Bright Holidays

For many people associate the holiday with the sea. It does not matter, it's Black Sea or the Baltic or the Mediterranean in general. In any case, the sea – a vacation for body and soul. In addition, water and sea air is very helpful for a person as improve health. The sea – this is an entirely different world where you feel under the feet of sand pebbles iperekaty, hear the cries of gulls and the sound of the waves. His changeable color and elemental power, infinite majesty and splendor gives us a lot of happy sensations. If you would like to go to the Crimea and are interested in some resorts in Crimea can settle down, then you are on the right track. Crimea – is a museum, botanical garden, mountain landscapes, the beautiful sunshine, waterfalls, and warm sea.

Other words, it thrills and unrivaled pleasure. It must be noted that the history of Crimea is relatively rich, it's plexus of East and West, the history of the Cossacks and Tartars, Christians and Muslims. It is a legend medieval castles and caves, forts, which survived until the present time. Arriving in the Crimea, you will learn what the Crimean sun, and Crimean wine, the sea. The peninsula is bordered by two seas – the Sea of Azov and Black. The area is about 25 tisyach square. Kilometers. Despite the fact that summer in the Crimea is too hot, sometimes shorter showers.

The Crimean peninsula is rich in diversity of nature. Here perfectly combined foothill steppes, coast and mountain landscapes. Each year, the Crimean mountains attract tourists from all over the world. Those who want to relax in the Crimea is worth a visit such attractions as the Marble Mountain Cave, Grand Canyon, known cave Emine-Bair-Khosar, Ai-Petri, and more. Certainly, the Crimea can talk a lot, but not seeing, not convinced than ever. So look for hotels Sudak and go there. Since this is one of the most beautiful places in the world.