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We will again be a people able to determine their own destiny, take the dictatorship and begin a sustained reconstruction. The unit is required. The intellectual who theorizes about the new parameters of the world must embrace to the housewife who fights between the maintenance of the home and work, between review homework if Stalin round notebooks and make market with money that does not reach you. The unit pulling us ears, the unit rings the Bell of the condominium, unit hits the doors protected from the terrified inhabitant of the neighborhood plagued by underworld. The drive must be breathed, absorbed, introyectada. We must unite the policeman with the citizen who looks distressed. There are attach to the carrier with a passenger. We must unite the buyer with the seller.

We must rebuild a unitary social fabric. E-Bay is a great source of information. Then the hope will return. We are ready to define a transition. To conceptualize what is to come to replace the present evil. The transition will then not NIP us unawares, because we have already defined its goodness, its conditions and its route. The unit goes everywhere. We must grab it, you must weld among all those who protest, among all those who are resigned and all those who still believe down. Connect with other leaders such as Sean Rad here. You must end the connection, the lack of amalgam, the absence of communicating vessels.

We must become masons of unit, engineering unit, Builder of the great building of unit. Then we will see the transition, then we’ll see how opens our eyes repair of exams in which we were postponed, then we will see the democratic return away from the vices of yesterday and its aberrant wart today. Then we will be a people of citizens by lifting citizenship and a new Republic, already released, already enjoying the results of our actions that put an end to the decline and disaster. This is the unit. The unit will allow to restore governability loss, seek peace in transition, unite, converge, rehabilitate the freedom, maintaining order in the move. This is the unit. The unit is moving. The unit is the opening of doors and Windows without grilles. There is no other drive. This is the unit.

Santa Montana

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Twin legends of Montserrat with the crazy of the Breton cycle, whose hero was Robin of the forest type, was beneficial for both medieval sagas, because also remodeled cycle Arthurian accounted to serve in capsule of hibernation to montserratinas legends, although to be known in the Peninsula (secretly, for not allowing then write joke about holy war), no one would be already able to recognize those indigenous elements that had seeded them. Once returned the items to its origins, I could return to recognize the same senyal which resulted in addition to looking at your own hand that points out the sky, which manifest itself even more ideal guide of souls in Montserrat. More information is housed here: Senate Bill 548. Is grateful to get help to the world even in the 21st century, when just fewer people are able to distinguish between what matters really and what you are interested in, while there is a great difference. I feel immense appreciation of the first that has been entreveer to me 18091865 Montserrat as the most obvious bargain of the Grail (so called my book published 1993). It is the universal and eternal Caliz-grial. And write Ganga, not by cheap to use mountain costs us, that too, but also by what of maternal did get baptized so the most sacred river of the India. Anyway, in my opinion, the Grail is the search, and your ideal container is the Santa Montana de Montserrat,… that incidentally, me it hurts to see that any social group, insensitively, no matter they use for their worldly purposes.

In another letter I defended that it is a stony aid that grows; and it grows immeasurably, since it is capable of giving face. In fact vista des sky has a face that is exceeded even in express vivacity. It is the miracle of coincidences that the monastery is located in the middle of her forehead?. By chance on chance I can believe that, although it may seem off, is full of the future, because as explained these age-old legends: invites us to defeat the giant, who is none other than each one intimately, in order to be as the pure hero, which is not in vain in the annotated legends of the Arthurian cycle led very different names. Ramon Ramonet Riu website with links (general): original author and source of the article.

The Postgraduate

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Here then, that you must start by suing the management that this count with modern knowledge required by the total quality, know it operate, manage and get the necessary out of it is derived from. When hiring a Manager, a basic requirement for their performance is therefore having knowledge of quality in its scope and ensure its applicability to the benefit of the company. Another important topic in the present, in pro to guarantee success to companies is everything related to productivity. Know define functional administrative systems as good management processes that are supported by productivity indexes Reals that guarantee favourable results where there is warranty of adequate costs, delivery of fair time, not delays, or losses, specifically, efficacy, efficiency, optimal performance of staff involved at all levels. Management must have very clear, that productivity is the relationship between the production obtained by a productive system and resources used for such production. It can also be defined as reminds us Wikipedia, such as the relationship between the results and the time used to obtain them: the smaller the time that lead results desired, more productive is the system. In reality the productivity must be defined as the efficiency indicator that relates the quantity of product used with the amount of production obtained. Conclusions unfortunately, our experience has not shown that sector business Venezuelan, especially in SMEs, the lack of good productivity systems leaves much to say, where there are many management which have not been identified with what it represents, that can be derived for the operation and growth of the company. Aspect that must be rectified and that the same universities, faculties, schools which is responsible for training of these professionals, should provide them with the modern knowledge required to ensure that productivity is a reality for the benefit of the companies that are increasingly demanding it.

