The Combustion


The combustion of 1 liter, liberates in air 1 gram of metals heavy (acceptable maximum 5 metal emission pesados* = mg/m (n)) (1,5 mg/m of lead is considered an extreme level) It makes unusable the ground total reached, as much for agriculture, how much for the construction; Generally cause hdrica pollution superficial Impacta the fretico sheet and water-bearing (drinking waters reserve of the future) For containing diverse toxic elements (example chromium, cadmium, lead and Arsenio), cause damages to the health of the workers who handle it and the neighboring population with the contamination of air, water, ground and foods and still cause diverse serious problems, as respiratory, cancergenos and adverse effect in the reproduction and development of the embryo. BENEFITS the activity of rerrefino of used and or contaminated lubricative oils, beyond the economic importance for the country, has essential an ambient paper, generating diverse benefits: – They contribute for the reduction of the pollution, because they minimize the generation of residues; – They assure the adequate destination of a dangerous residue; – They diminish the necessity of extration of oil and reduce the dependence of importation of derivatives; – They supply to substance cousin specified for finished lubricative oil production; – They take care of to the principles of conservation of energy established in the article 1 of the Law n 9478/1997. The Ambient Education more than what one disciplines is a sufficiently clear ideology, that if apia in a iderio, in a set of ideas, that leads to the improvement of the quality of life and to the balance of the ecosystem for all the beings livings creature. Thus, beyond being effective instrument of management, it a life philosophy must become. (PHILIPPI Jr and PELICIONI, 2000:3). According to Medium brown Alberto Daz: The purpose of the ambient education is, in fact, to take to the discovery of certain ethics, fortified for a system of values, attitudes, behaviors, detaching, between the first ones, questions as the tolerance, solidarity or the responsibility.