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Federal University

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Being thus, the child has that to find a place where she can act and from which she can construct a personal method to coexist its destructive impulses. It also says that a normal child uses the resources that the nature offered to defend itself to it against the anguish and the conflicts that whereas does not tolerate, a not normal child shows in the limitation and the rigidity of this capacity. The maioriadas research on attachment and affective bond concentrate in first infancy and the first relations mother-son. Portuguese Brazelton, pediatra, cited for Maria Ines de Souza Gandra, of the department of pediatrics of the Federal University of So Paulo, in ' ' The importance of the attachment in the process of desenvolvimento' ' , it describes the affective bond between parents and children as a continuous process that if it initiates in the gestation and it goes if forming in the measure where the interactions go occurring. With the development of the locomotion capacities, the children go to the few distanciando themselves of the mother, coming back always to look it when something new happens in the environment, and retaking its activities of exploration when they feel themselves calm again. The bond between mother and son is the source of where they will go to come, later, all the future bonds that will be established for the child and that will constitute the relation to be formed during the course of life of the child. For all the life, the force and the quality of this bow will influence on the quality of all the future bonds that will be established with the other people of its conviviality. The feeling and the behavior of the mother in relation its baby also are deeply influenced by its previous personal experiences, especially the ones that had, and perhaps still are having, with its proper parents.

Massachusetts General Hospital

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They were then a face cream with the message (false) that was analgesic. some responded to placebo and were able to tolerate shocks that were previously intolerable. Most interesting was the second phase: After providing the cream again, this time led to believe that they were subject by administering the flow when in fact it was: the subjects in this case actually came to believe that the cream should have analgesic properties, so that upon returning to manage the current, a much higher percentage was able to to tolerate the pain “unbearable” of downloads. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jack Fusco. Among other findings, shows that people in the first phase did not respond to placebo, had been trained to produce a perfectly clear answer to the same placebo. Three proposed mechanisms of belief types involved in the placebo effect: a) patient expectations (believe you are taking a leaf from a plant that causes allergic to the , even if you rub with another harmless, and vice versa) b) report: We believe that a therapy is effective, can be associated with an improvement rate between 70-90% of cases (eg angina, as measured by ECG and exercise endurance), but by showing the ineffectiveness of these same techniques, fell improvement rates of 30%. For this double-blind. Gain insight and clarity with Secretary of Agriculture. c) The ratio: 1964: at the Massachusetts General Hospital, anesthetists visited before surgery two groups before intervention, and half was close contact with the other cold and distant to them they took longer discharge, and consumed twice as analgesics. After all, it is obvious that an image or thought produces physiological changes (actors, movies, reading a book) and yet we still do not know exactly how, but is still evident.. .

Cattell Personality

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From there, the acadmicos psychologists had started to believe that he was possible to develop a study scientific of the Personality. 2 – CONCEPTS OF the PERSONALITY When we relate in them of the personality of somebody, we have in account its feelings, emotions, thought, attitudes, behavior, motivations, taken of decision, projecto of life. It is still to speak of interpersonal relations, social behavior. It involves the totality of the person. The Personality allows that let us recognize in them and let us be recognized, exactly when plays some social roles. Many concepts of the Personality exist, divergindo consonant its authors. In the vision of AllPort, 1937, the Personality is the dynamic organization, in the seio of the individual, of psychological systems that determine the characteristic behavior and its thoughts.

Hermeneutizando well this concept, arrives it a conclusion of that, it is an only entity that translates the form as a person thinks, reflecte, acts and if it holds in different situations. One is about a dynamic organization, an active mechanism. Such definition also insists on biological bases of the personality. This aspect constitutes a primordial point, therefore, currently, no psychologist can deny the influence of the biological factors, in the liberal interpretation of the personality. according to Eysenck, 1953, the Personality is the more or less firm and durable organization of carcter, the temperament, the intelligence and the physical dimension of a citizen; such organization determines its singular adaptation to the way. Its definition insists equally on durable carcter and the fact of that each individual to be only in function of its proper organization. for Cattell, 1950 the Personality starts to be what it allows a prediction of what a person, in one determined situation, goes to make. This concept discloses us the fact of that Cattell, if interested for an only aspect of the personality, this, is to foresee the form as a person if it goes to hold.

Dreaming – Process Of Cognition

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Scientists found that during dreaming the brain works surprisingly smoothly and actively. This activity is even more concentrated than when thinking about any details. Previously thought that mental activity is easy ensured by a network of brain operations, but to really solve the complex problems of the executive body of the brain, which consists of the prefrontal cortical areas and dorsal cingulate zone. Recently conducted a simple experiment, the essence of which was that participants reaped a button as soon as they saw the number on the screen. The screen was located approximately at eye level. And with the help of magnetic resonance imaging recorded the activity brain subjects, and, of course, watching the person's attention. Experience has revealed law that the executive organ of the brain is activated, no less during the dreams of people. Thus, we can make a bold conclusion that during dreaming the brain produces no less work than solving a crossword.

Involving almost all parts of the brain. Some people find the condition in dreams sometimes take up to one third of all waking hours. And all this time the person is in a deep state of knowledge, that is, not giving yourself a report that he subconsciously solves real vital life problems. By the way, scientists have concluded that such a state as prostration. Usually it is accompanied by laziness and carelessness. This condition is similar to daydreaming, but differs from the latter. Now you can safely advise people to dream more, because this process is actually very helpful for the psychological state of man and for life. Thus, the reverie is not a vice. Of course, to live among mechatmi can not but be very very pragmatic man, too, is wrong.

Camilla Service

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As a child, imitating the adults around, copying everything we see around us, we often turn to games in daughters and mothers, school, war, the hospital and, of course, shopping. In the latter, following the order, then we become buyers, then sellers. Watching the game, notice how a child performs with abandon everything, what should a seller. Looking at him, then suddenly could not help thinking: maybe before you next minister of trade or a good salesman? On child's play is difficult to predict their future profession of the child. One thing is certain, that one in ten of them choose for themselves is trading profession, every fortieth will work in the sphere of consumer services. Year by year prestige of occupations classified as service grows.

More and more young people would be willing to link their fate with a professional service activities, unfortunately, not always by nature, in agreement with noble impulses of the soul. I suggest you test yourself by answering the question, which will show whether the right career choices made by you? On a blank sheet of paper, write a unique essay on 'What is discuss? '. Try to express its concern to the service of another person, the masses of people. Now let's see which of the three identified by psychologists in accordance with people you think of an answer in the book. For a number of years, this question, psychologists, we ask all people, both students and factory workers, and researchers, not just those whose work is connected with the provision of public services. Similar to yours, answer-essay collected more than 1,000. After any appropriate analysis on the basis of 'emotional color man's relation to maintenance activities' they divided them into three groups: neutral, positive n negative. It is noteworthy that nature of the relationship to the activities related to the service, expressed in the responses, manifested as a profession, and at home, when we deal with any request to relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and notice how no carved each of them reacts to it. There are a lot of articles on psychology sites Beauty will save the world – of family psychology, everything in the world – children spihologiya, Camilla – general psychology.