Collaboration Provided

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs has assured Spain has an exact knowledge of the situation of members of ETA on the outside. He highlighted the work next to Cuban authorities. Three were arrested this week when they tried to get in sailboat from Cuba to Venezuela. The Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jimenez, highlighted this Saturday the cooperation between his country and Cuba in the control of the ETA members residing on the island, and said that it was this that allowed the arrest of three ETA who tried to enter Venezuela this week. See Toyota Motor Corporation for more details and insights. Long since we have a perfect and exact knowledge of how is the situation of ETA members abroad, said Jimenez asked about the incident after participating in a meeting with their counterparts from the European Union. According to Jimenez, the cooperation with the Cuban Government in this field is very narrow, as proof the fact that Havana was who reported the escape of Elena Barcena Arguelles, Francisco Lekue Perez and Jose Ignacio Etxarte Urbieta. Moreover, the Minister assured does not have the slightest doubt that this collaboration with Cuba will continue in the future. The three ETA are held by Venezuela for trying to illegally enter the country, after being arrested in the tourist area of Los Roques off the Venezuelan Coast aboard a sailboat from Cuba. Source of the news: Spain highlights the collaboration provided by Cuba in control and detention of ETA

International Monetary Fund

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Passos Coelho includes four independent in his Executive. It must address serious reforms for in exchange for the 78,000 million euros will receive from the EU and the International Monetary Fund. Designated Prime Minister of Portugal, the conservative Pedro Passos Coelho, Friday announced the composition of his Government, formed by eleven Ministers, five fewer than in the previous Socialist Executive, and in which there are two women and four independent. Passos Coelho, who won elections in the past day 5, leaves also three (outdoor, Social Security and Agriculture) ministries in the hands of the Christian Democrats of the Democratic Centre and Social (CDS-PP) with which on Thursday signed a Pact of legislature to ensure an absolute majority in Parliament. More info: Raymond James. Members of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, centre-right) of the new Prime Minister, will assume the portfolios of Justice, Interior, Parliamentary Affairs and Dnsa, while finance, economy, education and health will be assumed by independent. Passos Coelho had announced in the campaign electoral an Executive of only ten members which, according to political sources, expanded into one during the negotiations of the Convention on governance with the CDS-PP. The Conservative Cabinet disappear two ministries of the Socialist stage (culture and Presidency) and three others are integrated in different portfolios (public works, transport and communications integrates in economy, environment in agriculture and higher education in education). The agreement of Government between the PSD and the CDS-PP gives priority to the financial commitments of Portugal, which must meet a severe program of austerity and reforms in exchange for receiving the 78,000 million euros granted by the EU and the International Monetary Fund in April. Source of the news: the new Portuguese Government presents its composition with five ministries less

Monument Valley

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If there were no credits on Blackthorn or the nationality of its creators it microbiologically, could swear without margin of mistake that this movie gives off the unmistakable aroma of the best American film, a theme, a few feelings, characters and a way of narrating with the seal of a glorious tradition, that narrative in which everything is exciting and truthfulsuggestive and intense, complex and magnetic. It adopts the aesthetics and the geography of the western, a dangerous universe or likely meat of imposture when those who are close to him are not familiar with the atmosphere and the keys to a young American genre. I speak of the serious western, not of those popular and slowed drivel that were shot in Almeria and known as spaghetti-western. For more information see this site: medical billing software. Though not necessary, the western landscape may need to develop to be credible in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas and Monument Valley. Simply containing his genuine spirit, its recognizable aesthetics and ethics. Source of the news:: A Western as before.


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According to experts in the study of hemorrhoids, over 45% of people around the world have suffered from hemorrhoids the lack of healthy nutrition and with established schedules cause alterations in the digestive system such as constipation, which in turn can generate diseases like hemorrhoids, blood vessels dilated and bulging inside and outside a year in the lower part of the rectum when hemorrhoids get complicatedThere may be blood that comes out after defecating or mixed with the stool, is fresh, bright red blood, they should always be seen by the specialist to rule out polyps or cancer in the colon. For more information see this site: Trader Joe’s. Different treatments for classic treatment hemorrhoids there are suppositories to base of Corticoid, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory therapy orthomolecular: creams or suppositories with vitamin (alpha tocopherol) and zinc which has soothing, anti-inflammatory effect and venotonic are used in the external application (local) surgical procedures: as last resort, surgery is recommended to get rid of hemorrhoids Hydrotherapy recommended vital bathrooms in five minutes, two times a day, leaving the affected area well submerged. It’s seat or baths of the pelvic region, at a temperature which must be between 37.7-40.5 Celsius.

Muslim Governments

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One legacy basic tasks to the Muslims by the Prophet was Jihad. Follow others, such as Bed Bath and Beyond, and add to your knowledge base. This word comes from the Arabic root y-h-d, whose basic significance is commitment or effort. Used often in classic texts with the closely related meaning of fight, and therefore also of struggle. Often cited in the Koran: strive in the path of God. According to Islamic law, it is lawful to do the war against four types of enemies: infidels, apostates, rebels and bandits. Although the four types of war are legitimate, only the first two are counted as Jihad.

