Speed Motor


Therefore, the development of a specialized force is the third by increasing the speed of boxing movements. Thus the force in boxing should be an ancillary nature, namely provide increased speed of movement of the boxers. Directed development of high-speed capabilities to maximize their implementation is envisaged as the central problem with specialization in sports requiring extreme manifestations of these abilities. (Gradopolov kv 1961) An elementary education major techniques speed exhibited by a relatively simple motor reactions, and is repeated execution of exercises pronounced instantaneous torque response is strictly specific action or start another series of exercises "on responsiveness. Methodological conditions of their effectiveness are mainly: a) concentration of operational settings are made is not an exercise in waiting for the signal-to-action, and the immediate response (response) actions (when installed on the expectation of the latent time of reaction, usually more), b) readiness to step following a latent period of the motor response, and c) urgent information about the time actually spent on the motor response, d) repeated mass reproduction motor response within the smallest possible time (Derkach aa Isaev, aa 1981). Episodic motor responses – is too weak an incentive for improvement in place in order to repeat the reaction in each series expedient until such time has not yet lengthened response times. While improving the response to a moving object of particular attention in these exercises is drawn to reduce the time of the initial component of the reaction – time differentiation and fixation in the field of view of the object reaction partner, and gloves.