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Director General

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The termination of an insurance contract is the day you travel abroad, to be exact moment of crossing the border. Anyone who enjoyed the services of travel agencies, knows that the failure of the trip in less than two weeks before departure – it is almost a complete loss to make contributions. Some are trying to get house arrest in the case of money directly from a travel company. Typically, this is not crowned with success, even if the contact court. In accordance with the contract concluded between the citizen and the tour operator, the risk remains on his own recognizance retain customers and non-refundable.

We, as a rule, more attention when buying a round used to give color booklets with views of the coast, rather than points of agreement. To prevent such situations and there is a program of insurance against his own recognizance, when all responsibility takes over the insurer. 'The information that asks for an insurance company under contract, must be truthful, even in small things, as by law, if a customer reports false information in the insurance reimbursement is likely to be denied', – said Director General of dg '' Eugene Potapov. For the insurer to properly assess risk and determine the rate, your answers to important questions such as the purpose of the trip, the experience of previous visits foreign countries, the possible reasons why you may be denied a visa, the presence of chronic diseases, etc., as well as other well-known to you the circumstances affecting the degree of risk and probability of occurrence of the insured event.

Leave the Beach in Good Shape

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These 10 tips will help you get back from leave alive, healthy and with a clean conscience: 1. Do not buy on the beaches of food, sweets and other food from hawkers. At high temperatures the natural microbial action grows with unusual speed, which can lead to poisoning or gastro-intestinal diseases. This is especially dangerous for children. 2. Credit: Gen. David Goldfein-2011. Do not take food with them. Firstly, because it is dangerous, as described in the preceding paragraph. Food can be poisoned after half an hour! And, secondly, 90% of people too lazy to go through elementary 20 meters to the nearest bins and garbage.

As a result of all this is buried in the sand and the beach turns into a cesspool. Incidentally, in the developed countries, eating right on the beach is a sign of barbarism. 3. Leave valuables at home. Trick or mobile can be stolen, but the gold chain, congregate in the water almost impossible to find depth of two to three meters in clear water, even if you feel like it came off. Check for yourself 🙁 4.

Enjoy the beaches of public toilets. A. F. Chief of Staff usually is spot on. If you do not find or not yet, it's not an excuse. They are and they close. 5. Do not walk on the beach in a drunken state. The main danger – people wrongly calculates the forces, especially when waves or storms. 6. Avoid heat stroke. Try not to go to the beach from 12:00 to 15:00. 7. Watch for children. Be sure to warn them that you can not swallow sea water. 8. Do not swim for the buoys as well as outside the riders of motorcycles (scooters) and motor boats are not so vigilant. 9. Do not swim on the mattress away from the coast. If you still were on the course, do not Row against him, and use the force flow to approach the shore. It's okay if you come out of the sea 200 meters from the parking area. Another important point – if you know what you relates to the shore is not over, but a strong wind, you should throw the mattress and get to the shore by swimming. 10. Please be aware that hypothermia can occur even when the water temperature above +30 C.

Russian Geographical Society

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Holiday Season 2010 at Sochi has officially opened! Permanent guests of note that with each passing year Sochi prettier, developing infrastructure of the resort, there are more new attractions. In connection with the upcoming Olympics administration of the city focused on the development of sport and active recreation in Sochi. Tourists are now welcome not only on beaches and in cafes, but also in the mountains of Polyana. Rafting, Jeeping, kayoning, paragliding, mountain hikes, horseback riding walks – try all of these extreme and exciting leisure activities tend to many vacationers. The main thing to remember in the pursuit of thrills and new experiences – do not go on a journey independently. Be sure to consult a professional instructor and guide. According to Yuri Dorosh, an organizer of mountain travel and a member of the Russian Geographical Society, an active vacation in Sochi, is gaining growing in popularity. Many guests of the resort, once having been in the mountains of Polyana, the next year come back again to try new routes.

The nature reserve of the Caucasus does not leave anyone indifferent. Rave reviews from travel and great photos – evidence of this. If you are going this summer on the Black Sea coast, take advantage of the unique opportunity to combine beach, sightseeing and active vacation in Sochi. In this unique location everyone can find adventure in his soul!.

