Republic Quilombos


MIRANDA, op. cit.). Quilombo was the nucleus of the movement and was violently fought for you of slaves and the State. But whenever one quilombo if undid, to its they reconstruam it survivors in another place. Thus, the quilombos had crossed the years. In Mines Generalities had arrived to exist 127 quilombos.

They were small communities, originated for the slaves run away from the gold mines. But, most famous and lasting quilombo was Palmares (it resisted for about 80 years), that it was led by Ganga Zumba and Zumbi in the mountain ranges of Alagoas. Quilombo of Palmares was, in the truth, a set of linked mocambos for an advice and a military pact. that was supertown during the dutch invasion in Pernambuco. According to Gennari, the quilombos had not been inflated since the start, ' ' Of beginning, the fear of the punishments, the perigos and the difficulties of the life in the forest take well few blacks to run away for Palmares' ' (GENNARI, 2008). Much information is not had on the palmarinos politics and the quotidiano.

While Gennari nominates it ' ' Republic of Palmares' ' , Vasconcellos the flame of ' ' kingdom of palmares' '. Perhaps this last denomination is most appropriate, since quilombo was formed for Africans and its descendants who still had in the mind the organization politics of its native lands. However, what it is presented as factor important for afrobrasileira history it is the fact of that the quilombos if constituam as focus of the black resistance, that they gave shelter, ways of survival and the chance of if organizing of diverse form of the implanted escravista system in the colony. The STRIKES In century XVIII appeared the phenomenon of the urban slave. The urban enslaved ones played different works of the ones of the field: they made the house works or they were winner.