Power World Speech Foreboding

Premonitory speech before the destructive reality that today warns us of the future steps for the defence of the human race. We note daily events occurring and these show the reality of the speech of November 19, 1984 in Washingtonpor Alejandro r. Iaccarino. & nbs p; I see in you reflected their Governments, and of course my own, and in that capacity it offers me a vivid image of a universal Assembly, symbol of the unity of mankind. This site also has the virtue of arouse in my spirit as Argentine and as a leader, that from here there will be birth something quite concrete for the destination and the freedom of our peoples.Does religion, race, language, Customs may or may not be common, but pride born? nal should be felt by all so that the inhabitants are a people and to make a homeland named no man’s land.

Said in his testament Pablo VI about the world, not creates it helps you assuming thoughts, habits, tastes, but studying it, loving it and sirvien? dolo. Our obligation is, therefore, studied the causes of the problems of today’s world.We find ourselves with economic theories of liberalism and Marxism that are antagonistic, which means that any confrontation, are always sterile. If attention is paid to these dis? cusiones, is believe to be listening to different languages. Some speak in English, and others do it in Russian. Does in fact, laying two philosophies of two schools, two conceptions of absolute life? different mind, which come to the inexorable conclusion that has to lead to the rup? tura.I turn to narrate as they have been the eight years of the military process of my country, now that the tragedy is consummate, that we are witnessing more vandal smashing our economy in history. Do you run? ponde and ask ourselves, what is the goal of all this destructive strategy? Since then that the movi? they are several, necessarily recurring.