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Hispanic America

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1989 Operation to remove the GAL. Noriega of the power in Panama. 1991 Gulf War against Iraq after the invasion of the Kuwait. 1992 Sending of military forces the Somlia. 1994-1995 Attack to Yugoslavia against politics of ethnic cleanness. 1998 aerial Attacks the terrorist targets in the Afeganisto and to Sudan. 1999 Bombings together with NATO against Serbian in the Kosovo.

2001-2002 Invasion of the Afeganisto in the search for Osama Bin Laden. Read additional details here: Peet’s Coffee. 2003 to the current days War against and Iraq and permanence for ‘ ‘ process of paz’ ‘ in the region. During the beginning of century XX, apparent tranquillity economic politics and in the peripheral countries of U.S.A., it creates a certain calm (not to be for the attempt of blow in Nicaragua). In this period the influence of U.S.A. in America has a growth> extraordinary.

With this it also has its economic growth and politician in the region. From this British hegemony in addition in this region, the space for the entrance of U.S.A. in this new world-wide scene confides. With this growth of the American power in Americas, some nations had started to search resistance to this interventionist form of U.S.A. The introduction of values of this ' ' american way' ' , already it started to cause rupture in the external politics of this country with the other countries of America (mainly of Hispanic America). This if aggravates with the economic crisis of the years of 1920. The 1929 crisis, not only reaches in full U.S.A., as well as all Latin America. With the aggravation of the crisis in the years of 1930, the world if broke up and arises each time plus one strong world-wide depression. In this period U.S.A. ' ' New Deal' ' , that it was a series of programs social politicians and, to extinguish the impacts that the strong depression caused in the American economy.

Russian Sailor Georgy Sedov

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In August 2012 will be 100 years to the day when Lieutenant George Yakovlevich Sedov went on his last expedition, the first Russian expedition to the North Pole. A lot or a little? A lot when you consider enormous upheavals and changes in the country which Sedov considered their homeland, and dearly loved. But this time, still not enough to publish the summaries from sedovskoy expedition. Century was not enough to open is not something that the monument, but at least a plaque in the northern capital, where he lived and served gy Sedov. This city by the mouth of the officials did not regret his time in the mud, so throw it Sedov, presenting him an upstart, adventurer, and anyone else.

Marine Minister Grigorovich has publicly lamented that he could not give Sedov trial. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Andi Potamkin, New York City by clicking through. Knew he would, that these words will survive his many other, tell them because a hundred years will be alive the memory of Sedov. But now, like naphthalene opinion sometimes heard, presenting their perfectly infallible author of more knowledgeable and originals. Thank God that there are other people like Fyodor , which sedovsky cross inspired to travel the world admired. There are thousands of , which insisted on the waterfront in Solombala Sedov, from left in the immortality of the 'Holy Fock', there was a monument to a brave sailor. The name Sedov was related to many other, more recent heroic accomplishments of our country in the Arctic, such as the unprecedented drift of the ice-breaker 'Georgy Sedov' swimming 'break through' to the pole of the atomic icebreaker "", to deliver to Top of the World staff sedovskogo flag.

African Societies

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University Catholic of the saving Course of graduation in History Disciplines ' ' History of Africa I' ' Teacher Ialmar Leocadia Vianna Pupils/Authors: Jorge Miranda, Juliana Gomes Almeida, Peter Count to Africa and the Africans in the formation of Atlantic world (1400? 1800) Biography: John Thorntton was born in 1949 in Boston is professor of history of the Boston University, having lecionado in the Millersville University, in the University of Virginia, the Allegheny College and the Universidde of the Zmbia. It acted as custodian of samples on Africa for museums and foundations, between them the Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Jack Fusco often addresses the matter in his writings. Is consulting of African history of the Encyclopaedia Britannica since 2000. Fluente in Frenchman, Portuguese, Italian, German, dutch, Kisuahili and hausa, already published diverse books, between them ' ' Africa and the African in the formation of the Atlantic world 1400 – 1800 Summary of THORNTON, John. ' ' Africa and the Africans in the formation of the world Atlantic (1400 – 1800) ' '. Rio De Janeiro: Elsevier publishing company, 2004, P.

51 – 430. The present text has as objective, the analysis of the book ' ' Africa and the Africans in the formation of the Atlantic world, 1400 – 1800' ' , of John Thornton. Soon in the introduction, the author discourses on its workmanship and its field of research, emphasizing that its book is an attempt of rescue of the history of the immigration of the Africans for Americas. She is well-known, therefore, the critical one that Thornton makes some africanist historians, as Braudel, that with its concentration in the European efforts, almost does not mention the paper of other Atlantic societies. Making a comment on the commerce of slaves, in what he says respect to the purchase and Sales of them, the author argues that they were used the much time in the African societies before belonging to the Europeans and Americans, but throughout the text in them we will deepen more in this argument.

