Sierra End


This can be done at any time, although the best time is in the early hours of dawn and dusk, where everything can be seen clearly with exceptional conditions for taking pictures at the foot of the observer, in particular throughout the beach, their trains of waves, the different shade of blue of the sea with regard to the depth of lastvegetation and constructions of Guanabo and neighbouring points. All of these beaches, as in the rest of Cuba, are public. Communicate between if easily from Tarara up Guanabo and it is common that a swimmer begins to enjoy a beach which is located at one end and at the end of the day end at another Beach, located on the other (end). They are almost 10 km away from beaches. It is common to walk for all and also becomes another attraction, so it is common to see groups of young people visiting the beaches back and forth several times a day. In all of them there are places where you can get everything you need to enjoy a good day.

As for accommodation there are several hotels from Tarara to Guanabo, seven or eight, such as the so-called Villa Tarara, Villa harmony, Mirador del Mar and Villa Los Pinos, Hotel Atlantic Aparthotel Las Terrazas, being the most well-known Gran Hotel Arenal or Itabo. It is currently in repair, possibly in throughout 2008 and part of the following year. But you can think of him as optional future, because it is unique in its construction, since it is built in one of the lakes that form the river mouth blind or Itabo, without altering the vegetation, something like the Hotel La Moka, in the reserve of the biosphere Sierra del Rosario. But if you want you can stay in Havana, which is located just 20 km. Guanabo, with numerous hotels and houses for rent. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Andi Potamkin has to say. The journey by car is welcome, since in the route by the sea it offers different views both of ida’s return. Continue eastwards. Other surprises await you. Original author and source of the article.