The Base


When your hands are hardened enough, you can go to 'Walking' with their fists as they move-ups in the hall. The second method of tempering hand – work on the bags. Here it is necessary to digress. You can buy a bag in a sports store, enough to pay dearly for it and not get what you need. For factory bags suited mainly for use in boxing gloves and are not suitable for hardening the hands of participants melee combat (they 'work' with their bare fists), and boxers on large, too. Take your time and energy to manufacture their own bags section. A double layer of canvas or leatherette stitch cylinder with a diameter of 50-60 cm in length with a regular punch bag. Sew the bottom floor on the size circumference of the cylinder, on top – two or four seat belt (can be with metal rings) to attach the bag to the ceiling.

When the base is ready, inside the cylinder is inserted into the usual bag from under the sugar or grains and filled with dry grain, the best wheat or barley. The neck of the inner bag is fastened tightly to the grain is not 'walking'. Bag ready and can last without changing the grain of 10-15 years. The main advantage is that grain creates a version density close to the density of the human body, that is that the obstacles that will meet the hand of a soldier – that in the melee that in boxing.