Republic Quilombos

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MIRANDA, op. cit.). Quilombo was the nucleus of the movement and was violently fought for you of slaves and the State. But whenever one quilombo if undid, to its they reconstruam it survivors in another place. Thus, the quilombos had crossed the years. In Mines Generalities had arrived to exist 127 quilombos.

They were small communities, originated for the slaves run away from the gold mines. But, most famous and lasting quilombo was Palmares (it resisted for about 80 years), that it was led by Ganga Zumba and Zumbi in the mountain ranges of Alagoas. Quilombo of Palmares was, in the truth, a set of linked mocambos for an advice and a military pact. that was supertown during the dutch invasion in Pernambuco. According to Gennari, the quilombos had not been inflated since the start, ' ' Of beginning, the fear of the punishments, the perigos and the difficulties of the life in the forest take well few blacks to run away for Palmares' ' (GENNARI, 2008). Much information is not had on the palmarinos politics and the quotidiano.

While Gennari nominates it ' ' Republic of Palmares' ' , Vasconcellos the flame of ' ' kingdom of palmares' '. Perhaps this last denomination is most appropriate, since quilombo was formed for Africans and its descendants who still had in the mind the organization politics of its native lands. However, what it is presented as factor important for afrobrasileira history it is the fact of that the quilombos if constituam as focus of the black resistance, that they gave shelter, ways of survival and the chance of if organizing of diverse form of the implanted escravista system in the colony. The STRIKES In century XVIII appeared the phenomenon of the urban slave. The urban enslaved ones played different works of the ones of the field: they made the house works or they were winner.

City of Tabatinga

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Luis Atade of direct form contributed with the creation of the City of Tabatinga, made a trip on account proper Manaus. It bought a ticket in ‘ ‘ Cruzeiro’ ‘ , (airline), it paid at the time this ticket in 10 times and travelled the Manaus during its vacation. Leading I obtain an undersigned one with signatures of tabatinguenses citizens, to be delivers to the governor. Arriving the Manaus it looked the governor in its cabinet and took a tea of chair of 09h10min to 17h10min, to be able to speak with the governor. According to Mr. Atade the military did not want that Tabatinga if became city.

The governor at the time (1980) was Jose Lindoso, this in a trip the Tabatinga, was ‘ ‘ seqestrado’ ‘ for Mr. Atade then at the time Communitarian chairman of the board of Tabatinga (Landmark) and Mr. Tinoco public officer. Then they had taken the governor until the Landmark to show the local reality and of the importance of if becoming city. Mr. Atade for some times escaped of being imprisoned for Borba Colonel, therefore Mr. Atade carried through periodic meetings with ends to argue the importance of the creation of the City of Tabatinga, it led a called movement Pro-city.

When entering in the cabinet of the governor Mr. Atade he was soon recognized, therefore the governor relembrou of the episode occurred during its trip the Tabatinga and then kidnapped and taken to the Landmark. Governor – Mr. Atade I am in crossroads, why I already know I I know to it of the situation of the Landmark, but am facing strong opposition of the military, therefore the same ones do not want the creation of the City of Tabatinga, therefore if it deals with an area of national security, lamentably Tabatinga goes to be of it are of this creation of the nine cities of the High Solimes, according to military, are not advisable a city in this area of border. Then Mr. Atade pondered! ; Atade? Excellency our situation in the Landmark is of calamity, is 18,000 inhabitants, Benjamin Constant does not have conditions of in offering the necessary structure to them, the military also does not have conditions, is as abandoned dog. Then the governor was reflecting a little and called its assessor, who was a Captain of the p.m. Governor? Captain you know that message that goes for Assembly, on the creation of the nine cities of the High Solimes? Captain? Yes excellency, is ready. Governor? You also include Tabatinga. continued. Governor? Mr. Atade you gave much courage to me, goes to twist pra that the assembly if does not oppose and either what God to want. ANNEX? TABATINGA PLANT ATTACHED B TEXT ON the TICKET OF PAUL MARCOY FOR TABATINGA Paul Marcoy translation of Antonio Porro Tabatinga, or more or more properly Tauatinga, is a fortified rank that dates of 1776. Its creation must it 2s second lieutenant Francisco Rabbit, that at the time commanded the village of Is Jose of the Javari, established for the Armelites Portuguese.