Two Rivers

Reserve attraction is that there are more than 1200 plants and 300 species are found only in the North Caucasus. Here lives about 40 species of animals – deer, bison, wild boars and bears. Animals can not only to see, but to feed, buying a special bag with the food immediately. Another attraction is the Sanctuary ginseng root – 'root of life', grown here for over thirty years. Those who come to rest in Teberda, conquering the picturesque views of mountain forests and meadows, glaciers, rivers Shumkov, originating in the mountains and dumped from a height of 12 meters raging waterfall. Combined together, all this creates an unforgettable vacation in Teberda. Teberda safely be called a center of tourism and mountaineering. In winter, Teberda – ski resort.

Who has been in Teberda will never forget the beauty of the nature of these places. Going upstream p. Teberda, we see a merger Two Rivers – Amanauz ('evil mouth') and Gonachkhir and many small tributaries flowing into these rivers. If we go up Gonachkhir, we get to Kluhorsky Pass and on to the Black Sea. Going upstream Amanauz, we get the famous Dombay meadow or simply Dombai.

And the word 'Dombay' on-Karachai means 'bison', there were times when these forests are home to herds of mighty giants. Even the highest mountain in the region – Dombai-Ulgen, on place the language of these places means' bison killed. " According to another legend, the name of the valley was due to the hunter Dommayu, who died after falling into the abyss, chasing mountain goats, with the highest mountain in the vicinity of the valley. Itself populated item removed from the protected area, and to set up special tourist routes along the most interesting places. In spring and summer hiking hiking routes are laid to Chuchhurskim falls on Semenov horizon-bashi, the gorge Amanauz. Amanauz – the narrowest gorge in Dombai refer not only as a museum of nature.