Site Equipment

If this 'unbribable' timber to put in the production of fuel pellets, the output will be pure profit. In this case, the cost of complex changes dramatically. Raw material for granulation. Material humidity (max.) – 12% fraction of raw material – 1,5 5 mm pellet manufacturing process. Granulation technology is widely known and used worldwide. Produce pellets of dry milled material learned long ago. Most offered a high-tech equipment, which is an integrated plant.

Particular attention should be paid exactly for industrial purpose pellets. It is impossible to produce high quality artisanal products, as well, such as plywood or particleboard. The minimum price of such a plant – from 500 thousand euros and above. However, the higher the productivity, the lower the payback period. Preliminary estimates from the productivity of 3 tons / h have shown that the payback period will be not much more than 2-2.5 years, subject to taking a loan or lease about 15%. What should be the production? If you intend to produce high quality wood pellets from raw material having a non-constant humidity and different sizes, containing impurities such as sand, then plant needed, consisting of the following areas and equipment: – Store raw materials – a chipper, shredder hammer and gorohota – dryer – Granulator – System for cooling granules – storage for finished goods – equipment for removing dusts from granules – Site packaging products Particular attention should be paid to the preparation of site materials. The largest particle size of crushed dried wood must not exceed half the diameter of the finished pellets.