Moving In The Village

Sooner or later, before the man, who is tied into the system, the question arises, not whether to throw everything and go somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle, the noise to eternal rest. To change the situation there are several solutions, from beach resort to rural hinterland. I would like to consider the less expensive option (as it seems at first glance) – the village. And so … The choice of homes and land. After reading many articles online about how people changed their stuffy boxes of 40-60m2, on the cozy home, as soon as you dream and you live in a big house with his wife and two kids, but among the proposals sale, houses thousands of options with one, two, rarely three small rooms and units with quite Four-bedded rooms and more, but with price tags that can be purchased only by selling their home treshechku which you want to pass that there was at least some sort of "airbag" in which you lived your children when learning to at the institute. Garden size is also far from nafantazirovannyh hectares and is rarely more than 20-30 acres. Choosing the option all the same for a comfortable life in the village to attend to the choice of home with all the necessary communications.

The city does not think about it, which means sit a few days without electricity because maximum emergency lights come in 20 minutes. And get up in the cold at 5-6 o'clock in the morning to throw wood on the stove, or any city dweller does not want, so you need gas for heating your big comfortable house, and of course the house needed water and a toilet. Many say it is romantic, running into the street under the stars in the small-sized building with a hole in the floor and that you get used to, but do not forget about your children, who may not share your positive attitude.