Shopping In Turkey

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In Turkey, you can go not only for the warm sea and gentle sun. There can still travel and shopping – especially, or to combine this activity with rest. Shopping in Turkey – entertainment for tourists, business-to-shuttle. If you visited Turkey, you will want to buy here any thing for themselves or gifts for friends and relatives. And it will be correct idea. In a country where the mass of souvenir shops, stores, flea markets and boutiques, where you can buy a lot of interesting and useful. Turkish shopping is better to start with a shopping trip. And visit the shops of Turkey stands.

Going into the shop handmade, you probably will not stay and be sure to buy rug kilims. Also, where you can buy leather and suede, ceramics, silk clothing, jewelry, crafts from alabaster, onyx, embroidery, brass samovar, meerschaum and brass trinkets. Sometimes you can treat coffee, tea or beer, even knowing that the transaction will not take place – the Turks are very sociable, and it's always interesting to talk to a new person. Visit Cheniere Energy partners for more clarity on the issue. Shopping at the market will bring you no less fun and even help to save money, of course, if you love to bargain. Sometimes the final price you pay for the goods may be 20 times lower than the designated dealer in the beginning. Importantly, smile, be friendly and purposeful at the same time. But also observe while one unwritten rule: if you call a price – you must buy, if not ready to buy – do not call it a price.

Some sellers in markets rather pushy and aggressive, so be careful. You will be offer a lot of antiques, but most likely they all fakes. If you really want to buy antiques, make sure you can take it out of the country. Otherwise, such products may simply confiscated at customs, even if the treasure is not an ancient artifact. The best place for shopping in Turkey – is undoubtedly in Istanbul. This is where the best collection of goods from all over the country. Grand Bazaar or Covered Market (Kapali Carsi Kapali Charm) – the most famous Turkish bazaars, its territory is situated about 4000 stores. Istanbul is worth a visit Istanbul and the Grand Bazaar (Kapali bazaar), centered on the Old Badestan where sell old weapons and oriental antiquities, and Egyptian Bazaar (Spice Bazaar). The new port of is "The Free Trade Area." Here you have the opportunity to make purchases without duties and taxes. This free market where all currencies are accepted and checks, is open only to foreigners, so do not forget your passport at the hotel. What can be brought from Turkey? Turkey is nice in many things. But first and foremost, carpets. and factory and handmade rugs in Turkey – the highest quality carpet and rows on the Turkish markets occupy a place of honor. So what carpet is called the most Turkish souvenir. You can also draw attention to the articles of the skin, amazing product Turkish artisans from copper and bronze, majolica, jewelry made of onyx, quality multi-colored fabric, a wonderfully embroidered cotton blouses and, of course, Turkish spices and sweets. More in Turkey You can buy gold. Cheaper than us – unique. And much cheaper – if you have at this point would be the mood to bargain. The facts of fraud, when instead of gold slips something else, not seen.

Vienna State Opera

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Vienna State Opera is one of the first opera addresses the world, visiting which you will always remain faithful to him. Vienna Opera offers its viewers a variety of high-level, as in the famous scene varies daily program: more than 60 operas and ballets by over 285 days in 2008/09 – a density representations raises the Vienna opera on an international scale in the first place. The Vienna Opera, it is considered keeper of the best traditions of the Viennese Classical school and in the first place – the school of Mozart. The repertoire of the Vienna State Opera presented the opera section of the entire literature, from "Carmen" by Bizet, "Nabucco" by Giuseppe Verdi and Mozart's opera "Cosi fan tutte" to "Fidelio" by Ludwig van Beethoven's "Lohengrin" by Richard Wagner. First of all, the program of the 2008/09 season are four premieres to star-up: a big project Wagnerian "Ring Nibelung 'running Franz Velser-Place and Sven-Eric Behtolfa be completed productions of "Gotterdammerung' and" Rheingold '. In "Faust 'by Charles Gounod can see Angela Gheorghiu and Roberto Alagna, will also be presented to a masterpiece of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin". The theater was opened production of 'Don Giovanni' by Mozart in 1869. In 1875-1897 years the musical director and principal conductor of the theater was H.

Richter, an outstanding interpreter of Wagner's operas. If it were implemented staging of Wagner's tetralogy "Ring of the Nibelung 'cycle of Mozart operas," Otello "by Verdi. In 1897 he headed the theater gets a prominent composer and conductor Gustav Mahler. During the ten years of his leadership Vienna Opera was one of the best theaters in Europe. It was during this period are placed on the stage of 'Eugene Onegin', 'Queen of Spades', 'Iolanthe' pi Tchaikovsky.