Climatic Features Kislovodsk Resort

Thunderstorm rain shower hot and decided to cool the summer heat of the resort town of Kislovodsk. It is common for Kislovodsk is in the ring of mountains. The proximity of the Main Caucasian ridge, it is not melting glaciers make climate in Kislovodsk, unique in the summer. Due to the presence of such a cooling factor as the glaciers of the Caucasus, Kislovodsk, became a favorite place of rest and treatment for thousands of people from the regions of the Caucasus and Central Asia, and even Israel (at the reception which is specialized sanatorium Plaza). During the summer in these regions, the temperature rises to 40 degrees and even higher. The same applies to the neighboring republics of the more southerly: Dagestan, Chechnya. The climate in which especially in Dagestan and Azerbaijan, as the summer is not quite comfortable for zhizni.Na this background, the cool summer and warm in Kislovodsk in the winter makes this city truly unique in our country. The main factors influencing the formation of weather in the city are reaching cyclone from the north and south and the mountain landscape.

The ring of mountains surrounding Kislovodsk making it protected from hot winds of the steppes and semidesert of Stavropol and Kalmykia. But in winter the mountain to protect it from Kislovodsk winds coming from the Caucasus Mountains already in the south. This ring of mountains is the thermostat for the resort. Humidity and rainfall in the city determined by the situation with a cloud over Main Caucasian Range. there saturated clouds bring summer and winter precipitation in the city. But apart from the mountains so the same effect on precipitation and cyclones coming from the Black Sea coast and the Mediterranean. In all seasons of the year on the territory Kislovodsk can penetrate a variety of air masses: a cold dry air in the Arctic, then saturated with moisture mass that formed over the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean humid tropical air, and finally, although very rare, too tropical, but dry and dusty air from the highly arid highlands Southwest Asia and the Middle Vostoka.Ne should just forget about the increased solar radiation, which is generously endowed with the resort, because it is located on the southern edge of the Stavropol Upland at an average altitude of 750 meters above the picture morya.Podobnaya climate of the region and its weather cycles makes the practice of basic climate-health resorts of Kislovodsk. Climatotherapy one of the main components of the practical treatment of the resorts Kavminvod.