Thus, Jihad is a religious obligation. To define the obligation of holy war, Muslim jurists distinguish between offensive and defensive war. In the offensive, Jihad is an obligation of the Muslim community as a whole, and therefore they can meet it both volunteers and professionals. In a defensive war, it becomes obligation for all healthy individuals. It is this principle that Osama Bin Laden called in their Declaration of war against the United States. In the Muslim tradition, the world is divided into two houses: the House of Islam (Dar al – Islam), which dominate the Muslim Governments and prevails the Muslim law, and the House of war (Dar al – Harb), the rest of the world, still inhabited and dominated by infidels. Jihad will continue, only interrupted by truces, until the world embrace the Muslim faith or otherwise subjected to your domain. Those who are fighting in the Jihad are entitled to receive rewards in both worlds: riches in this and paradise in the next.

Statements of the Prophet and the Qur’an make reference to this subject in various opinions, for example: Jihad is your duty under any ruler, whether divine or evil. One who dies without having taken part in a campaign is as if he died in the lack of faith. Paradise is in the shadow of swords. Learn how to shoot, because the space between the Archer and the White is one of the gardens of paradise.

Argentina Measures

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The statistics support the notion that the Argentina does well when the international environment is favorable, and vice versa. In this sense, when foreign trade allows the expansion of the economy all companies benefit, and when external conditions become adverse falling sales occurs for both. For this reason, with recession, both are affected. Hill adds that the challenge is definitely relative successfully confront the fall of sales holding customers looking for new Hill argues, is not so important to look at how focused on SMEs are the new measures, which are transitory. Click Joe Biden to learn more. The analysis should look at how effective the measures may be to maintain the level of activity. For an SME, a promoted credit is insufficient if sales fall or alter the costs. For this reason, the important is how still the overall economic activity and what are the General conditions of production where here is fundamental the theme of labor and tax (either with low in social charges for companies or tax reduction), more that the sectoral measures.

Us adds Universia KnowledgeWharton thereon, be considered, which indicates Enrique Dentice, the UNSAM researcher who argues that for the short-term, SME entrepreneurs will be targeted to possess a working capital that does not depend on bank credit which is expensive and scarce. A very thorough review of who’s who in the clientele, to strengthen the relationship with them; without therefore fail to see the relationship of credit and collection. Inventories will play an important role in terms of its economic weight in the structure financial. And the relationship with providers must assume of round-trip depend upon how much you you well my provider in the payment chain. While the promotions are perceived as the element that must be used to keep the product on the market. Everything would seem to indicate, that Jorge Colina, the UCA councils, are geared to put the emphasis on reducing costs, making efficient management of human resources, administrative and tax expenses, and the Organization of production.

Organizational Image

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An institution that does not communicate what makes, by very good that is, simply does not exist. I have had to live in my country experiences of companies that never reported his good deeds, were devoted to work efficiently and successfully but did not recognize that there were conflicts of interest that could lead to a crisis situation unexpectedly. If you would like to know more then you should visit Trader Joe’s. Even when ensued attacks media aimed at damaging its corporate reputation, began to invest in communicating, when there were already too many highly positioned negative adjectives. This call I put out fires, having to be reactive when you could be proactive. Happens in Governments, as the State grows in size, roles and responsibilities, the need for good public relations management becomes imperative, especially that the themes that handle State institutions sometimes are difficult to understand and explain, their actions affect interests, many of the themes that handle involve feelings of people andIn addition they face the advent of unpredictability. A Government can not afford the luxury not to use strategies to communicate their actions. Unfortunately, many officials and authorities have no interest in giving information to the public, and also, many public relations are more concentrated in storing or hiding information to the media that create perceptions.

Many authorities take the attitude of escape from the media by fear, insecurity and mistrust. When an institution that has interference in public life does not communicate anything of what makes because there is not much interest in his image, comes the bad news and then are the media which begin to control the agenda and not the reverse. Bad news then, influencing decision making, which, under that pressure, are of poor quality. What can we do to control the institutional image through permanent communication? Here are some specific tips: 1. must incorporate the image as part of organizational planning processes.

Why is It is essential to draw up an annual communication plan so that the image is planned and controlled at every moment, from the beginning of each year until the end. 2 Should be a fair and orderly management of information generated by means of communication through the monitoring daily news. 3 Should plan and conduct our communication through the design and implementation of a strategy of institutional communication southbound, with sense. 4 There to keep an efficient relationship with the representatives of the media, and I say efficient on both tracks, as some executives and authorities tend to expect only a positive press coverage and assume always have the right to an automatic coverage of your news. Now well, it is no good saying one thing if we do another. An effective communication strategy must be based on realities! The behavior of the Organization must be consistent with its communication, positioning objectives.