Round Bruce

Wood as a material has many important advantages since ancient times and used to build houses. The advantage of otsilindrovanogo timber is a smooth, rounded shape, which allows them to achieve tight connection. The range of sizes is used otsillindrovanyh logs varies, depending on location and size of buildings, ranging 160-220 mm, sometimes reaching 240 mm. Profiled logs, compensated by location the lower and upper trough of the groove, removing stress fibers, less deformed in the process of natural drying of wood. And with the same diameter and high surface quality round logs do not require finishing. Interestingly, the machine tools, machining timber to form a cylinder, there were more than a century ago and used for the production of lamp and electric poles. But for the manufacture of logs otsilindrovanyh interrelated set of equipment is used, allowing to carry out a sequence of operations or machining logs.

The modern technology of cylindrical shaped timber provides for pre-stripping operation logs. This provides a small allowance for subsequent cylindering, straightening the axis of treatment in nonrectilinear barrels, clean surface, increasing durability of finishing mills, and high purity of the surface. Next billet passes through the machine otsillindrovochny simultaneous milling and discharge chute of the groove. Recent operations: trimming the logs to length and milling locks (girth cups, even to non-perpendicularity of the walls, such as bay windows), the control assembly and surface treatment log antiseptic and flame retardant.