European Clubs

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Clubs appear, but all of them, with few exceptions, similar to each other, if not appearance, the quality of music and services. Any comparison of the national club culture in Europe, unfortunately, are not in favor of the first. But of course everything is not so gloomy. Let us not forget that the first night clubs in Europe appeared in a few decades earlier than in Russia, so we have room to grow and attain to the level at someone. And if you attain to the level, then at best.

One of the most fashionable places in Paris today – it’s Buddha-Bar. This club has found its popularity in the mid-90s of the 20th century. Buddha Bar was born thanks to a group of DJs at the head of the famous Claude Schall, whom many call the father of Parisian bohemia. Exotic interior (a huge statue of Buddha (8 x 5 m), decorative elements of a Buddhist temple), aromas of exotic essences, Asian food, ethnic music have made it extremely attractive place for a stellar public. With remarkable regularity, club launches CDs with unique musical content, with a circulation of more than 300 thousand copies. And the high entrance fee – 50 – indeed justified. One of the most fashionable clubs in London – Fabric. To play here, here arranged in turn even the legendary DJ’s.

One of the highlights of the club – a vibrating floor, on Fridays here dance breaks, hip-hop, drum and bass, and on Saturdays – tech house and electro. Despite the celebrity establishment, dress code, the most loyal: sneakers jeans, t-shirts, plus a good mood. And all the fun for only 15. Club 11 – this is a bar and restaurant, and a center for contemporary art, and one of the best dance floors in Amsterdam. Facility is located on the 11th floor of the tower post. After 20.00 on the walls begin demonstrations of various photo installation. For the remote control work the best DJs the world of electronic music. The undoubted benefits of the club includes a magnificent view over Amsterdam and surreal design. New trends in European club culture – environmental clubs. Examples include Surya in London and Watt in Rotterdam. These clubs are using unconventional methods of generating electricity – from the sun cells and wind turbines to the special sex on the dance floor, a mechanism which allows to generate electricity, while visitors dance. Before such innovations Russian clubs, of course, continue to grow and grow. However, it is Now, when the market nightclubs close to full, domestic club movement should move to a new level. The youth of today are spoiled and jaded entertainment, which it can provide a night life in the capital today. Times require new solutions and quality music. Today, night clubs will win the audience a unique concept, service quality and originality of the proposed entertainment.