Plastic Windows

Technology of plastic windows still only about sixty years, but in that short period of time this type of design as a plastic box brands, very much in demand. A service mainly in the fact that they have good sound insulation, thermal insulation properties, as well as durability. The organization "WINDOWS-NEO" offers a window into a large assortment, a variety of brands. They include Rehau, brand and Trokal others. If necessary, our organization, you can get expert help in selecting the most appropriate option. German Rehau window Trokal and appeared on the world market for over fifty years ago.

Data window manufacturers have proven only with the best hand. They not only offer a guarantee on all makes and sells their company, but also offers you witness the stunning quality of their products. In addition, their quality allows you to live in a totally windproof and warm rooms, even in the most severe frosts, which are known as the Russian winter. However, being produced by these firms may have a window absolutely any size, so Here, then, you can pick up a box of any opening. Key Features: The system depth, to put it simply, this is the width of the frame. It is generally six inches, which is more than enough in our region. A variety of multi-options, the number of which are chosen by the buyer, depending on which one fits him best. Two chamber windows are by far the most demand.

Due to the thickness of the insulation glass can be determined – the glass is thicker, the better the insulation. The whole window frame should be prokrashena evenly without sagging and deterioration, as well as save at the same time smoothness and shine. The choice of color depends on the individual taste of each customer. A group of air-load is the rate and water resistance.