Argentina Loses

The economy and sport have a lot to do. Not because they are developed in unison, but because the two seem to depend heavily on confidence. If the markets become depressed if they have no confidence, all citizens suffer an anxiety attack, increases the rate of suicides and politicians, and experts are desperate looking for the formula that allows returning the mood so important protagonists. It is clear that in football happens something like. Since then, in Argentina, where, on the one hand, crumbling confidence in the role of selection in this America’s Cup, and on the other, the abysmal state of mind of his best player, Lionel Messi, certified by his father (this evil mess. It is the first time that they whistle you, said), occupying all the television programmes, all the front pages of newspapers and radios. Even today, that celebrates an important Fiesta Patria, the anniversary of the Declaration of independence, and is the day of reflection (no alcohol) prior to the important local elections which are held tomorrow Sunday in Buenos Aires Capital Federal.