Production Technology Center

For example, a container office container unit can be used in as a temporary shelter for the workers building teams, temporarily performing work at the facility. In the cities, metropolitan areas, including in St. – Petersburg is actively developing sales of houses. Any office container (box office container) can be equipped with electricity, can be carried out gas, water, the interior is decorated with all sorts of decorative elements and held various transformations that make human life more comfortable. Module Container differ high thermal insulation properties that help to ensure a high degree of comfort to ensure in any climate. This office container installed in the short term, provided that the quality of quick-assembly not deteriorates. Module Container sufficiently strong and light, so not too difficult to transport them. Such a unit office container does not require additional finishing, and material used for its manufacture is reliable, as applied galvanized steel with corrosion-resistant coating.

On the performance characteristics of different unit office container hygiene and low moisture absorption. In addition, the unit containers are easy to maintain. Block container office container is used as a simple storage space for construction equipment, locker rooms for the workers, rich with representative offices quality modern finishes, etc. Block containers are of different types of planning and finishing. Metal frame container unit gives it strength and stability and allows you to easily transport block-container one construction site to another. To date, a wide range of huts and a block of containers. By building structures can identify different types of huts: Module-trailer, the unit container, office container – modular building, summer cabins, wooden office container or office container on the chassis. Sale of container block huts and various applications by LLC "Territorial interdisciplinary Production Technology Center "Temp." The Centre began its activities in 1989 and became one of the first municipal commercial companies registered in St. – Petersburg. Center "Temp" hut carry out the sale and installation of modular buildings and a number of construction works.