose for themselves is trading profession, every fortieth will work in the sphere of consumer services. Year by year prestige of occupations classified as service grows.

More and more young people would be willing to link their fate with a professional service activities, unfortunately, not always by nature, in agreement with noble impulses of the soul. I suggest you test yourself by answering the question, which will show whether the right career choices made by you? On a blank sheet of paper, write a unique essay on 'What is discuss? '. Try to express its concern to the service of another person, the masses of people. Now let's see which of the three identified by psychologists in accordance with people you think of an answer in the book. For a number of years, this question, psychologists, we ask all people, both students and factory workers, and researchers, not just those whose work is connected with the provision of public services. Similar to yours, answer-essay collected more than 1,000. After any appropriate analysis on the basis of 'emotional color man's relation to maintenance activities' they divided them into three groups: neutral, positive n negative. It is noteworthy that nature of the relationship to the activities related to the service, expressed in the responses, manifested as a profession, and at home, when we deal with any request to relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and notice how no carved each of them reacts to it. There are a lot of articles on psychology sites Beauty will save the world – of family psychology, everything in the world – children spihologiya, Camilla – general psychology.