Carnival In Sciacca

Carnival has its roots in Florentine Carnival, Carnival in Sicily, in the town of Sciacca for centuries took a variety of connotations. This is especially the participation of all the activities that make this amazing Carnival, and also type of satire, which he uses. Some (for example, historian Ciaccio in 1890) tell of Sciacca Carnival as an allegorical play. Initially, the carnival was based only on a holiday salsichchi and wine, and was a 'local' Day: Dr. disguised themselves as peasants, farmers, fishermen in serving – in the artisans. by the regime, at first, and then – because of the difficulties of post-war reconstruction. But in recent decades, Carnival received more true image of the play, which requires public and private contributions.

Carnival of Sciacca 'opens the dances' in the "fat" Thursday of each year. Inaugurates the festival of dolls made of papier-mache Peppe 'Nnappa, typical mask saccense, crossing the street avenue singing the national anthem, offers people the fun and forget the problems of everyday life. And all this is also accompanied by wine and spread the word salsichchi that expresses the sense of hospitality Community Sciacca. Continuing Peppe 'Nnappa, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, with allegorical scenes can enjoy the fruit of creativity and the work of some associations that for years committed to the holiday: each performance is accompanied by stage effects, choreography, music and songs, and of course the costumed characters. The culmination of the festival – on the dais Square Scandaliato, where each group is the main character and is own original idea to the public.