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Solidarity Infiltration

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At a meeting of a Board of shareholders of Repsol YPF, a Spanish multinational, of the most powerful in Latin America, heard is that Repsol does not respect internationally recognized basic rights to indigenous people. It wasn’t an activist command that crept mocking the security service, but the representative of the NGO Intermon Oxfam, he had obtained the endorsement of modest shareholders and four no less modest investment funds to be able to intervene in the Board. Maybe not happen anything, but Antonio Brufau, Repsol Chairman, said that he took note. You will have to see. Intermon Oxfam denounces Repsol YPF from a few years ago and requires having into account the rights of indigenous peoples; They reiterate that they cannot repair Repsol for damage caused to forests and their lands by the oil along, despite the promise of doing so. In the Anglo-Saxon world, infiltrating meetings of shareholders by solidarity and social organizations practiced years ago; in Spain, the Pioneer was seven years ago Setem, a Federation of ten NGOs in development aid. At a recent shareholders meeting of (well-known in Latin America Spanish bank) BBVA, a representative of the Federation criticized the investments of the Bank in the sector of manufacture of weapons, as well as questionable projects that the financial institution has in South America. He was also a Setem acquired it 120 shares (out of a total of more than six hundred million) Spanish multinational textile Inditex to talk at its shareholders meeting and claim a greater social commitment of the company. The NGO pressure got that Inditex revised (even cancelled) some subcontractors in countries impoverished by flagrant exploitation of workers. From very critical perspectives, as the the Observatory of debt in globalization, linked to a Spanish University, the presence of NGOs in meetings of shareholders only washing the face of multinationals, who give donations (pocket change for them) and convert that responsibility social in very cost effective advertising.

Infection Protection Act

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The one who brings food and drinks on the market is responsible for the hygienic safety of its products. The Food Hygiene Regulation requires the introduction of self-control. In addition, the rules of the Infection Protection Act are observed. In particular, when selling food to the new EU directives require a special attention. Having a food stall must be cooled to a cooling of the goods. Furthermore, a hand basin with hot and cold running water, and a waste water tank is required. The exact configuration is regulated in DIN 10,500 ff. Each snack has toilets for staff and guests have readily available. Except you are every day in another place. For the provision of guest toilets exceptions can be made if you are offering eg no seating and no alcohol or consumption on public toilets to be cleaned periodically in the vicinity of your stand. Inquire about with the competent public order, whether special requirementsmobile stalls are provided, if a long time in one and the same place standing (eg connection to public sewers and water supply, grease traps, etc.). Several outfitters offer facilities catering to the online shop as well as Thuringian bratwurst. If one wants to implement a project that is needed for seed money in most cases. On conditions of KfW entry fee or micro-loans, and advises the CCI application formalities. Public loans must be obtained through the bank.

The Way

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Where I am? Profit to already see me, I am in a very strange place, see a great desert my feet sink on the sand by the way this a little warms up, the sky is a combined color like reddish with a red color, exist lightning, I am scared, my eyes see therefore far a great enormous coliseo and very many people walking therefore, they also are in this desert like I, am something in which she makes me feel the sensation to go grasped the coliseo. The cold torments to me, the solitude torments to me, the anguish only torments to me I know that I must go to me to where I believe that they call to me. Little by little me I am approaching that one coliseo, all this very dark and the desert as any other it does the way to you but difficult by each step that I give I feel slowness more and more but I must follow, I have walked would seem enough that it did not advance in anything but I do not have to surrender I see since there are others fall, I see other that surrender before the misfortune, but that makes all that people here? She is very many, cry, others are lamented, but all have the same objective like mine, I believe that I am disturbed so much as. 1.1 The WAY BETWEEN the SKY OR HELL I do not understand, little by little they clarify my thought indeed I finish dying, and now where I am, which is not certain, that finally I arrive at the coliseo, is very great, in addition this lighting system by torches, does not exist another light in this site but that the torches that are around the coliseo, is warm until a certain point, increases the amount here of people that manages to observe from outside, all realise three rows, feels that they have the desperation to arrive soon at his destiny, I am asked I will have to do same.

Cattell Personality

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From there, the acadmicos psychologists had started to believe that he was possible to develop a study scientific of the Personality. 2 – CONCEPTS OF the PERSONALITY When we relate in them of the personality of somebody, we have in account its feelings, emotions, thought, attitudes, behavior, motivations, taken of decision, projecto of life. It is still to speak of interpersonal relations, social behavior. It involves the totality of the person. The Personality allows that let us recognize in them and let us be recognized, exactly when plays some social roles. Many concepts of the Personality exist, divergindo consonant its authors. In the vision of AllPort, 1937, the Personality is the dynamic organization, in the seio of the individual, of psychological systems that determine the characteristic behavior and its thoughts.

Hermeneutizando well this concept, arrives it a conclusion of that, it is an only entity that translates the form as a person thinks, reflecte, acts and if it holds in different situations. One is about a dynamic organization, an active mechanism. Such definition also insists on biological bases of the personality. This aspect constitutes a primordial point, therefore, currently, no psychologist can deny the influence of the biological factors, in the liberal interpretation of the personality. according to Eysenck, 1953, the Personality is the more or less firm and durable organization of carcter, the temperament, the intelligence and the physical dimension of a citizen; such organization determines its singular adaptation to the way. Its definition insists equally on durable carcter and the fact of that each individual to be only in function of its proper organization. for Cattell, 1950 the Personality starts to be what it allows a prediction of what a person, in one determined situation, goes to make. This concept discloses us the fact of that Cattell, if interested for an only aspect of the personality, this, is to foresee the form as a person if it goes to hold.